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The Reference Shelf: Internet Law

Table of Contents


1 The Communications Decency Act and Section

Who Is Responsible for Online Content?

The Trump-Twitter Fight Ropes in the Rest of Silicon Valley

The Law That Made Facebook What It Is Today

Biden Wants Sec. 230 Gone, Calls Tech “Totally Irresponsible,” “Little Creeps”

WSJ, WaPO, NYT Spread False Internet Law Claims

The Fight Over Section 230—And the Internet as We Know It

2 Net Neutrality

Should the Internet Be a Public Utility?

The Wired Guide to Net Neutrality

FCC Chairman: Our Job Is to Protect a Free and Open Internet

What the Microsoft Antitrust Case Taught Us

How the Loss of Net Neutrality Could Change the Internet

Net Neutrality May Be Dead in the US, but Europe Is Still Strongly Committed to Open Internet Access

3 Digital Copyright Law and Open-Source Software

The End of Private (Digital) Ownership?

A Brief History of Open Source Software

Reevaluating the DMCA 22 Years Later: Let’s Think of the Users

To Save Pepe the Frog from the Alt-Right, His Creator Has Invoked Copyright Law’s Darker Side

Twitter Blocks EFF Tweet That Criticized Bogus Takedown of a Previous Tweet

In 2019, Multiple Open Source Companies Changed Course—Is It the Right Move?

With Friends Like AWS, Who Needs an Open Source Business?

4 Privacy and Cybercrime

Hackers, User Rights, and Government Surveillance

Senate Republicans Unveil COVID-19-Specific Privacy Bill

Mixed Messages: Encryption Fight Pits Security Against Privacy

One Man’s Obsessive Fight to Reclaim His Cambridge Analytica Data

A Dark Web Tycoon Pleads Guilty. But How Was He Caught?

Hackers Will Be the Weapon of Choice for Governments in 2020

Proposed US Law Is “Trojan Horse” to Stop Online Encryption, Critics Say

Does the CFAA Apply to Voting Machine Hacks?

Helicopter Government? How the Internet of Things Enables Pushbutton Regulation from a Distance

Doublecheck That Ballot: Controversial Voting Machines Make Their Primary Debut in South Carolina

Zoombombing and the Law

5 Digital Nationalism and the Splinternet

From Unity to Division

Society’s Dependence on the Internet: 5 Cyber Issues the Coronavirus Lays Bare

Battlefield Internet: A Plan for Securing Cyberspace

The Rising Threat of Digital Nationalism

Make the Internet American Again?

Should the U.S. Reclaim Control of the Internet? Evaluating ICANN’s Administrative Oversight since the 2016 Handover