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Survey of American Industry & Careers

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Survey of American Industry and Careers

Accounting Services

Advertising and Marketing Industry

Airline Industry

Alternative Power Industry

Animal Care Services

Apparel and Fashion Industry

Automobiles and Personal Vehicles Industry

Banking Industry

Batteries and Fuel Cells Industry

Beverage and Tobacco Industry

Biofuels Industry

Broadcast Industry

Building Architecture Industry

Building Construction Industry

Business Services

Casino Industry

Chemicals Industry

Civil Services: Planning

Civil Services: Public Safety

Coal Mining Industry

Complementary and Alternative Health Care Industry

Computer Hardware and Peripherals Industry

Computer Software Industry

Computer Systems Industry

Construction Equipment Industry

Corporate Education Services

Counseling Services

Criminal Justice and Prison Industry

Day-Care Services

Defense Industry

Dental and Orthodontics Industry

Electrical and Gas Appliances Industry

Electrical Power Industry

Environmental Engineering and Consultation Services

Farming Industry

Federal Public Administration

Financial Services Industry

Fishing and Fisheries Industry

Food Manufacturing and Wholesaling Industry

Food Retail Industry

Food Services

Freight Transport Industry

Funerary Industry

Furniture and Home Furnishings Industry

Hand Tools and Instruments Industry

Health and Fitness Industry

Heavy Machines Industry

Higher Education Industry

Highway, Road, and Bridge Construction Industry

Home Maintenance Services

Hospital Care and Services

Hotels and Motels Industry

Household and Personal Products Industry

Industrial Design Industry

Insurance Industry

Internet and Cyber Communications Industry

Landscaping Services

Legal Services and Law Firms

Libraries and Archives Industry

Light Machinery Industry

Livestock and Animal Products Industry

Local Public Administration

Logging Industry

Mass Transportation Vehicles Industry

Medicine and Health Care Industry

Metals Manufacturing Industry

Mining Industry

Motion Picture and Television Industry

Museums and Cultural Institutions Industry

Music Industry

National and International Security Industry

Natural Resources Management

Nuclear Power Industry

Outdoor Recreation Industry

Paper Manufacturing and Products Industry

Passenger Transportation and Transit Industry

Personal Services

Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

Pharmaceuticals and Medications Industry

Philanthropic, Charitable, Religious, Civic, and Grant-Making Industry

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing Industry

Political Advocacy Industry

Postal and Package Delivery Services

Printing Industry

Private Education Industry

Public Elementary and Secondary Education Industry

Public Health Services

Publishing and Information Industry

Real Estate Industry

Rental and Leasing Services

Residential Medical Care Industry

Restaurant Industry

Retail Trade and Service Industry

Scientific and Technical Services

Scientific, Medical, and Health Equipment and Supplies Industry

Shipbuilding, Submarines, and Naval Transport Industry

Space Exploration and Space Science Industry

Spectator Sports Industry

Sports Equipment Industry

Telecommunications Equipment Industry

Telecommunications Infrastructure Industry

Textile and Fabrics Industry

Theater and Performing Arts Industry

Themed Entertainment Industry

Toys and Games Industry

Travel and Tourism Industry

Veterinary Industry

Video, Computer, and Virtual Reality Games Industry

Warehousing and Storage Industry

Waste Management Industry

Watches and Jewelry Industry

Water Supply Industry

Employment by Industry, 2008 and Projected 2018

Fortune 500 Companies by Industry, 2009

Bibliography for Survey of American Industry and Careers

Electronic Resources for Survey of American Industry and Careers