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Great Events from History: Human Rights, 2nd Edition

Table of Contents

Volume I

Publisher’s Note

Editor’s Introduction

Complete Table of Contents


1900 Boxer Rebellion Fails to Remove Foreign Control in China, The

1902 Philippines Ends Its Uprising Against the United States, The

1903 Reformers Expose Atrocities Against Congolese Laborers

1903 Pankhurst Founds the Women’s Social and Political Union, The

1903 Panama Declares Independence from Colombia

1904 International Agreement Attacks the White Slave Trade

1905 Supreme Court Disallows a Maximum Hours Law for Bakers

1905 Black Leaders Call for Equal Rights at the Niagara Falls Conference

1906 Upton Sinclair Publishes The Jungle

1906-1907 Iranian Constitution Bars Non-Muslims from Cabinet Positions, The

1906 British Labour Party is Formed, The

1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act Become Law, The

1906 Finland Grants Woman Suffrage

1906 Bern Conference Prohibits Night Work for Women, The

1906 Japan Protests Segregation of Japanese in California Schools

1906 Muslim League Attempts to Protect Minority Interests in India, The

1907 Legal Norms of Behavior in Warfare Formulated by the Hague Conference

1908 Young Turk Movement Stages a Constitutional Coup in Turkey, The

1908 Belgian Government Annexes the Congo, The

1911 Students Challenge Corporal Punishment in British Schools

1911 Sun Yat-sen Overthrows the Ch’ing Dynasty

1911 Intellectuals Form the Society of American Indians

1912 Massachusetts Adopts the First Minimum-Wage Law in the United States

1912 Children’s Bureau is Founded, The

1912 U.S. Marines Are Sent to Nicaragua to Quell Unrest

1914 Ford Offers a Five-Dollar, Eight-Hour Workday

1915-1920’s Armenians Suffer Genocide During World War I

1915 Defense of India Act Impedes the Freedom Struggle, The

1915 Germany First Uses Lethal Chemical Weapons on the Western Front

1915 Women’s Institutes Are Founded in Great Britain

1916 Brandeis Becomes the First Jewish Member of the Supreme Court

1916 Easter Rebellion Fails to Win Irish Independence, The

1916 Sanger Opens the First Birth-Control Clinic in the United States

1916 Rankin Becomes the First Woman Elected to Congress

1917 Mexican Constitution Establishes an Advanced Labor Code, The

1917-1918 Bolsheviks Deny All Rights to the Russian Orthodox Church

1917-1920 Baltic States Fight for Independence, The

1917-1920 Finland Gains Independence from the Soviet Union

1917-1924 Lenin and the Communists Impose the “Red Terror”

1917 Lenin Leads the Russian Revolution

1917 Congress Prohibits Immigration of Illiterates over Age Sixteen

1917 Balfour Declaration Supports a Jewish Homeland in Palestine, The

1918-1919 Germans Revolt and Form Socialist Government

1918 Parliament Grants Suffrage to British Women

1919 Paris Peace Conference Includes Protection for Minorities, The

1919-1920 “Palmer Raids” Lead to Arrests and Deportations of Immigrants

1919 Soldiers Massacre Indian Civilians in Amritsar

1919 League of Nations is Established, The

1919 Students Demonstrate for Reform in China’s May Fourth Movement

1919 International Labour Organization is Established, The

1919 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Convention Attempts to Curtail Slavery, The

