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The Reference Shelf: Representative American Speeches 2019-2020

Table of Contents


1 Virtual Commencement Inspiration

Remarks to the Graduating Class of 2020

This Year’s Graduates Can Help Build a Healthier, More Equal World

Build Bridges between People Instead of Dividing Them

Dear Class of 2020

Remarks to the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2020

This Virus Won’t Be the Last Obstacle You Face, but It Can Help You Prepare for the Next One

2 The Pandemic

Declaration of Coronavirus Emergency

A Briefing on the Coronavirus Outbreak

Reopening the Country Amid COVID-19

Hearing on COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of Higher Education

TikTok, Dr. Fauci, and COVID-19 Relief

COVID-19 Response

3 A Year of Social Unrest

The George Floyd and Black Lives Matter Protests

Congressional Democrats Unveil Police Reform Bill in Press Conference

Press Conference on Protests in Seattle

A Debate on Police Reform

Portland Police Chief Press Conference

Addressing the Congregation of Grace Lutheran Church and Community Members

Rally Speech in Latrobe, Pennsylvania

4 The Great Divide—The 2020 Election

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Will Lead by Example

Acceptance Speech of the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee

Acceptance Speech of the Republican Presidential Candidate

Acceptance Speech of the Democratic Presidential Candidate

Do Not Let Them Take Away Your Power

America Is Not a Racist Country

Acceptance Speech of the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

Final Presidential Debate Highlights

President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Acceptance Speech after Winning the 2020 Presidential Race

President Trump Is 100% within His Rights to Investigate Voting Irregularities

Congressional Democratic Leaders News Conference on COVID-19 and Election Results

Key Cabinet Picks Announcement

5 Other Significant Events In 2020

Key Moments from the Donald Trump Impeachment Trial Final Day

On the Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote

Harvey Weinstein Trial Verdict

NASA and SpaceX: Dragon Space Launch Press Conference

Memorial Service for John Lewis

Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony

Memorial Speech for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

USSC Nomination Acceptance Address