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The Reference Shelf: The American Dream

Table of Contents


1 Immigration

The Dream of Becoming American

For the Child of Immigrants, the American Dream Can Be a Nightmare

Reunited, an Immigrant Family Tries to Put Their Life Back Together

Six Immigrant Stories That Will Make You Believe in the American Dream Again

The Unique Traits Americans Developed from Decades of Immigration

The Decades-Long Campaign to Cut Legal Immigration

Places in the US That Took in More Immigrants in the 19th Century Still Benefit Economically from It

2 Mobility and Equality

The Great American Success Story

Economic Inequality: It’s Far Worse Than You Think

The Cost of the American Dream

Inequality and the American Dream

The American Dream, Quantified at Last

Is Owning a Home Still Essential to the American Dream?

3 Race and the American Dream

Dreaming in Color

My Immigrant Family Achieved the American Dream: Then I Started to Question It

The Racial Wealth Gap and Today’s American Dream

Why Blacks Believe in the American Dream More Than Whites

A Federal College Loan Program Is Exacerbating the Racial Wealth Gap

Where Slavery Thrived, Inequality Rules Today

4 The American Dream Over Time

Transforming the Dream

The Transformation of the “American Dream”

The Economy Is Changing and So Is the American Dream

Rethinking the American Dream

Is the American Dream Really Dead?

American “Exceptionalism” Is Holding America Back from Greatness

5 Future of the Dream

The Future of the American Dream

Technology: Killer or Savior of the American Dream?

Technology Disrupting the American Dream

Is China Leaping Past Us?

Cities Are Killing the Future of Work (and the American Dream)

American Innovation Is in Trouble

The Ugly Truth about America’s Economy in Just Four Words