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Working Americans Vol. 12: Our History Through Music

Table of Contents


Table of Contents




1880–1899 Introduction

1891 Profile: Joshua Hamilton, Barbershop Quartet Member

Historical Snapshot 1891

1898 Profile: Amy Marcy Cheney Beach, Child Prodigy Composer

Historical Snapshot 1898

1899 Profile: Albert Gustoff, Clarinetist in John Philip Sousa’s Marching Band

Historical Snapshot 1899

1899 News Feature: The Vaudeville Theater

1900–1909 Introduction

1903 Profile: Floyd Morioka, Methodist Choirmaster

Historical Snapshot 1903

1905 Profile: Monty Mandell, Journeyman Piano Player

Historical Snapshot 1905

1909 Profile: Arthur Farwell, Composed Native American Music

Historical Snapshot 1909

1909 News Feature: The World’s Music after Five Decades

1910–1919 Introduction

1913 Profile: Sarah Washington, African-American Spiritual Singer

Historical Snapshot 1913

1916 Profile: Geraldine Farrar, New York Metropolitan Opera Singer

Historical Snapshot 1916

1918 Profile: Alonzo “Zo” Elliott, Wrote Famous WWI Song

Historical Snapshot 1918

1919 News Feature: With the Allies on the Rhine

1920–1929 Introduction

1925 Profile: Leo Kunstadt, Successfully Marketed Victrola Phonographs

Historical Snapshot 1925

1927 Profile: Florence Mills, Jazz Singer & Dancer

Historical Snapshot 1927

1928 News Feature: The Debut of Yehudi Menuhin, The Musical

1929 Profile: Dock Boggs, Banjo-Picker & Singer

Historical Snapshot 1929

1930–1939 Introduction

1931 News Feature: The Art of Singing for the Radio

1934 Profile: Russ Columbo, “Romeo of Song”

Historical Snapshot 1934

1936 Profile: Mark Strahorn, Fiddler with the Empty Road Band

Historical Snapshot 1936

1939 Profile: Mary Lou Williams, Pianist, Arranger & Musical Inspiration

Historical Snapshot 1939

1940–1949 Introduction

1942 Profile: Charlie Christian, Perfected the Single—String Technique on

Historical Snapshot 1934

1945 Profile: Helen Elizabeth Jones, Trombonist in the All—Girl

Historical Snapshot 1945

1945 News Feature: The Music of the North American Indians

1949 Profile: Martin Block, Radio Broadcaster Turned Popular Disc Jockey

Historical Snapshot 1949

1950–1959 Introduction

1951 News Feature: The Grass Roots of Opera in America

1957 Profile: Carol Lawrence, Maria in West Side Story

Historical Snapshot 1957

1958 Profile: Gil Evans, Jazz Arranger

Historical Snapshot 1958

1959 Profile: Johnny Bragg, Rock ’n‘ Roll Pioneer

Historical Snapshot 1959

1960–1969 Introduction

1964 Profile: Estelle Stewart Axton, Premier Record Producer for Black

Historical Snapshot 1964

1966 Profile: Artist Reid Miles, Created Hip Look for Blue Note Records

Historical Snapshot 1966

1968 Profile: Marshall Borowitz, Started Teenage Band “One Night Stand” at 16

Historical Snapshot 1968

1968 News Feature: Jefferson Airplane, After Bathing at Baxter’s

1970–1979 Introduction

1972 Profile: Melissa Goldberg, Grateful Dead Deadhead

Historical Snapshot 1972

1973 News Feature: The Sherrill Sound

1976 Profile: Danny Goldberg, Writer

Historical Snapshot 1976

1979 Profile: Eduardo “Lalo” Guerrero, “Father of Chicano Music”

Historical Snapshot 1979

1980–1989 Introduction

1981 News Feature

1982 Profile: Brad Lawson, Sound Assistant for Austin City Limits TV Show

Historical Snapshot 1982

1983 Profile: George Clinton, “The Prince of Funk”

Historical Snapshot 1983

Historical Snapshot 1982

1985 Profile: Carleen Cahill, Classical Music Singer

Historical Snapshot 1985

Historical Snapshot 1982

1990–1999 Introdution

1993 Profile: Anwar X. Holliday, Music Promoter

Historical Snapshot 1993

1995 Profile: Jim “Soni” Sonefeld, Hootie & the Blowfish Member.

Historical Snapshot 1995

1996 News Feature: New Music

1998 Profile: Zachary Alexander, French Hornist

Historical Snapshot 1998

Selected Prices

2000–2011 Introduction

2006 Profile: William Bartlett Barret IV, Music Copyright Lawyer

Historical Snapshot 2006

2007 Profile: Ryland Edwards, Jazz Saxophonist & Recording Engineer

Historical Snapshot 2007

2011 Profile: Wayne C. Henderson, Master Guitar Builder

Historical Snapshot 1883–1884

1883 Economic Profile

2011 News Feature: Me and Brian McGee, Leaving His Roots Behind