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The Reference Shelf: New Frontiers in Space

Table of Contents


1 Visions of Space

Space For Sale

Super Fast Travel Using Outer Space Could Be $20 Billion Market, Disrupting Airlines, UBS Predicts

Moon 2069: Lunar Tourism and Deep Space Launches a Century on from Apollo?

Soon, Hundreds of Tourists Will Go to Space: What Should We Call Them?

Space Tourism Could Have Big Impact on Climate

Space Tourism’s Rubbery Rockets May Spur Climate Change

China Plans a Solar Power Play in Space That NASA Abandoned Decades Ago

2019 Is the Year That Space Tourism Finally Becomes a Reality: No, Really

Space Solar Power: Limitless Clean Energy from Space

2 The Military in Space

In Defense of Space

The Moon’s Role in the New U.S. Space Force

Trump’s Space Force Gets the Final Frontier All Wrong

A Handshake in Space Changed US-Russia Relations: How Long Will It Last?

The U.S. Military Has Been in Space from the Beginning

Space Force or Space Corps?

Renewed Space Rivalry between Nations Ignores a Tradition of Cooperation

Trump’s Space Force Isn’t the Only Military Space Program: Here’s What China and Russia Are Up To

3 Legacy of the Space Race

Past and Future Missions

Apollo Was NASA’s Biggest Win—But Its Legacy Is Holding the Agency Back

Many People Still Believe the Moon Landing Was Fake: But Who’s Profiting?

Q&A: Shuttle Astronaut Mike Massimino on the Legacy of Apollo 11

“A Thrill Ran Through Me”: Your Memories of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The Mission That Changed Everything

Apollo 13: Lessons from the Successful Failure

4 NASA and the International Space Station

Space Futures

What’s Next for NASA?

What Space Stations Will Look Like in 2030

As NASA Aims for the Moon, an Aging Space Station Faces an Uncertain Future

How Americans See the Future of Space Exploration, 50 Years after the First Moon Landing

NASA Seeks to Break the “Tyranny of Launch” with In-Space Manufacturing

NASA Chooses Saturn’s Moon Titan as Its Next Destination

With Opportunity Lost, NASA Confronts the Tenuous Future of Mars Exploration

5 Space in Popular Culture

Aliens, Movies, and Fiction

Donald Trump’s Space Force Plans Analysed by a Sci-Fi Expert

The Science of Star Trek

Would Aliens Look Like Us?

More Than 1 Million People Have RSVP’d to “Storm Area 51” in the Name of Memes

Audacious & Outrageous: Space Elevators