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The Reference Shelf: The South China Sea Conflict

Table of Contents

1 The Conflict

The South China Sea: An Overview

China’s Biggest Ally in the South China Sea? A Volcano in the Philippines

The South China Sea Dispute

China v the Rest

The South China Sea—Some Fundamental Strategic Principles

2 Territorial Disputes and the Law

The Legal Dimension: The South China Sea and the Law

The South China Sea: Explaining the Dispute

Progress in the South China Sea? A Year after the Hague Ruling

Explainer: What Are the Legal Implications of the South China Sea Ruling?

Here’s Why the South China Sea Dispute Will Continue to Haunt Philippine-China Relations

3 Competing Claims

Competing Claims: International Interests in the South China Sea

Vietnam Is Challenging China’s Control of the Disputed South China Sea

Why Is the South China Sea So Important to the US?

Japan Is Becoming [a] Player in [the] South China Sea Sovereignty Dispute

Russia’s Tactics and Strategy in the South China Sea

Philippines Not Married to US, Can Still Pursue China, Says Manila’s Top Diplomat

Indonesia, Long on Sidelines, Starts to Confront China’s Territorial Claims

Malaysia’s Special Role in the South China Sea

4 Environmental Concerns

Protecting Oceanic Environments

One Result of China’s Buildup in South China Sea: Environmental Havoc

The Rising Environmental Toll of China’s Offshore Island Grab

One of the World’s Biggest Fisheries Is on the Verge of Collapse

A Blueprint for Fisheries Management and Environmental Cooperation in the South China Sea

Japan and China Successfully Extract ‘Combustible Ice’ from Seafloor in Potential Energy Breakthrough

5 Diplomacy, Deterrence and Freedom of Navigation

International Waters: FONOPS and the Open Ocean

The U.S. FON Program in the South China Sea

Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea Aren’t Enough

Chinese Warship Seizes US Underwater Drone in International Waters

Why Beijing Is Speeding Up Underwater Drone Tests in the South China Sea

Thinking about Long-Term Strategy in the South China Sea

6 Sovereignty and Codes of Conduct

Ownership of the Sea: Sovereignty and Territorial Conduct

China and the United States: A Conversation with David M. Lampton

Good Fences or Good Neighbours in the South China Sea

ASEAN, China Adopt[s] [a] Framework for Crafting [a] Code on South China Sea

How China Views the South China Sea: As Sovereign Territory