1919-1920 Steel Workers Go on Strike to Demand Improved Working Conditions

1920’s Ku Klux Klan Spreads Terror in the South, The

1920 Advisory Councils Give Botswana Natives Limited Representation

1920-1921 Ireland is Granted Home Rule and Northern Ireland is Created

1920-1922 Gandhi Leads a Noncooperation Movement

1920-1925 Great Britain Passes Acts to Provide Unemployment Benefits

1920 American Civil Liberties Union is Founded, The

1920 League of Women Voters is Founded, The

1920 Nineteenth Amendment Gives American Women the Right to Vote, The

1921 Capital Punishment is Abolished in Sweden

1921-1924 Immigration Act of 1921 Imposes a National Quota System, The

1921, 1925 Sanger Organizes Conferences on Birth Control

1922 Nansen Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

1923 Martial Law is Declared in Oklahoma in Response to KKK Violence

1923 Nevada and Montana Introduce the Old-Age Pension

1924 Congress Establishes a Border Patrol

1924 U.S. Immigration Act Imposes Quotas Based on National Origins, A

1924-1925 Hitler Writes Mein Kampf

1925-1926 Mussolini Seizes Dictatorial Powers in Italy

1925-1935 Women’s Rights in India Undergo a Decade of Change

1925-1977 Pahlavi Shahs Attempt to Modernize Iran, The

1925 Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming Becomes the First Female Governor

1925 Japan Ends Property Restrictions on Voting Rights

1925 Germany Attempts to Restructure the Versailles Treaty

1926 British Workers Go on General Strike

1926 League of Nations Adopts the International Slavery Convention, The

1928 Minimum Age for Female British Voters is Lowered, The

1930 Gandhi Leads the Salt March

1931 Statute of Westminster Creates the Commonwealth, The

1931 India Signs the Delhi Pact

1932 El Salvador’s Military Massacres Civilians in La Matanza

1932 Poona Pact Grants Representation to India’s Untouchables, The

1933 Japan Withdraws from the League of Nations

1933 Hitler Uses Reichstag Fire to Suspend Civil and Political Liberties

1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt Appoints Perkins as Secretary of Labor

