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The Reference Shelf: Internet Abuses and Privacy Rights

Table of Contents


1 Personal Cybersecurity

The Personal Data Dimension

How to Protect Your Digital Privacy in the Era of Public Shaming

Passing the Email Privacy Act Has Never Been More Urgent

Practicing Good Personal Cybersecurity Isn’t Just about Protecting Yourself

The Watchers: Assaults on Privacy in America

Open Technology: Values, Compromises, and Ownership

2 Net Neutrality and Government Surveillance

Cyberpolitics: Neutrality, Privacy, and Security

Follow Obama's Lead on Cybersecurity

Consumers Are Going to Love the End of Net Neutrality—at First

Government's Privacy Rights Don't Exceed the Public's

Documents Show AT&T Secretly Sells Customer Data to Law Enforcement

Concerns Loom Over a Data-Sharing Pact to Protect Privacy of Europeans

Trump’s FCC Pick Quickly Targets Net Neutrality Rules

Now It’s Much Easier for Government Agencies to Get NSA Surveillance Data

The Risks of Sending Secret Messages in the White House

3 New Challenges to Privacy

Cyberthreats of Today and Tomorrow

The Privacy Threat from Always-On Microphones Like the Amazon Echo

Incentives Need to Change for Firms to Take Cyber-Security More Seriously

Hacking, Cryptography, and the Countdown to Quantum Computing

The Dyn DDoS Attack and the Changing Balance of Online Cyber Power

The Internet of Things Is a Cyberwar Nightmare

The Biggest Security Threats Coming in 2017

Why Does Our Privacy Really Matter?

4 Internet News and Accountability

Internet News and the Fight for Legitimacy

Fake News Expert on How False Stories Spread and Why People Believe Them

Who Controls Your Facebook Feed

The Very Real Consequences of Fake News Stories and Why Your Brain Can’t Ignore Them

Why Do We Fall for Fake News?

The Trump Administration Plays Right into Russia’s Information Warfare Strategy

5 The Power and Influence of Technology

Black Hats and White Hats: The Hacking Phenomenon

The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

Hacking the Attention Economy

Partisan Politics and the Russian Hacking Imbroglio

Feds: We Can Read All Your Email, and You’ll Never Know

Lobbying Muscle May Help Tech Titans “Trump” Trump

Reboot the World