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Great Events from History: LGBTQ, 2nd Edition

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Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention

Whitman Publishes Leaves of Grass

Mary Edwards Walker Is Awarded the Medal of Honor

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs Speaks Publicly for Gay and Lesbian Rights

Kertbeny Coins the Terms “Homosexual” and “Heterosexual”

Westphal Advocates Medical Treatment for Sexual Inversion

United Kingdom Criminalizes “Gross Indecency”

Two-Spirit American Indian Visits Washington, D.C.

Alice Mitchell Found Guilty of Murdering Her Lover

Oscar Wilde Is Convicted of Gross Indecency

Der Eigene Is Published as First Journal on Homosexuality

Raffalovich Publishes Uranisme et Unisexualite

Ellis Publishes Sexual Inversion

Hirschfeld Founds the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee

Transgender Reporter Covers Spanish-American War Revolts

Police Arrest “Los 41” in Mexico City

Stein Writes Q.E.D.

Freud Rejects Third-Sex Theory

Friedlaender Breaks with the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee

The Eulenburg Affair Scandalizes Germany’s Leadership

Carpenter Publishes The Intermediate Sex

Barney Opens Her Paris Salon

Robles Fights in the Mexican Revolution

U.S. Navy Launches Sting Operation Against “Sexual Perverts”

Gays and Lesbians Contribute to the Harlem Renaissance

The God of Vengeance Opens on Broadway

Gide Publishes the Signed Edition of Corydon

Gerber Founds the Society for Human Rights

Wales Padlock Law Censors Risque Theater

Hall Publishes The Well of Loneliness

Davis’s Research Identifies Lesbian Sexuality as Common and Normal

Pandora’s Box Opens

Hollywood Bans “Sexual Perversion” in Films

Nazis Persecute Homosexuals

Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives

Isherwood Publishes Goodbye to Berlin

Thompson v. Aldredge Dismisses Sodomy Charges Against Lesbians

Golden Age of American Gay Literature

Vice Versa Is Published as First Lesbian Periodical

Kinsey Publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

Mattachine Society Is Founded

George Jorgensen Becomes Christine Jorgensen

APA Classifies Homosexuality as a Mental Disorder

One, Inc., Is Founded

U.S. Law Prohibits Gay and Lesbian Immigration

Kinsey Publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

One Magazine Begins Publication

Evelyn Hooker Debunks Beliefs That Homosexuality is a “Sickness”

U.S. President Eisenhower Prohibits Federal Employment of Lesbians and Gays

Daughters Of Bilitis Founded as First National Lesbian Group in United States

Baldwin Publishes Giovanni’s Room

Foster Publishes Sex Variant Women in Literature

United Kingdom’s Sexual Offences Act Becomes Law

The Wolfenden Report Calls for Decriminalizing Private Consensual Sex

First National Lesbian Conference Convenes

Illinois Legalizes Consensual Homosexual Sex

Sarria Is First Out Gay or Lesbian Candidate for Public Office

Rechy Publishes City of Night

Rustin Organizes the March on Washington

Revolutionary Cuba Imprisons Gays

First North American Conference of Homophile Organizations Convenes

Queer Youth Fight Police Harassment at Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco

First Gender Identity Clinic Opens and Provides Gender Reassignment Surgery

Los Angeles Advocate Begins Publication

CBS Airs CBS Reports: The Homosexuals

First Student Homophile League Is Formed

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Law Preventing Immigration of Gays and Lesbians

United Kingdom Decriminalizes Homosexual Sex

Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop Opens as First Gay Bookstore

Nacho Formally Becomes the First Gay Political Coalition

Metropolitan Community Church Is Founded

Nuestro Mundo Forms as First Queer Organization in Argentina

Gay Catholics Found Dignity

Stonewall Rebellion Ignites Modern Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement

Gay Liberation Front Is Formed

Canada Decriminalizes Homosexual Acts

Time Magazine Issues “The Homosexual in America”

