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The Reference Shelf: U.S. National Debate Topic 2018-2019: Immigration

Table of Contents


1 Immigration Then and Now

Letting Them In: America’s Turbulent Immigration History

US Has Long History of Restricting Immigrants

The U.S. Immigration Debate

The Facts about Immigration

Bring on the Conservative Debate for Immigration

Only Mass Deportation Can Save America

The Case Against Immigration: Why the United States Should Look Out for Itself

Trump’s Assault on Immigrants Will Seriously Damage the Economy

2 DREAMers and Asylum

Immigration Issues: Dreamers, Workers, and Refugees

It’s Not Illegal Immigration That Worries Republicans Anymore

The Republican Party Is Turning Against Legal Immigration

The H1-B Visa Debate, Explained

Feds Prosecuting Illegal Immigrants for Enticing Relatives to U.S.

“Dreamers” Could Give US Economy—and Even American Workers—a Boost

To Curb Illegal Immigration, DHS Separating Families at the Border

3 The Census

The Politics of Demography: The Census Bureau and Immigration

The Controversial Question DOJ Wants to Add to the U.S. Census

The Census Has Always Been Political: Especially When It Comes to Race, Ethnicity, and National Origin

Illegal Immigration Gives Cities Political Power

The 2020 Census Citizenship Question Is Spelling Trouble in Texas

Why a Census Question about Citizenship Should Worry You, Whether You’re a Citizen or Not

4 Border Wall

The Wall Before the Storm

The High Cost and Diminishing Returns of a Border Wall

The Wall: The Real Costs of a Barrier Between the United States and Mexico

What Geology Has to Say About Building a 1,000-Mile Border Wall

Trump Privately Presses for U.S. Military to Pay for Border Wall

In 2006, Democrats Were Saying “Build That Fence!”

Landowners Likely to Bring More Lawsuits as Trump Moves on Border Wall

The Taking: How the Federal Government Abused Its Power to Seize Property for a Border Fence

5 Sanctuary

The Politics of Sanctuary

The False Promise of Sanctuary Cities

The Trump Administration’s First Step to Defund “Sanctuary Cities” Is Surprisingly Cautious

Whom Do Sanctuary Cities Protect?

Trump Administration Sues California Over Laws Protecting Immigrants

Municipal Suffrage, Sanctuary Cities, and the Contested Meaning of Citizenship