1933 Nazi Concentration Camps Go into Operation

1934 Indian Reorganization Act Offers Autonomy to American Indians, The

1934 Stalin Begins Purging Political Opponents

1935 Wagner Act Requires Employers to Accept Collective Bargaining, The

1935 Social Security Act Establishes Benefits for Nonworking People

1935 Social Security Act Provides Grants for Dependent Children

1936 Consumers Union of the United States Emerges

1936 Corporatism Comes to Paraguay and the Americas

1937-1938 Japanese Troops Brutalize Chinese After the Capture of Nanjing

1938 Congress of Industrial Organizations is Formed, The

1938 HUAC Begins Investigating Suspected Communists

1939 First Food Stamp Program Begins in Rochester, New York, The

1939 Stalin Reduces the Russian Orthodox Church to Virtual Extinction

1940-1943 Soviets Massacre Polish Prisoners of War in the Katyn Forest

1941 Ho Chi Minh Organizes the Viet Minh

1941 Roosevelt Outlaws Discrimination in Defense-Industry Employment

1941 Atlantic Charter Declares a Postwar Right of Self-Determination, The

1942 International League for Human Rights is Founded, The

1942 Roosevelt Approves Internment of Japanese Americans

1942 Congress of Racial Equality Forms, The

1942 Ethiopia Abolishes Slavery

1943-1948 Soviets Take Control of Eastern Europe

1943 CORE Stages a Sit-in in Chicago to Protest Segregation

1943 Zoot-Suit Riots Exemplify Ethnic Tensions in Los Angeles

1943 Supreme Court Rules That States Cannot Compel Flag Salutes

1943 Race Riots Erupt in Detroit and Harlem

1943 Citizens Rescue Danish Jews from Germans

1944 French Women Get the Vote

1945 French Quell an Algerian Nationalist Revolt, The

1945 United Nations Adopts Its Charter, The

1945-1946 Japanese Commander is Ruled Responsible for His Troops’ Actions, A

1945-1946 Nazi War Criminals Are Tried in Nuremberg

1946 Perón Creates a Populist Political Alliance in Argentina

1946 World Health Organization Proclaims Health as a Basic Right, The

1946-1954 Nationalist Vietnamese Fight Against French Control of Indochina, The

1946 United Nations Children’s Fund is Established, The

1946 Spain is Denied Entrance into the United Nations

1947 House Committee on Un-American Activities Investigates Hollywood, The

1947-1951 Marshall Plan Provides Aid to Europe, The

1947 Robinson Breaks the Color Line in Organized Baseball

1947 CORE Stages the “Journey of Reconciliation”

1947 Japanese Constitution Grants New Rights to Women

1947 India Gains Independence

Volume II

1948 Gaitan’s Assassination Sparks La Violencia in Colombia

1948 Indian Government Bans Discrimination Against Untouchables, The

1948 Palestinian Refugees Flee to Neighboring Arab Countries

1948 Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man is Adopted, The

1948 Israel is Created as a Homeland for Jews

1948 Autoworkers Negotiate a Contract with a Cost-of-Living Provision

1948 United States Airlifts Supplies to West Berlin, The

1948 Truman Orders Desegregation of U.S. Armed Forces

1948 United Nations Adopts a Convention on the Crime of Genocide, The

1948 United Nations Adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The

1949 Hundreds of Thousands Leave East Germany for the West

1949 Spanish Becomes the Language of Instruction in Puerto Rico

1949 Geneva Convention Establishes Norms of Conduct in Warfare, The

1949 United Nations Creates an Agency to Aid Palestinian Refugees, The

1950’s U.S. Government Encourages Native Americans to Settle in Cities

1950 China Initiates a Genocide Policy Toward Tibetans

1950 Israel Enacts the Law of Return, Granting Citizenship to Immigrants

1950 China Occupies Tibet

1950 European Convention on Human Rights is Signed, The

1950 European Court of Human Rights is Established, The

1950 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Statute is Approved, The

1951 South Africa Begins a System of Separate Development

1951 U.N. Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees is Adopted, The

1951 Jouhaux is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1951 Organization of American States is Established, The

1952 U.N. Convention on the Political Rights of Women Is Approved, The

1952 Mau Mau Uprising Creates Havoc in Kenya, The

1953 Government Policies Seek to End the Special Status of Native Americans

1953-1956 United Nations Amends Its International Slavery Convention, The

1953 Schweitzer Is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1954 Brown v. Board of Education Ends Public School Segregation

1954 United Nations Drafts a Convention on Stateless Persons, The

1955-1956 Indian Parliament Approves Women’s Rights Legislation, The

1955-1956 Presbyterian and Methodist Churches Approve Ordination of Women

1955 United Nations Sets Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, The

1955 Sudanese Civil War Erupts, The

1955-1956 Parks is Arrested for Refusing to Sit in the Back of the Bus

1956 Khrushchev Implies That Stalinist Excesses Will Cease

1956 Mao Delivers His “Speech of One Hundred Flowers”

1956 Egypt Attempts to Nationalize the Suez Canal

1956 Hungarian Uprising is Quelled by Soviet Military Forces, A

1957 SCLC Forms to Link Civil Rights Groups, The

1957 Ghana Gains Independence

1957 United Nations Adopts the Abolition of Forced Labor Convention, The

1957 Wolfenden Report Recommends Decriminalizing Homosexual Acts, The

1957 Civil Rights Act of 1957 Creates the Commission on Civil Rights, The

1957 Eisenhower Sends Troops to Little Rock, Arkansas

1957 Papa Doc Duvalier Takes Control of Haiti

1958 Mao’s Great Leap Forward Causes Famine and Social Dislocation

1958 Pire is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1959 Castro Takes Power in Cuba

1959 Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is Created, The

1959 United Nations Adopts the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, The

1960s Cubans Flee to Florida and Receive Assistance

1960s Iraqi Government Promotes Genocide of Kurds, The

1960 Greensboro Sit-ins Launch a New Stage in the Civil Rights Movement

1960 International Organization of Consumers Unions is Founded, The

1960 Riots Erupt as Katanga Province Secedes from the Congo

1960 United Nations Intervenes in the Congolese Civil War, The

1960 Canadian Bill of Rights Prohibits Sexual Discrimination

1960 Cyprus Gains Independence

1961 Tamil Federal Party Agitates for Greater Language Rights, The

1961 United States Peace Corps is Founded, The

1961 Eichmann is Tried for War Crimes

1961-1963 Pope John XXIII Issues “Mater et Magistra” and “Pacem in Terris”