Amazon Bookstore Opens as First Feminist-Lesbian Book Shop

Lavender Menace Protests Homophobia in Women’s Movement

Radicalesbians Issues “the Woman Identified Woman” Manifesto

First Lesbian and Gay Pride March in the United States

Del Martin Quits Gay Liberation Movement

Kameny Is First Out Candidate for U.S. Congress

Lesbian Tide Publishes Its First Issue

Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center is Founded

The Gay Book Award Debuts

The Body Politic Begins Publication

Local Governments Pass Antidiscrimination Laws

First Gay And Lesbian Synagogue in the United States is Formed

Equal Rights Amendment Fails State Ratification

First Out Gay Minister Is Ordained

Jordan Becomes First Black Congresswoman from the South

Brown Publishes Rubyfruit Jungle

Naiad Press Is Founded

National Gay Task Force Is Formed

Olivia Records Is Founded

Roe v. Wade Legalizes Abortion and Extends Privacy Rights

U.S. Supreme Court Supports Local Obscenity Laws

American Bar Association Calls for Repeal of Laws Against Consensual Sex

Lesbian Herstory Archives Is Founded

Lambda Legal Authorized to Practice Law

Homosexuality Is Delisted by the APA

Bisexual Forum Is Founded

The Front Runner Makes The New York Times Best-Seller List

Antigay and Antilesbian Organizations Begin to Form

Abzug and Koch Attempt to Amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Lesbian Connection Begins Publication

Noble Is First Out Lesbian or Gay Person to Win State-Level Election

First Gay and Lesbian Archives Is Founded

First Novel About Coming Out to Parents Is Published

Gay American Indians Is Founded

Rule Publishes Lesbian Images

Gay Latino Alliance Is Formed

U.S. Civil Service Commission Prohibits Discrimination Against Federal Employees

Anna Crusis Women’s Choir Is Formed

U.S. Supreme Court Rules in “Crimes Against Nature” Case

Foucault Publishes Volume I of L’Histoire de la sexualité

Katz Publishes First Lesbian and Gay History Anthology

Army Reservist Ben-Shalom Sues for Reinstatement

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Holds Its First Gathering

Anita Bryant Campaigns Against Gay and Lesbian Rights

Combahee River Collective Issues “A Black Feminist Statement”

National Women’s Conference Convenes

Quebec Includes Lesbians And Gays in Its Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms

Toronto Police Raid Offices of The Body Politic

Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Is Founded

Lesbian and Gay Workplace Movement Is Founded

U.S. Supreme Court Distinguishes Between “Indecent” and “Obscene”

International Lesbian and Gay Association Is Founded

Antigay and Antilesbian Briggs Initiative Is Defeated

White Murders Politicians Moscone and Milk

Moral Majority Is Founded

First Gay British Television Series Airs

First March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights

First National Third World Lesbian and Gay Conference Convenes

Lesbian and Gay Asian Collective Is Founded

Alyson Begins Publishing Gay and Lesbian Books

Rich Publishes “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence”

Gay Writers Form the Violet Quill

Human Rights Campaign Fund Is Founded

U.S. Navy Investigates the USS Norton Sound in Antilesbian Witch Hunt

Canadian Gay Postal Workers Secure Union Protections

Faderman Publishes Surpassing the Love of Men

Gay and Lesbian Palimony Suits Emerge

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Is Founded

This Bridge Called My Back Is Published

Gala Choruses Is Formed

Toronto Police Raid Gay Bathhouses

Reports of Rare Diseases Mark Beginning of Aids Epidemic

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Concert Tour

Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press Is Founded

New York City Gay Men’s Chorus Performs at Carnegie Hall

Lesbian and Gay Youth Protection Institute Is Founded

Lorde’s Autobiography Zami Is Published

Lesbian Academic and Activist Sues University of California For Discrimination

Wisconsin Enacts First Statewide Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights Law

Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Is Renamed AIDS

First Gay Games Are Held in San Francisco

Studds Is First Out Gay Man in the U.S. Congress

First National Lesbians of Color Conference Convenes

AIDS Virus Is Discovered

San Francisco Closes Gay Bathhouses and Other Businesses

West Hollywood Incorporates with Majority Gay and Lesbian City Council

Berkeley Extends Benefits to Domestic Partners of City Employees

GLAAD Begins Monitoring Media Coverage of Gays and Lesbians

Lesbian Film Desert Hearts Is Released

Actor Hudson Announces He Has AIDS

Bowers v. Hardwick Upholds State Sodomy Laws

Paula Gunn Allen Publishes The Sacred Hoop

South Asian Newsletter Trikone Begins Publication

AZT Treats People with AIDS

Californians Reject LaRouche’s Quarantine Initiative

Anzaldúa Publishes Borderlands/La Frontera

Asian Pacific Lesbian Network Is Founded

Compañeras: Latina Lesbians Is Published

Shilts Publishes And the Band Played On

VIVA Is Founded to Promote Latina and Latino Artists

Radical AIDS Activist Group ACT UP Is Founded

Old Lesbians Organize for Change

Lambda Rising Book Report Begins Publication

U.S. Congressman Frank Comes Out as Gay

Second March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights

Latin American and Caribbean Lesbian Feminist Network Is Formed

Macho Dancer Is Released in the Philippines

Canada Decriminalizes Sex Practices Between Consenting Adults

M. Butterfly Opens on Broadway

Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center Opens

Report of the Presidential AIDS Commission

First National Coming Out Day Is Celebrated

Oregon Repeals Ban on Antigay Job Discrimination

First World AIDS Day

Act Up Paris Is Founded

Vaid Becomes Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Helms Claims Photographs Are Indecent

Death of Transgender Jazz Musician Billy Tipton

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Gender-Role Stereotyping Is Discriminatory

Watkins V. United States Army Reinstates Gay Soldier

Lambda Literary Award Is Created

ACT UP Protests at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Judith Butler Publishes Gender Trouble

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission Is Founded

Sedgwick Publishes Epistemology of the Closet

United Lesbians of African Heritage Is Founded

Artists Sue the National Endowment for the Arts

Coming out Under Fire Documents Gay and Lesbian Military Veterans

Queer Nation Is Founded

BiNet USA Is Formed

Americans with Disabilities Act Becomes Law

Asian Lesbian Network Holds Its First Conference

LeVay Postulates the “Gay Brain”

Revisionist Criticism Recasts Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Stone Publishes “A Posttranssexual Manifesto”

Asian Lesbians and Gays Protest Lambda Fund-Raiser

Leather Archives and Museum Is Founded

The Advocate Outs Pentagon Spokesman Pete Williams

California Governor Wilson Vetoes Antidiscrimination Bill

Minnesota Court Awards Guardianship to Lesbian Partner

Canada Grants Asylum Based on Sexual Orientation

Canadian YMCA Extends Family Discounts to Gays and Lesbians

Transgender Nation Holds Its First Protest

Celebrity Lesbians Come Out

Indians Struggle to Abolish Sodomy Law

Canadian Government Antigay Campaign Is Revealed

Feinberg Publishes Transgender Liberation

Massachusetts Grants Family Rights to Gay and Lesbian State Workers

Canadian Military Lifts Its Ban on Gays and Lesbians

Oregon and Colorado Attempt Antigay Initiatives

Angels in America Officially Opens on November 8, 1992

Intersex Society of North America Is Founded

Monette Wins the National Book Award for Becoming a Man

The Wedding Banquet Is First Acclaimed Taiwanese Gay-Themed Film

Hawaii Opens Door to Same-Gender Marriages

Battelle Sex Study Prompts Conservative Backlash

First Dyke March Is Held in Washington, D.C.

March on Washington for Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation

Achtenberg Becomes Assistant Housing Secretary

Clinton Appoints First AIDS Czar

Lesbian Mother Loses Custody of Her Child

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy Is Implemented

Transgender Man Brandon Teena Raped and Murdered

Employment Non-Discrimination Act Is Proposed to U.S. Congress

National Association of Lesbian and Gay Community Centers Is Founded

Navratilova Honored for Her Career in Tennis

Stonewall 25 March and Rallies are Held in New York City

Japanese American Citizens League Supports Same-Gender Marriage

U.N. Revokes Consultative Status of International Lesbian and Gay Association

The Advocate Outs Oscar Nominee Nigel Hawthorne

Athlete Louganis Announces He Is HIV-Positive

International Bill of Gender Rights Is First Circulated

Lesbian Couple Murdered in Oregon

Hart Recognized as a Transgender Man

South African Constitution Prohibits Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

U.S. President Clinton Signs Defense of Marriage Act

Ellen Comes Out as a Lesbian

Transgender Scholarship Proliferates

Canadian Supreme Court Reverses Gay Academic’s Firing

Gay College Student Shepard Is Beaten and Murdered

First International Retreat For Lesbian and Gay Muslims Is Held

Screening of Fire Ignites Violent Protests in India

Constitutional Court of Colombia Rules on Intersex Surgery Consent

Littleton v. Prange Withholds Survivor Rights from Transsexual Spouses

First Middle Eastern Gay and Lesbian Organization Is Founded

Baker v. Vermont Leads To Recognition of Same-Gender Civil Unions

United Kingdom Lifts Ban on Gays and Lesbians in the Military

Hollywood Awards Transgender Portrayals in Film

Boy Scouts of America v. Dale

Asexual Visibility and Education Network Is Founded

Chinese Psychiatric Association Removes Homosexuality from List of Mental Disorders

Japanese Human Rights Council Recommends Lesbian and Gay Rights

First Gay and Lesbian Television Network Is Launched in Canada

Sylvia Rivera Law Project Is Founded

Transgender Rights Added to New York City Law

Gays and Lesbians March for Equal Rights in Mexico City

Irish American Lesbian Gains Canadian Immigrant Status

Transgender Teen Gwen Araujo Is Murdered in California

Australian Court Validates Transsexual Marriage

Transsexuals Protest Academic Exploitation

New Mexico Amends Its Human Rights Act

Buenos Aires Recognizes Same-Gender Civil Unions

Canada Legalizes Same-Gender Marriage

U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Texas Sodomy Law

Singapore Lifts Ban on Hiring Lesbian and Gay Employees

Wal-Mart Adds Lesbians and Gays to Its Antidiscrimination Policy

Massachusetts Court Rules for Same-Gender Marriage

Transgender Day of Remembrance and Remembering Our Dead Project

The History Boys Officially Opens on May 18, 2004.

Robinson Becomes First Out Gay Bishop in Christian History

Transsexual Athletes Allowed to Compete in Olympic Games

United Kingdom Legalizes Same-Gender Civil Partnerships

United Kingdom’s Gender Recognition Act Legalizes Transsexual Marriage

Spain Legalizes Same-Gender Marriage

Roman Catholic Church Bans Gay Seminarians

Jiménez Flores Elected to the Mexican Senate

Brokeback Mountain, Capote, and Transamerica Receive Oscars

Larry Kramer Attacks Queer Studies

Butler Rejects Civil Rights Award from German Group

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy is Repealed

San Francisco Issues an Official Report About Bisexuals

Tony Briffa Elected Mayor of Hobsons Bay, Australia

Uganda Passes Anti-Homosexuality Act

Boy Scouts of America Moves Toward Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Minorities

Supreme Court of India Finds Law Prohibiting Gay Sex Constitutional

Russia Enacts “Homosexual Propaganda” Law

Time Magazine Calls 2014 the “Transgender Tipping Point”

Caitlyn Jenner Becomes the World’s Most Famous Transgender Person

The United States Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

China Prohibits Depictions of LGBTQ People on Television