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The Reference Shelf: Food Insecurity & Hunger in the United States

Table of Contents

Feeding the Masses

1 Poverty, Unemployment, and Underemployment

The Economic Dimension of America’s Food Problems

Food Insecurity in the U.S. by the Numbers

U.S. Is a Land of Plenty, So Why Do Millions of Americans Still Go Hungry?

America’s Dirty Little Secret: 42 Million People Are Suffering from Hunger

World Hunger Is Still Not Going Down After Three Years and Obesity Is Still Growing

2 Supplementing Nutrition

Supplementing Food for Families and Children

Trump Fights in Court to Block Pandemic Food Aid for Lowest-Income Americans

Making SNAP Healthier with Food Incentives and Disincentives Could Improve Health and Save Costs

Why Are More Schools Going After Families for Lunch Debt?

Debt Collectors Over Kids’ School Lunch Bills? It’s Real

Schools Are Shaming Kids Who Can’t Afford Lunch, but There Are Ways to Stop It

3 Finding Food

Food Deserts and the Search for Nutrition

Everything You Need to Know About Food Deserts

Eliminating Food Deserts Won’t Help Poorer Americans Eat Healthier

The Fight to Eliminate Food Deserts in St. Louis

It’s Not the Food Deserts: It’s the Inequality

The COVID-19 Crisis Has Already Left Too Many Children Hungry in America

A Crisis Within a Crisis: Food Insecurity and COVID-19

Study: 29 Million American Adults Don’t Have Enough to Eat—Nearly a Threefold Increase from Two Years

Covid-19 Pandemic Is the First Time 40% of Americans Have Experienced Food Insecurity

4 The World’s Problem

Global Factors Contributing to Hunger

Climate Change and Global Hunger

World Hunger Has Risen for Three Straight Years, and Climate Change Is a Cause

Trump’s Trade Wars Have Made Bad Agriculture Policies Worse

Food Banks Win in a Trump Trade War

Tackling Hunger at Home and Abroad Because Our Food Policy Is Our Foreign Policy

5 Finding Solutions

Efforts to Combat Hunger and Food Insecurity in the United States

Why Community-Owned Grocery Stores Like Co-Ops Are the Best Recipe for Revitalizing Food Deserts

Neglected Crops Could Be Global Solution for Food Insecurity

The Solution to Food Insecurity Is Food Sovereignty

GMOs Are an Ally in a Changing Climate

Urban Farming Is the Future of Agriculture