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Principles of Business: Management

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note



Behavioral Economics & Finance

Behavioral Foundations of Management

Business Data Management

Business Impact Analysis

Business Information Systems & Technologies

Business Statistics

Commercial Bank Management

Communications in the Workplace

Comparative Management

Conflict Management

Corporate Development: Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate Strategy

Crisis Management

Critical Thinking in the Management of Technology

Decision Making

Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Decision Processes: A Core Business Activity Supported by Information Systems

Decision Support Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Risk Management

Executive Leadership

Forecasting Methods for Management

Forecasting Techniques

Gender & Management

Human Resource Issues in High Performing Organizations

Inclusive Leadership

Industrial Organization & Finance

Labor Relations & Human Resource Management

Leadership & Motivation

Legal Environment of Business

Logistics Management

Management Competencies

Management Consulting

Management Information Systems

Management of an Insurance Enterprise

Management of Financial Institutions

Management of Human Resources

Management Science

Managerial Leadership

Managing Conflict within Organizations through Negotiations

Managing in a Turnaround Environment

Managing Inter-Firm Alliances

Managing Pure Risks: Operation & Markets

Managing the Process of Innovation

Motivation, Productivity and Change Management

Multi-generational Management



Networks in Business

Operations Management

Organization Design

Organization Development

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Learning

Performance Appraisal

Personal Lines Insurance & Risk Management

Principles of Management

Principles of Risk Management

Process Management for Quality


Project Management

Resource Planning

Scenario Planning

Service Operations Management

Special Topics in Management

Statistical Principles for Problem Solving

Team Management

Teams & Team Building

Types of Business Organizations