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Human Rights and the United States, 3rd Edition

Table of Contents



Table of Contents: Human Rights and the United States, 3rd Edition

Publisher’s Note


Introduction and User’s Guide


Chapter 1 Human Rights Law: Background, Theory, Concepts&Tools

Chapter 2 Chronology of U.S. Human Rights Moments & Events

Chapter 3 U.S. State Department, Secretary of State & Human Rights

Chapter 4 U.N. Charter Based Bodies: Focus on Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review

Chapter 5 U.N. Human Rights Council Special Procedures & Complaint Procedure

Chapter 6 U.S.,U.N.&Human Rights Law: Treaties & Treaty Bodies

Chapter 7 Organization of American States: The U.S. & the Inter-American Human Rights System

Chapter 8 Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

Chapter 9 Equality, Non-discrimination & Racism

Chapter 10 Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Chapter 11 Rights of the Child

Chapter 12 Women’s and Girls’Rights

Chapter 13 Immigration, Migrant Workers, Refugees & Asylum

Chapter 14 Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion or Belief

Chapter 15 Freedom of Expression & Opinion, Including Freedom of the Press

Chapter 16 Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice: Arrest, Detention, Punishment, and the Death Penalty

Chapter 17 Torture, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Chapter 18 A Human Right to Health Care

Chapter 19 Climate Change & Human Rights

Chapter 20 The Human Right to Education and to a Human Rights Education (HRE)

Chapter 21 International Criminal Law

Chapter 22 International Humanitarian Law

Chapter 23 Human Rights & National Security/Counter Terrorism Measures

Appendix A U.S. Law & Legislation, Resolutions, & the Restatement of Law

Appendix B Case Law Decisions from U.S. Courts & International Courts

Appendix C Reports of Selected U.S. & International NGOs


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