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The Reference Shelf: Pollution

Table of Contents


1 Water Pollution

The Stuff of Life

Lethal Algae Blooms—An Ecosystem Out of Balance

Trump Administration Cuts Back Federal Protections for Streams and Wetlands

E.P.A. Is Letting Cities Dump More Raw Sewage into Rivers for Years to Come

Great Lakes Waters at Risk from Buried Contaminants and New Threats

The Missing 99%: Why Can’t We Find the Vast Majority of Ocean Plastic?

Plastic Bags Were Finally Being Banned: Then Came the Pandemic


Waiting to Inhale

What Causes Asthma? Clues from London’s Great Smog with Implications for Air Pollution Today

Air Pollution Could Make the COVID-19 Pandemic Worse for Some People

Black People Are Dying from the Coronavirus—Air Pollution Is One of the Main Culprits

Trump Dismantles Environmental Protections under Cover of Coronavirus

Fine Particle Air Pollution Is a Public Health Emergency Hiding in Plain Sight


Wasted Lands

60% of Superfund Sites Could Be Hit by Climate Change, New Government Report Finds

Plastic Recycling Is Broken: Why Does Big Plastic Want Cities to Get $1 Billion to Fix It?

Four Things You Didn’t Know about Nuclear Waste

On Nuclear Waste, Finland Shows U.S. How It Can Be Done

How a Nuclear Stalemate Left Radioactive Waste Stranded on a California Beach


Hidden Dimensions

Is Noise Pollution the Next Big Public-Health Crisis?

Noise Pollution Hurts Wildlife, but States Have Trouble Turning Down the Volume

Light Pollution Is a Big Problem, But You Can Help

The Vanishing Night: Light Pollution Threatens Ecosystems

Where Light Pollution Is Seeping into the Rural Night Sky


Finding Solutions

Helping the Environment, One Small Sensor at a Time

Ocean Cleanup Won’t Turn a Profit, But We Should Still Do It

China Could Wash Away Smog with Artificial Rain Storms from Skyscrapers

Pulling CO2 Out of the Air and Using It Could Be a Trillion-Dollar Business

This Bicycle Will Clean Polluted Air While You Pedal

What If Air Conditioners Could Help Save the Planet Instead of Destroying It?