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The Reference Shelf: Propaganda & Misinformation

Table of Contents


1 The Story of Untruth

Defining Propaganda and Misinformation

The History of “Fake News” in America

“Disinformation” Is the Word of the Year—And a Sign of What’s to Come

How Woodrow Wilson’s Propaganda Machine Changed American Journalism

What the Pope Gets Wrong about Fake News

Nineteenth-Century Nihilists Foretold Our Era

A Short Guide to the History of “Fake News” and Disinformation

2 Our Current Media Environment

Fake News, the Coronavirus, and the 2020 Election

NPR Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Trump Encourages Election Interference

Trump’s Favorite Tabloid Worried Its Saudi Propaganda Was as Bad as It Looked

CNN vs. Fox: Why These Two Cable Networks Can’t Stop Talking about Each Other

Social Media Struggles to Counter Coronavirus Misinformation

Clinton Backer at Facebook Debunks Clinton Claims

The Propagandist and the Censor

3 The Effects of Propaganda

The Subtle Influence of Misinformation

Why Do People Fall for Fake News?

Why the Hysteria Around the “Fake News Epidemic” Is a Distraction

The Myth of the Echo Chamber

The Real Consequences of Fake News

Echo Chambers May Not Be as Dangerous as You Think, New Study Finds

4 Big Tech and the New AI

AI, Bots, and Regulation

Not Your Father’s Bots

Google’s Algorithm Isn’t Biased, It’s Just Not Human

Why the Fight Against Disinformation, Sham Accounts and Trolls Won’t Be Any Easier in 2020

The Information War Is On: Are We Ready for It?

Detecting Fake News at Its Source

We’re Fighting Fake News AI Bots by Using More AI: That’s a Mistake

How Social Networks Set the Limits of What We Can Say Online

5 Navigating Misinformation

Ways to Combat Fake News

SPJ Code of Ethics

How to Help Kids Navigate Fake News and Misinformation Online

A College Reading List for the Post-Truth Era

10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts

Fact Checkers Say These Are the Best Fact-Checks They Did During This Decade