1961 Amnesty International is Founded

1961 Berlin Wall is Built, The

1961 Nonaligned Movement Meets, The

1961 European Social Charter is Signed, The

1961 Lutuli is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1962-1965 Council of Federated Organizations Registers Blacks to Vote, The

1962 Algeria Gains Independence

1962 Chávez Forms Farm Workers’ Union and Leads Grape Pickers’Strike

1962 Meredith’s Enrollment Integrates the University of Mississippi

1963 Equal Pay Act Becomes Law, The

1963-1970 Soviet Jews Demand Cultural and Religious Rights

1963 Gideon v. Wainwright Establishes Defendants’ Right to an Attorney

1963 Civil Rights Protesters Attract International Attention

1963 Organization of African Unity is Founded, The

1963 Martin Luther King, Jr., Delivers His “I Have a Dream” Speech

1963 Legislation Ushers in a New Era of Care for the Mentally Disabled

1963 United Nations Issues a Declaration on Racial Discrimination, The

1963 Greek and Turkish Inhabitants of Cyprus Clash over Political Rights

1964-1979 Zimbabwe’s Freedom Fighters Topple White Supremacist Government

1964 Twenty-fourth Amendment Outlaws Poll Taxes, The

1964 United Nations Peace Force is Deployed in Cyprus, A

1964 Palestinian Refugees Form the Palestine Liberation Organization

1964 Three Civil Rights Workers are Murdered

1964 Congress Passes the Civil Rights Act

1964 Martin Luther King, Jr., Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

1964 Discrimination in Accommodations is Forbidden by the U.S. Supreme Court

1965 Nader Publishes Unsafe at Any Speed

1965-1980’s Civil War Ravages Chad

1965 Martin Luther King, Jr., Leads a March from Selma to Montgomery

1965 Head Start is Established

1965 Supreme Court Rules That State Laws Cannot Ban Contraceptives, The

1965 Congress Passes the Voting Rights Act

1965 African Americans Riot in Watts

1965 Indonesia’s Government Retaliates Against a Failed Communist Coup

1965 Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act is Passed by Congress, The

