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Principles of Business: Economics

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note


List of Contributors

Aggregate Demand

Aggregate Supply

Agricultural Economics

American Business History

Applied Macroeconomics

Behavioral Economics

Business in the Global Political Environment

Comparative Economic Systems

Computational Methods for Economics

Development of Nations in the Global Economy



Economic Analysis of Law

Economic Applications of Game Theory

Economic Growth

Economic Problems of Developing Areas

Economic Unions

Economics of Business Regulations

Economics of Climate Change

Economics of Medical Care

Economics of Public Problem-Solving

Economics of Regional Development

Economics of Urban Development


Elections and Economic Growth

Environment and the Global Economy

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Evolution of Economic Thought

Exchange Rate

Experimental Economics

Export-Import Operations

Financial and Economic Time Series

Financial Globalization

Financial Strategies and Analysis: Insurance

Foreign Currency Exchange and Risk

Geographical Economics

Global Marketing

Global Outsourcing

Globalization and International Economics

High-Frequency Trading

Human Resource Economics

Information, Strategy, and Economics

International Banking

International Business Law

International Business Operations

International Economic Development

International Financial Markets

International Political Economy

International Trade Economics

Labor Demand

Labor Economics

Labor Relations Law

Labor Supply

Mathematics in Economics

Microeconomic Theory

Microeconomics and Public Policy

Microeconomics and Technical Change

Monetary Theory

Multinational Business Finance

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Operational Cost

Operations and Business Process Management

Operations and Competition

Political Economy of Social Policy

Pricing Strategies

Private-Sector Economic Development

Quantitative Applications in Economics and Finance

Quantitative Economic Analysis

Research Methods in Economics and Business

Securities Regulations

Shadow Banking System

Special Problems in Economics

Stages of Economic Maturation

Time Value of Money

Topics in International Business

Trade Creation and Diversion

Traditional Managerial Economics

Transfer Pricing