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Working Americans Vol. 7: Social Movements

Table of Contents



Table of Contents



1880–1899 Introduction

1894 Profile Child Welfare: The Orphan Train

Historical Snapshot 1894

1896 Profile Women’S Health: The Anti-Corset Campaign

Historical Snapshot 1896

1898 News Feature: “The Child’s Dearest Playmate”

1898 Profile: Labor: The Children’S Jacketmakers’ Strike

Historical Snapshot 1898

1900–1909 Introduction

1901 Profile: Health: The Anti-Cigaret League of America

Historical Snapshot 1901

1904 Profile: Health: The Pure Food and Drug Act

Historical Snapshot 1904

1905 Profile: The Environment: Plume Hunting

Historical Snapshot 1905

1907 News Feature: “The Automobile in America”

1910–1919 Introduction

1912 Profile: Suffrage: The Kansas Campaign

Historical Snapshot 1912

1917 Profile: Civil Rights: Anti-Lynching Silent Protest Parade

Historical Snapshot 1917

1913 News Feature: “A Strike and Its Remedies, the Conditions Rebelled Against”

1919 Profile: Health: Preventing Another Influenza Epidemic

Historical Snapshot 1919

1920–1929 Introduction

1921 Profile: Women’s Rights: The Distribution of Birth Control Literature

Historical Snapshot 1921

1923 Profile: Immigration: America For Americans

Historical Snapshot 1923

1928 Profile: Censorship: Purity For Silent Films

Historical Snapshot 1928

1929 News Feature: “Beware Big City’s Glamouring Lure …”

1930–1939 Introduction

1932 Profile: Racism: The Scottsboro Case

Historical Snapshot 1932

1933 Profile: Property Rights: Taking Charge of the Land

Historical Snapshot 1933

1937 Profile: Prohibition: The Fight To Make America Liquor Free

Historical Snapshot 1937

1939 News Feature: “Talk About Trouble: A New Deal Portrait of Americans in the Depression”

1940–1949 Introduction

1943 Profile: Civil Liberties: Internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans

Historical Snapshot 1943

1946 Profile: Civil Rights: Desegregating The Military

Historical Snapshot 1946

1947 Profile: International Aid: Helping Polish Jews

Historical Snapshot 1947

1947 News Feature: “Hold Fast! Ye Southern Textile Workers”

1950–1959 Introduction

1954 Profile: Freedom of the Press: Banning Comic Books

Historical Snapshot 1954

1956 Profile: The Environment: Preserving The National Parks System

Historical Snapshot 1956

1956 News Feature: “Desegregation Will Fail”

1959 Profile: Labor: The New York Hospital Workers Strike

Historical Snapshot 1959

1960–1969 Introduction

1965 Profile: Civil Rights: Selma, Alabama, Awakens America

Historical Snapshot 1965

1966 Profile: Religion: Banning the Beatles

Historical Snapshot 1966

1968 News Feature: “Woman as Child … Notes from the First Year”

1969 Profile: Native American Rights: Fishing Rights

Historical Snapshot 1969

1970–1979 Introduction

1970 Profile: The Environment: The First Earth Day

Historical Snapshot 19710

1971 Profile: The Peace Movement: Vietnam Vets Against the War

Historical Snapshot 1971

1971 News Feature: “Interfaith Reporter”

1977 Profile: Refugees: Caring for the Boat People

Historical Snapshot 1977

1980–1989 Introduction

1983 Profile: The Environment: Anti Nuclear Power Plant

Historical Snapshot 1983

1983 News Feature: “Charity Begins with the Homeless”

1986 Profile: The Environment: Spotted White Owl Conservation

Historical Snapshot 1988

1989 Profile: Human Rights: Anti Abortion Protest

Historical Snapshot 1989

1990–2006 Introduction

1992 Profile: Handicap Access: The Disability Act

Historical Snapshot 1992

1996 Profile: Labor: The Immigrant’s Strike

Historical Snapshot 1996

2000 Profile: Religion: School Prayer

Historical Snapshot 2000

2004 Profile: Women’s Rights: Title IX

Historical Snapshot 2004

2006 News Feature: “Granny Power Takes on the Iraq War”