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Working Americans Vol. 11: Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Table of Contents


Table of Contents




1880-1899 Introduction

1882 News Feature: Developments in Oil

1885 Profile: Buck Blanchard, Traveling Book Salesman

Historical Snapshot 1885

1885 Innovations

1886 Profile: Jan Matzeliger, Revolutionized the Shoe Making Industry

Historical Snapshot 1886

1886 Innovations

1895 Profile: James “Jake” Ritty, Invented the Cash Register

Historical Snapshot 1895

1900-1909 Introduction

1900 Profile: Marguerite Globman, Attempted to Invent Streetcar Fender

Historical Snapshot 1900

1905 News Feature: An Antitoxin for Laziness

1907 Profile: Milton S. Hershey, Created Hershey’s Chocolate

Historical Snapshot 1907

Chocolate Timeline

1908 Profile: Henry Wood, Improved Sales Through Mail-Order Seed Catalog

Historical Snapshot 1908

1910-1919 Introduction

1911 Profile: James Murray Spangler, Invented Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Historical Snapshot 1911

Vacuum Cleaner Timeline

Domestic Labor-Saving Invention Timeline

1913 News Feature: Harnessing Heredity

1917 Profile: Grace Wiederseim, Created the Campbell’s Kids

Historical Snapshot 1917

Commercial Canning Timeline

Food and Food Brand Timeline

1919 Profile: Madam C.J. Walker, Founded Successful Hair Care Business

Historical Snapshot 1919

1920 – 1929 Introduction

1921 News Feature: Using the Vacuum Tube to Hear

1923 Profile: Allan Kusse, Harvested, Shaped and Distributed Ice

Historical Snapshot 1923

Refrigeration Timeline

1926 Profile: Gideon Sundback, Revolutionized the Zipper

Historical Snapshot 1926

1928 Profile: Joseph Ridgeway, Stock Pool Manager on Wall Street

Historical Snapshot 1928

1930 – 1939 Introduction

1931 Profile: George Mecherle, Established State Farm

Historical Snapshot 1931

1934 News Feature: Off the Record: Snuff

1935 Profile: Donald Davis, Created Innovative Wheaties Ad Campaign

Historical Snapshot 1935

Radio Timeline

General Mills Timeline

1939 Profile: Herbert Thomas Kalmus, Invented Technicolor

Historical Snapshot 1939

Photographic Film Timeline

1940 – 1949 Introduction

1940 Profile: William J. Woods, Made Electric Light Affordable

Historical Snapshot 1940

Electric Light Bulb Timeline

1945 Profile: Lt. (Dr.) Mary Sears, Overcame Prejudices In the U.S. Navy

Historical Snapshot 1945

1945 News Feature: Something New and Strange In Plastics

1947 Profile: Percy Lebraon Spencer, Invented the Microwave

Historical Snapshot 1947

1950 – 1959 Introduction

1954 Profile: Edwin Howard Armstrong, Father of FM Radio

Historical Snapshot 1954

New York City in 1954

1954 News Feature: Large Electronic Machines

1955 Profile: Jack Simplot, Created A Fortune From French Fries

Historical Snapshot 1955

1959 Profile: Jack Kilby, Revolutionized the Electronics Industry

Historical Snapshot 1959

Notable Inventions of the 1950s

1960 – 1969 Introduction

1960 News Feature: Coca-Cola Broadens Its Coverage

1965 Profile: Norton Simon, Created Multimillion Dollar Hunt's Empire

Historical Snapshot 1965

1967 Profile: Dr. Harry Coover, Helped Discover Super Glue

Historical Snapshot 1967

Notable Inventions of the 1960s

1969 Profile: Benjamin Eisenstadt, Inventor of Sweet-N-Low

Historical Snapshot 1969

1970-1979 Introduction

1975 Profile: Roy and Dotty Eargle, Created Successful Antique Business

Historical Snapshot 1975

1976 Profile: Bette Nesmith Graham, Invented Liquid Paper

Historical Snapshot 1976

History of Office Equipment

1977 News Feature: First Color Telecast

1979 Profile: Hank Selman, Pioneered Computer Leasing

Historical Snapshot 1979

Notable Inventions of the 1970s

1980-1989 Introduction

1984 Profile: Stephen Hassenfeld, Fine Tuned Hasbro’s GI Joe

Historical Snapshot 1984

Notable American Toy Timeline

1986 Profile: James Kennedy Jarrett, Super Accurate Rifle Guru

Historical Snapshot 1986

Savannah River Nuclear Facility Timeline

1987 News Feature: Kidcorder: Sold as a Toy

1989 Profile: Bill Reindollar, Created Cash Register Repair Service

Historical Snapshot 1989

Business Machines Timeline

1990-1999 Introduction

1994 Profile: Marie Moffett, Visionary of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Historical Snapshot 1994

1995 Profile: Jerry D. Neal, Vanguard in Emerging Cell Phone Market

Historical Snapshot 1995

Cell Phones and Wireless Communications Timeline

1996 Profile: Maurice Jennings, Launched the Biscuitville Restaurant Chain

Historical Snapshot 1996

Fast Food and Chain Restaurant Timeline

1998 News Feature: Toying With Science

2000-2010 Introduction

2008 Profile: Rey Banatao, Created A Greener Surfboard

Historical Snapshot 2008

2009 Profile: William Thomas Davis, Launched Thomas Creek Brewery as Retiree

Historical Snapshot 2009

2010 Profile: Gorm Bressner, Industrial Designer With Many Patents

Historical Snapshot 2010

2010 News Feature: 3-D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution