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Principles of Business: Marketing

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note



Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Management

Applications for Business Consulting in Marketing

Applied Probability Models in Marketing

Brand Management

Brand Personality

Business Marketing

Buyer Behavior

Channel Management

Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Demographics

Content Marketing


Creating, Managing and Presenting the Arts

Customer Information Systems

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Service

Direct E-Marketing

E-Business Enterprise Applications

Effective Media Coverage

Employer Branding and Management

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Event Management

External Business Communications


Future of Integrated Marketing Communications

Global Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

International Advertising

International Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategies

Launching New Ventures Through Technology

Law of Marketing and Antitrust

Legal Aspects of Marketing

Marketing (Statistics) and Applied Probability Models

Marketing Decision Making

Marketing Environment

Marketing Ethics

Marketing Management

Marketing Methods

Marketing Principles

Marketing Research

Marketing Strategy

Models for Marketing Strategy

Multimedia Product Placement

Multinational Marketing


New Product Management

Person Marketing: Using Celebrities to Endorse Products

Personal Selling and Sales Management

Price Analysis

Price Discrimination

Pricing Policy

Pricing Strategies

Principles of Advertising

Principles of Retailing

Product Placement

Professional Selling in Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Promotional Policies

Public Relations

Public Relations and Social Media

Retail Merchandising

Sales Force Management

Sensory Marketing

Social Media and Businesses

Strategic Marketing

Trade Show Participation

Value-Based Strategies for Business Marketing