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This is Who We Were: In The 1980s

Table of Contents

Essay on the 1980s


Section One: Profiles

1980: Alberto Enriquez, Sergeant First Class, Desert One Mission: Iran

1981: Elizabeth Putnam, 15-Year Old Migrant Worker from New York

1982: Brad Lawson, Sound Assistant for Austin City Limits TV Show

1982: Greg Tilsner, Software Company Executive from California

1983: Anna Delgado, Anti-Nuclear Weapons Movement Protestor

1983: Maggi Taylor, 23-year-old Boom Operator in New York

1983: Alicia Burack, Civilian (Medical Student), Invasion of Grenada

1983: Jim Rosser, National Football League Referee

1984: Stephen Hessenfeld, Fine Tuned Hasbro’s GI Joe

1984: Rigo Garcia, 23-year-old Construction Worker from Costa Rica

1985: James Krenov, Master Woodworker and College Professor

1985: Paul Howe, Professional Football Player

1985: Edwidge Dominique, 23-year-old Artist from Haiti in Miami

1985: Valerie Jaffen, 12-year-old Cellist from Connecticut

1985: Alex Behr, Corporate Director of European Operations

1985: Carleen Cahill, Classical Music Singer

1986: Jake Szmanda, Timber Industry Worker and Animal Conservationist

1986: James Kennedy Jarrett, Super Accurate Rifle Guru

1986: Maria Knapp, Scientist from California

1987: Aaron Slayton, Brainy Kid Turned Tutor

1987: Adam Quigley, Lawyer from New York

1988: Ahmed Waltari, Cell Phone Magnate from Williamstown, New York, and Monaco

1989: Bill Reindollar, Created Cash Register Repair Service

1989: Carlos Piccolo, Cross-Country Runner

1989: Sergeant Luella Sprague, Invasion of Panama

1989: Charles Coughlin Myers, Anti-Abortion Protestor

1989: An Dung and Nguyet Nguyen, Vietnamese Immigrants in Chicago

1989: Irby Hipp, Teenage Video-Game Player from West Virginia

Section Two: Historical Snapshots

Early 1980s

Mid 1980s

Late 1980s

Section Three: Economy of the Times

Consumer Expeditures

Annual Income

Selected Prices

Value of a Dollar Index 1860-2015

Section Four: All Around Us—What We Saw, Wrote, Read & Listened To

All Around Us—1980s

Section Five: Census Data

We the Americans: Women

We the Americans: Blacks

We the Americans: Hispanics

We the Americans: Asians

We the Americans: Pacific Islanders

We the Americans: First Americans

We the Americans: Foreign Born

We the Americans: Elderly

We the Americans: Children

We the Americans: Our Education

We the Americans: Our Homes

General Population Characteristics

General Social and Economic Characteristics

General Housing Characteristics

Detailed Ancestry Groups for States

Detailed Occupation and Other Characteristics

Further Reading