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The Reference Shelf: LGBTQ in the 21st Century

Table of Contents


1 LGBTQ and the Law

Legalizing Identity: LGBTQ Rights and Laws

Onslaught of Anti-LGBT Bills in 2017 Has Activists “Playing Defense”

The Equality Act Is Essential in the Fight for LGBTQ Rights

U.S. Court Rules 1964 Civil Rights Law Protects LGBT Workers from Bias

No, LGBTQ Americans Aren’t in the Clear after Trump’s Religious Liberty Order

What Kentucky’s Religious Freedom Bill Could Mean for LGBTQ Students

The Many Dreadful Ways That the Trump Administration Will Hurt LGBTQ Health Care

In Conservative America, Small Cities Stand up for LGBT Rights

In Religious Freedom Debate, Two American Values Clash

Trans Activist Sarah McBride to Make History at DNC

2 LGBTQ and the World

The Global Perspective: LGBTQ Rights Around the World

Most Countries Score an F on Our LGBT Human Rights Report Card

Ontario’s Multiparent LGBTQ Families Have Another Reason to Celebrate This Season

Time to Panic

The Coming Islamic Culture War

U.N. Experts Condemn Killing and Torture of Gay Men in Chechnya

3 LGBTQ Culture

Culture in Evolution: LGBTQ People in Society

“Discrimination Is Doing Its Dirty Work”: A New Survey Looks at the Effects of Anti-LGBTQ Hate

Is It Time We Agreed on a Gender-Neutral Singular Pronoun?

The Gender Identity Terms You Need to Know

Corporate America’s Evolution on L.G.B.T. Rights

Exclusive: Gay Man Explains His Petition to “Drop the T” in LGBT

Infinite Identities

Transgender Issues Are Driving a Wedge in LGBT Community, Says Activist Ousted from Pride Parade

Why the Trump Administration Won’t Ask about LGBT Americans on the 2020 Census

4 LGBTQ in the Schools

Teaching and Learning Gender and Sexuality: LGBTQ in the Schools

A Letter from an Ivy League Admissions Dean

Could Betsy DeVos Be an Ally for Transgender Students? It’s Complicated

Minnesota Kindergarten Students Forced to Confront Gender Identity

LBGT Students Are Not Safe at School

California Approves LGBT History Lessons for Classrooms

5 LGBTQ and the Family

Family Matters: LGBTQ Parenting and Families

Texas Poised to Allow Adoptions to Be Blocked on Religious Basis

This Is What It’s Like to Raise a Gender-Neutral Child

I’m a Gay Parent, Still Trying to Find My Identity in the LGBTQ Community

Why Raising a Gender Neutral Child Is a Terrible Idea

How Paid Leave Policies Can Negatively Affect LGBTQ Families

For Many Queer Adults, Parenting Still Isn’t Part of the Picture

Reimagining What Families Can—and Do—Look Like