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The Reference Shelf: Representative American Speeches 2015-2016

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents


1 To the Graduating Class

Address by Vice President Joseph Biden on Receiving the 2016 Laetare Medal at the University of Notre Dame

Commencement Address to the Howard University Class of 2016

In the Future Economy, “We Will Hire Hearts”

Remarks by the First Lady at the City College of New York Commencement

Now, We Are All Founders

The Mistrust of Science

2 Campaign Speeches

Remarks by the First Lady at the Democratic National Convention

Former Attorney General Addresses the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Address by the Speaker of the House at the Republican National Convention

Remarks on Building a New American Future

Speech at the Democratic Convention

Address at the Republican National Convention

Super Tuesday Speech

America Is Once Again at a Moment of Reckoning

Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech

3 Civil Rights and Social Justice

Remarks at a Press Conference Announcing a Complaint Against the State of North Carolina to Stop Discrimination Against Transgender Individuals

Race at the BET Awards

Why We Need Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

The Law Enforcement Profession and Historical Injustices

Gun Violence and Racial Turmoil

Statement on Legislation That Protects the Privacy of North Carolina Citizens

4 The Year in Review

Statement on the Clinton E-mail Investigation

Speech at Our Ocean Conference

Remarks After Briefing on the Attack in Orlando, Florida

Love Is Love

“I’ll Continue to Sit”

Countering False Narratives

Remarks by the First Lady at a “Hillary for America” Event in New Hampshire

5 A Global Perspective

Remarks on the Paris Agreement

“World ‘Must Not Let Fears Get the Better of Us’”

Remarks at the Aspen Ideas Festival

Keynote Speech at World Humanitarian Day

Opening Speech at the Rio Olympics

Speech After “Brexit” Vote