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This Is Who We Were: In The 1940s

Table of Contents

Essay on the 1940s


Section One: Profiles

Glassblower in 1940

Shipbuilder in 1942

Grocery Store Owner in 1942

Native American Boy in 1942

Guitar Transformer in 1942

Filipino Maintenance Worker in 1943

Securities Analyst in 1944

High School Sophomore in 1944

Boxer in 1944

Overcoming Prejudices in the US Navy in 1945

Trombonist in 1945

High School Teacher in 1945

African-American Reporter in 1946

Inventor in 1946

Civil Rights: Desegregating the Military in 1946

Homemaker in 1946

College Basketball Player in 1946

Microwave Inventor in 1947

Architect in 1948

17-Year-Old Science Fiction Enthusiast in 1948

Longshoreman in 1948

Baseball Player in 1948

Junior Safety Patrol Member in 1948

Harbor Pilot in 1949

Radio Broadcaster in 1949

Engineering Educator in 1949

Section Two: Historical Snapshots

Early 1940s

Mid 1940s

Late 1940s

Section Three: Economy of the Times

Consumer Expenditures

Annual Income

Selected Prices

Value of a Dollar Index 1860-2014.

Section Four: All Around Us—What We Saw, Wrote, Read ↦ Listened To

All Around Us—1940s.

Section Five: Census Data

State-by-State Comparative Tables: 1940, 1950 and 2010

Seventeenth Decennial Census of the United States

Census of Population: 1950

Volume I: Number of Inhabitants

Volume II: Characteristics of the Population

Part 1: United States Summary

Census of Housing: 1950

Volume I: General Characteristics

Part 1: United States Summary

Special Reports: 1950

Marital Status



Census of Agriculture: 1950

Volume II: General Report