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This is Who We Were: In The 1990s

Table of Contents

Essay on the 1990s


Section One: Profiles

1991: Airline Captain & Underwriting Manager

1991: Lance Corporal, Operation Desert Storm

1992: Daughter of Cattle Rancher

1992: High School Female Athlete and Scholar

1992: Disabled Teenager and The Disability Act

1993: College Campus Music Promoter

1993: Technology Business Owner

1993: Corporate Restructurer

1994: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Visionary

1995: High School Paperboy and Football Player

1995: Air Force Major, Operation Deliberate Force

1995: Cell Phone Entrepreneur

1995: Professional Musician and Hootie & the Blowfish Member

1995: Professional Strongman Competitor

1995: Elementary Schoolteacher

1995: Champion of the Arts in Schools

1996: Biscuitville Restaurant Chain Founder

1996: Immigrant Worker and Striker

1997: Department of Transportation Administrator

1997: Machinery Company Owner

1998: Former Printer and Caretaker

1998: High School Soccer Player and Coach

1998: Young Indian Student in Transition

1998: High School Soccer Player

1998: Professional Musician and Teacher

1999: Advertising, Telemarketing, and Internet Entrepreneur

1999: Mike Lincoln, Division I Basketball Player

1999: Teacher and Skeptic of Standardized Testing

Section Two: Historical Snapshots

Early 1990s

Mid 1990s

Late 1990s

Section Three: Economy of the Times

Consumer Expeditures

Annual Income

Selected Prices

Value of a Dollar Index 1860-2016

Section Four: All Around Us—What We Saw, Wrote, Read & Listened To

All Around Us—1990s

Section Five: Census Data

State-by-State Comparative Tables: 1990, 2000 and 2010

Twenty-second Decennial Census of the United States (Census 2000) Census 2000 Briefs

Population Change and Distribution: 1990 to 2000


The White Population

The Black Population

The Asian Population

The American Indian and Alaska Native Population

The Hispanic Population

The Arab Population


The Foreign-Born Population

Language Use and English-Speaking Ability

Marital Status

Educational Attainment


The 65 Years and Over Population

Disability Status


Household Income


Home Values

Housing Characteristics

Housing Costs of Homeowners

Housing Costs of Renters

Employment Status


Journey to Work

Congressional Apportionment

Census 2000 Special Reports

Migration by Race and Hispanic Origin: 1995 to 2000

Migration and Geographic Mobility in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan America: 1995 to 2000

Married-Couple and Unmarried-Partner Households

Further Reading