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Principles of Business: Entrepreneurship

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note



Authentic Leadership

Brand Management

Business, Ethics, & Society

Business Forecasting

Business Planning & Entrepreneurship

Business Strategy and Policy

Buyer Behavior

Community Reinvestment

Competitive Strategy

Conflict Management

Consumer & Organizational Buyer Behavior

Contract Theory

Corporate Development: Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate Financial Management

Corporate Financial Strategy

Corporate Leaders as Volunteers

Corporate Strategy


Current Issues in Entrepreneurship

Decision Making

Direct E-Marketing

Disruptive Innovation

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Executive Compensation

Executive Leadership

Family Business Strategy

Financial Management in Business

Financing the Corporation

Forecasting Techniques

Human Resources for the Emerging Firm

Inclusive Leadership

Information, Strategy, & Economics

Innovation Leadership


Launching New Ventures Through Technology


Leadership & Motivation

Managerial Economics

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mobile Applications & Business


New Product Management

New Ventures & the Law

Open Innovation

Organizational Life Cycle

Personality Traits of Entrepreneurs

Principles of Advertising

Product Innovation

Product Life Cycle

Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Risk Management & Insurance

Servant Leadership

Small Business Taxation

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Media & Businesses

Stakeholder Theory & Analysis

Strategic Implementation

Strategies & Practices of Family-Controlled Businesses

Teams & Team Building

Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurs

Transformational Leadership

Types of Business Organizations

Venture Capital & Entrepreneuria Management

Venture Capital & the Finance of Innovation