1965 British Parliament Votes to Abolish the Death Penalty, The

1966 Canada Develops a National Health Plan

1966 National Organization for Women Forms to Protect Women’s Rights, The

1966-1976 Chinese Cultural Revolution Starts a Wave of Repression, The

1966 Congress Requires Cigarette Warning Labels

1966 Miranda v. Arizona Requires Police to Tell Arrested People Their Rights

1966 Black Panther Party is Organized, The

1966 U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is Adopted, The

1967 Greek Coup Leads to a Military Dictatorship, A

1967-1970 Secession of Biafra Starts a Nigerian Civil War, The

1967 Kerner Commission Explores the Causes of Civil Disorders, The

1967 Race Rioting Erupts in Detroit

1967 Marshall Becomes the First Black Supreme Court Justice

1967 Zero Population Growth Movement Spurs Environmental Consciousness, The

1967 United Nations Issues a Declaration on Equality for Women, The

1967 Congress Enacts the Age Discrimination in Employment Act

1968 Congress Enacts the Bilingual Education Act

1968-1989 Brezhnev Doctrine Bans Acts of Independence in Soviet Satellites, The

1968 Civil Rights Act of 1968 Outlaws Discrimination in Housing, The

1968 Martin Luther King, Jr., is Assassinated in Memphis

1968 Leftists Rebel in France

1968 Proclamation of Teheran Sets Human Rights Goals, The

1968 Congress Passes the Architectural Barriers Act

1968 Soviets Invade Czechoslovakia

1968 Chicago Riots Mar the Democratic Convention

1968 Chisholm Becomes the First Black Woman Elected to Congress

1968 Statute of Limitations is Ruled Not Applicable to War Crimes, The

1968 Cassin is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1968 Brazil Begins a Period of Intense Repression

Volume III

1969 Supreme Court Extends Protection Against Double Jeopardy, The

1969 Riots Against Police Harassment Launch the Gay Rights Movement

1969 British Troops Restore Order in Northern Ireland

1969 African Convention Expands the Definition of Refugees, An

1969 NIMH Task Force Recommends Legalizing Homosexual Behavior, A

1969 Inter-American Court of Human Rights is Established, The

1969 International Labour Organisation Wins the Nobel Peace Prize, The

1970 Borlaug Receives the Nobel Prize for Work on World Hunger

1970-1971 U.S. Voting Age is Lowered to Eighteen, The

1970 Cigarette Advertising is Banned from American Television and Radio

1970 Four Students Are Killed at Kent State by the National Guard

1970 Congress Ratifies the National Council on Indian Opportunity

1970 Canada Invokes the War Measures Act Against Separatists in Quebec

1970 Moscow Human Rights Committee is Founded, The

1970 Lieutenant Calley is Court-Martialed for the Massacre at My Lai

1970 Congress Passes the Clean Air Act Amendments

1970 Chávez is Jailed for Organizing an Illegal Lettuce Boycott

1970 Blue Lake Region in New Mexico is Returned to the Taos Pueblo, The

1970 Family Planning Services Act Extends Access to Birth Control and Women’s Healthcare, The

1970 Congress Passes the Occupational Safety and Health Act

1971 Sri Lankans Promote Nationalism

1971-1974 FBI and CIA Interference in the Civil Rights Movement is Revealed

1971 Amin Regime Terrorizes Uganda, The

1971 Women in Switzerland are Granted the Right to Vote

1971 Conflicts in Pakistan Lead to the Secession of Bangladesh

1971 Supreme Court Bans Employment Tests with Discriminatory Effects, The

1971 Incarcerated Mental Patients are Given a Right to Treatment

1971 Supreme Court Endorses Busing as a Means to End Segregation, The

1971 Prisoners Riot in Attica

1971 Parents Anonymous is Established to Treat Abusive Parents

1971 United Nations Declares Rights for the Intellectually Disabled, The

1972 Congress Passes the Equal Employment Opportunity Act

1972-1982 Equal Rights Amendment Passes Congress but Fails to Be Ratified, The

1972 Nations Agree to Rules on Biological Weapons

1972 Burundi’s Government Commits Genocide of the Bahutu Majority

1972 Supreme Court Abolishes the Death Penalty, The

1972 Marcos Declares Martial Law in the Philippines

1972 Arab Terrorists Murder Eleven Israeli Olympic Athletes in Munich

1973 Vietnam Releases United States Prisoners of War

1973-1978 Supreme Court Rejects Racial Quotas in College Admissions, The

1973 Roe v. Wade Expands Reproductive Choice for American Women

1973 Native Americans Occupy Wounded Knee

1973 Oppressive Military Rule Comes to Democratic Uruguay, An

1973 Emergency Provisions (Northern Ireland) Act is Passed, The

1973 Allende is Overthrown in a Chilean Military Coup

1973 Congress Responds to Demands of Persons with Disabilities

