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The Reference Shelf: The Two Koreas

Table of Contents


1 A Tale of Two Koreas

Hanguk and Choson

Why Is the U.S. Wary of a Declaration to End the Korean War?

Why There Are Two Koreas

Korean War a “Forgotten” Conflict That Shaped the Modern World

History of US-North Korea Deals Shows Hard Part Is Making Them Stick

US.-ROK: The Forgotten Alliance

2 Life in the Two Koreas

Lives Divided

These Are the Only People Who Live Inside the DMZ between North and South Korea

What Is Life Like for South Korean Kids? Busy

For South Korea’s LGBT Community, an Uphill Battle for Rights

What Is Life Like in North Korea?

What Life Is Like for Ordinary North Koreans

3 The Korean Threat

Widoghan (Dangerous) Days

How the Nuclear-Armed Nations Brought the North Korea Crisis on Themselves

How North Korea’s Hackers Became Dangerously Good

Reminder: North Korea Is Still Very Much a Nuclear Threat

North Korea Is Not the Threat Trump Would Have You Believe

North Korea Rouses Neighbors to Reconsider Nuclear Weapons

The North Korean Threat Beyond ICBMs

How Would the U.S. Defend against a North Korean Nuclear Attack?

North Korea’s Illegal Weapons Trade

4 The Current Summit Talks and What They Mean for the Future

The Rhetorical War

Opinion: The U.S. and North Korea Have Made Progress. Here’s How They Can Keep It Up

South Korea Reveals Plan to Break Stalemate in U.S.–North Korea Talks

U.S. Has Little To Show for Stalled Nuclear Talks with North Korea

Why There Has Been No Progress in Nuclear Talks with North Korea

North Korea Accuses Washington of Weaponizing Human Rights as Nuclear Talks Stall

Can the U.S. Reinstate “Maximum Pressure” on North Korea?

Embrace the Moon Miracle: Why Trump Should Let the Koreas Build Peace

5 Korean Americans

Korea in America

Awe, Gratitude, Fear: Conflicting Emotions for Korean-Americans in the Era of Trump

North Korea Defectors, Resettled in the US, Torn as Tensions Escalate

North Korean Defectors See American Dream Deferred as Reality Sets in the US

Some Korean Americans Have a Personal Stake in Next Week’s Summit: Finding Family

Conan O’Brien Accidentally Exposed Culture Gap between Koreans and Korean-Americans