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Civil Disobedience, Social Justice, Nationalism & Populism, Violent Demonstrations and Race Relations

Table of Contents

Civil Disobedience

“Civil disobedience”

“Stokely Carmichael’s “Black Power”: Document Analysis

Barack Obama: “A More Perfect Union”

Proposals Made by High School Students of East Los Angeles

The Trial of John Brown

Ella Baker’s “Bigger than a Hamburger”

Resistance to Civil Government

The Occupy Movement - We’d Better Pay Attention

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Congress of Racial Equality

Social Justice

Albert Gore, Jr.: “Understanding and Empathy”

Bernie Sanders: “The American People Are Angry”

Political Conscience

Baldwin Voices Black Rage in The Fire Next Time

Benjamin T. Jealous

Hate Crimes: A Model Response

Nationalism & Populism

Korean Declaration of Independence

“The White Man’s Burden”

Fidel Castro: History Will Absolve Me

Japan’s Closed Country Edict

Violent Demonstrations

Campus Police Departments Struggle with Issues of Race

Ida B. Wells: “Booker T. Washington and His Critics”

Walter F. White: “The Eruption of Tulsa”: Document Analysis

Ricci v. DeStefano

Account of Participation in Sit-ins

March on Selma

Reflecting Violence in the Warpland: Gwendolyn Brooks’s Riot

Social Media Meets Social Justice: The Role of the Hashtag in the Contemporary Conversation on Race

Toward a More Inclusive America: Jesse Jackson’s 1984 and 1988 Democratic National Convention Addresses

Haunting America: Racial Identity and Otherness in Civic Society

Race Relations

Wilson-Willie debate

Presidential Address on Civil Rights

William Pickens: “The Kind of Democracy the Negro Expects”

The Rebirth of Black Rage

Terrorism in Charleston

Barack Obama: Commencement Address to the Howard University Class of 2016

Black Lives Matter

“The Bitter River”: Langston Hughes and the Violent South

On Civil Rights

Unrest in Chicago after Police Officer Charged with Murder in Shooting of Black Teenager

Barack Obama: Amazing Grace (speech after Charleston church shooting)