1973 United Nations Votes to Suppress and Punish Apartheid, The

1973 Homosexuality is Removed from the APA List of Psychiatric Disorders

1974 Medical Group Helps Gather Evidence of Torture in Greece and Chile

1974 Congress Passes the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act

1974 Revolution Erupts in Ethiopia

1974 Solzhenitsyn is Expelled from the Soviet Union

1974 United States Grants Amnesty to Vietnam War Draft Evaders, The

1974 U.N. Declaration on Hunger and Malnutrition is Adopted, A

1975 Congress Enacts the Education for All Handicapped Children Act

1975 Southern Schools are Found to be the Least Racially Segregated

1975 Khmer Rouge Take Over Cambodia

1975 World Conference on Women Sets an International Agenda, The

1975 Civil Service Decides That Gay People are Fit for Public Service, The

1975 Helsinki Agreement Offers Terms for International Cooperation, The

1975 Congress Extends Voting Rights Reforms

1975 Congress Requires Bilingual Elections to Protect Minority Rights

1975 Congress Votes to Admit Women to the Armed Services Academies

1975 Declaration of Tokyo Forbids Medical Abuses and Torture, The

1975 East Timor Declares Independence but is Annexed by Indonesia

1975 U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons is Adopted, The

1975 United Nations Issues a Declaration Against Torture, The

1975 Sakharov is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1976 India Adopts Compulsory Birth Control

1976-1979 Argentine Military Conducts a “Dirty War” Against Leftists, The

1976 IRA Prisoner Dies in an English Prison After a Hunger Strike, An

1976 Inuit File Claim to a Section of Canadian Territory

1976 Students in Soweto Rebel Against the White Government

1977 Biko is Murdered by Interrogators in South Africa

1977 WHO Sets a Goal of Health for All by the Year 2000

1977 Zia Establishes Martial Law in Pakistan

1977-1981 Carter Makes Human Rights a Central Theme of Foreign Policy

1977-1981 Soviet Citizens’ Group Investigates Political Abuses of Psychiatry

1977 Soviets Crack Down on Moscow’s Helsinki Watch Group

1977 Spain Holds Its First Free Elections Since the Civil War

1977 Misuse of Psychiatry Is Addressed by the Declaration of Hawaii

1977 Two Founders of Peace People Win the Nobel Peace Prize

1977 United Nations Imposes an Arms Embargo on South Africa, The

1977 Sadat Becomes the First Arab Leader to Visit Israel

1977 Dissident Writer Mihajlov is Released from Prison

1977 Amnesty International is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1978 Toxic Waste is Discovered at Love Canal

1978-1980 Lawyers’ Union Demands Justice and Political Reform in Syria, A

1978-1985 Indigenous Indians Become the Target of Guatemalan Death Squads

1978 European Court of Human Rights Rules on Mistreatment of Prisoners, The

1978 China Publicizes and Promises to Correct Abuses of Citizens’ Rights

1978 Italy Legalizes Abortion

1978 World Conference Condemns Racial Discrimination, A

1978 International Health Conference Adopts the Declaration of Alma-Ata, An

1978 Sadat and Begin are Jointly Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1979 United Nations Issues a Declaration on South Africa, The

1979-1985 Khomeini Uses Executions to Establish a New Order in Iran

1979 Zulkifar Ali Bhutto is Hanged Despite Pleas from World Leaders

1979 Thatcher Becomes Great Britain’s First Female Prime Minister

1979 Supreme Court Upholds an Affirmative-Action Program, The

1979 Somoza is Forced Out of Power in Nicaragua

1979 United Nations Issues a Conduct Code for Law Enforcement Officials, The

1979-1981 Iranian Revolutionaries Hold Americans Hostage

1979 Mother Teresa is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1979 U.N. Convention Condemns Discrimination Against Women, A

1979 Soviets Invade Afghanistan

1980’s Tamil Separatist Violence Erupts in Sri Lanka

1980-1990’s Hong Kong Residents Pressure Great Britain on Passport Issue

1980 Basques are Granted Home Rule but Continue to Fight for Independence

1980 Superfund is Established to Pay for Hazardous Waste Cleanup

1980-1983 Commission Studies Ethical and Legal Problems in Medicine and Research

1980 Sixty-three Persons are Beheaded for Attacking Mecca’s Grand Mosque

1980 Race Riot Breaks Out in Miami, Protesting Police Brutality

1980 Paraguayan Torturer is Found Guilty of Violating the Law of Nations, A

1980 Solidarity Leads Striking Polish Workers

1981 Missouri Program Provides Aid to Parents of Preschoolers, A

1981-1984 U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms the Navy’s Ban on Homosexuality, The

1981 World Health Organization Adopts a Code on Breast-Milk Substitutes, The

1981 OAU Adopts the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, The

1981 O’Connor Becomes the First Female Supreme Court Justice

1981 United Nations Votes to Protect Freedoms of Religion and Belief, The

1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is Enacted, The

1982 Palestinian Civilians are Massacred in West Beirut

1982 U.N. Principles of Medical Ethics Include Prevention of Torture, The

1982-1988 United Nations Responds to Problems of the Homeless, The

1983 Nigeria Expels West African Migrant Workers

1983 National Commission Against Torture Studies Human Rights Abuses, The

1983 Barbie Faces Charges for Nazi War Crimes

1983 Opposition Leader Benigno Aquino is Assassinated

1983 Amnesty International Adopts a Program for the Prevention of Torture

1983 Jackson Becomes the First Major Black Candidate for U.S. President

Volume IV

1984 Sikhs in Punjab Revolt

1984 New York State Imposes the First Mandatory Seat-Belt Law

1984 APA Report Discusses the Homeless Mentally Ill, An

1984 Indira Gandhi is Assassinated

1984 Lethal Gas Kills Thousands in Bhopal, India

1984 Tutu Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

1985 Gorbachev Initiates a Policy of Glasnost

1985-1991 Minnesota Parents are Given Broader Choices in Public Education

1985 First Female Conservative Rabbi is Ordained, The

1985 French Government Agents Sink a Greenpeace Ship

1985 Manville Offers $2.5 Billion to Victims of Asbestos Dust

1985 Argentine Leaders are Convicted of Human Rights Violations

1986 Marcos Flees the Philippines

1986 Wiesel is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1986 Muslims Riot Against Russians in Kazakhstan

1987 Black Workers in South Africa Go on Strike

1987 Fiji’s Elected Government is Ousted by the Military

1987-1991 Government-Supported Death Squads Quash J VP Insurrection in Sri Lanka

1987 Supreme Court Rules that Laws Can Force Groups to Admit Women, The

1987 Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act Becomes Law, The

1987 Palestinian Intifada Begins, The

1987 Arias Sánchez Is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1987 A. H. Robins Must Compensate Women Injured by the Dalkon Shield

1988 Ethnic Riots Erupt in Armenia

1988 Hunger Becomes a Weapon in the Sudanese Civil War

1988 New York Opens “Shock” Incarceration Camps for Female Prisoners

1988 Government Mandates Collection of Data on Crimes Against Homosexuals

1988 Israel Convicts Demjanjuk of Nazi War Crimes

1988 Canada Passes the Tobacco Products Control Act

1988 Jury Awards Monetary Damages to the Estate of a Smoker, A

1988 Ethnic Unrest Breaks Out in Yugoslavian Provinces

1988 Congress Formally Apologizes to Japanese Internees

1988 Iraq’s Government Uses Poison Gas Against Kurdish Villagers

1988 Benazir Bhutto Becomes the First Woman Elected to Lead a Muslim Country

1988 Namibia is Liberated from South African Control

1989 Amnesty International Exposes the Cruelty of the Death Penalty

1989 Hungary Adopts a Multiparty System

1989 Kashmir Separatists Demand an End to Indian Rule

1989 Kenyan Government Cracks Down on Dissent, The

1989 Oregon Legislates Guaranteed Basic Health Care for the Uninsured

1989 Anti-Abortion Groups Challenge Abortion Laws

1989 Soviet Troops Leave Afghanistan

1989 U.S. Surgeon General Reports on Tobacco and Health, The

1989 Vietnamese Troops Withdraw from Cambodia

1989 Presidential Candidates are Killed in Colombian Violence

1989 Soviet Farmers are Given Control of Land and Selection of Crops

1989 Solidarity Regains Legal Status in Poland

1989 Demonstrators Gather in Tiananmen Square

1989 National Organization for Women Sponsors an Abortion Rights Rally, The

1989 Helsinki Watch Report Proposes Reform of Refugee Laws, A

1989 Poland Forms a Non-Communist Government

1989 Supreme Court Rules on Execution of the Intellectually Disabled and Young, The

1989 Texas’ Method of Funding Public Schools is Ruled Unconstitutional

1989 Wilder Becomes the First Elected Black Governor

1989 Berlin Wall Falls, The

1989 United Nations Adopts the Convention on the Rights of the Child, The

1989 Tibet’s Dalai Lama is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1989 Voters in Chile End Pinochet’s Military Rule

1989 Ceausescu is Overthrown in Romania

1990 Albania Opens Its Borders to Foreign Nationals

1990 Mandela is Freed

1990 Sandinistas are Defeated in Nicaraguan Elections

1990 Soviet Troops Withdraw from Czechoslovakia

1990 Lithuania Declares Its Independence from the Soviet Union

1990 Algeria Holds Its First Free Multiparty Elections

1990 Gorbachev Agrees to Membership of a United Germany in NATO

1990 Congress Passes the Americans with Disabilities Act

1990 Iraq Invades and Ravages Kuwait

1991 De Klerk Promises to Topple Apartheid Legislation

1991 Yugoslav Army Shells Dubrovnik

1991 Demise of the U.S.S.R. Paves the Way for Reforms in Former Soviet Union

1992 Riots Erupt in L.A. after the Four LAPD Officers who Beat Rodney King are Acquitted

1993 The Candelária Massacre Focuses Attention on the Plight of Brazil’s Street Children

1995 The Dayton Peace Accords are Held in Ohio

1998 The United States Passes the International Religious Freedom Act

2000 Millennium Development Goals are Established

2000 The U.S. Passes the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act

2000 The Taliban Destroys Religious and Historical Artifacts and Perpetrates Violence against Women

2001 The U.S. Launches a “War on Terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan in Response to 9/11

2001 The World Conference against Racism is Held in South Africa

2002 Milošević is Charged with War Crimes and Genocide in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo

2002 The International Criminal Court is Established

2003 The United Nations passes the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families

2003 Japan Passes Law Requiring Sterilization of Transgender People in Order to Achieve Official Recognition

2004 Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse Becomes Public

2004 The First Same-Sex Marriage is Performed in Massachusetts

2004-2005 The Orange Revolution Breaks out in Ukraine

2004-2005 The Sudanese Government Commits Genocide in Darfur

2005 The Cedar Revolution Breaks out in Lebanon

2006 The Global Internet Freedom Consortium is Founded

2006 The United Nations forms the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala

2006 The UN Passes a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

2006 The UN Human Rights Commission is Reformed as the Human Rights Council

2006 WikiLeaks Gives Whistleblowers a New Platform

2006 China Establishes Nine Principles on Encouraging and Standardizing Outward Investment

2007 Charles Taylor of Liberia is Tried for War Crimes

2007-2008 Religious Violence Breaks out in Odisha, India

2008 The Ahmadiyya Community in Indonesia is Attacked

2011 The Arab Spring Breaks out in Several Middle Eastern Countries

2012 The United Nations Reaffirms Commitment to the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation

2012 Hugo Chavez Dies in Venezuela

2013 The Dominican Republic Deports and Denies Nationality to Haitians

2014- Crisis in Yemen Puts Millions on the Brink of Starvation

2014- Uyghurs are Sent to Re-Education Camps in Xinjiang, China

2014 ISIS Comes to Power in Iraq and Syria

2014 UN Commission of Inquiry Report on North Korea Details Human Rights Abuses

2015 The United Nations Adopts an Agenda for Sustainable Development

2015 China Revokes One-Child Policy

2016 Burmese Military Commits Genocide of the Rohingya Muslim Minority in Rakhine State

2016 Fidel Castro Dies in Cuba

2017 Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Becomes “President for Life”

2017 Gay Chechens are Purged

2018 Peace Talks Begin on the Korean Peninsula

2018 France Reports 74 Percent Increase in Anti-Semitic Crimes

2018 The Trump Administration Separates Families at the Border

2019 Jamal Khashoggi is Assassinated at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul