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This is Who We Were: In The 1900s

Table of Contents

Essay on the 1900s


1900: Marguerite Globman, Inventor of the Streetcar Fender

1900: René “Frenchy” Trimbley, Marine First Sergeant, Boxer Rebellion

1900: Jerome Hill, Wealthy Bank Stockholder

1901: Liam Hanratty, Professional Cyclist

1901: Petros Bakolas, Shoe Factory Worker

1902: Mary Egan, 12-year-old Tenement Dweller

1903: Sarah O’Connell, Irish Nanny

1903: Edward Caufield, English Factory Manager

1903: Floyd Marioka, Japanese-American Methodist Choirmaster

1904: Lydia Ulrich, Archer

1904: Edna Shlake, 9-year-old Public School Student

1904: Jim Rosser, Farm Boy from Iowa

1905: Deirdre Mellane, 19-year-old Irish Servant

1905: Jake Hebert, Animal Conservationist

1905: Monty Mandell, Journeyman Piano Player

1907: Margaret Haley, Teacher and Organizer

1907: Jacob Heller, Wine Merchant

1907: Milton S. Hershey, Creator of Hershey’s Chocolates

1908: Henry Wood, Improved Sales through Mail-Order Seed Catalog

1908: Harold Thompson, Bank Vice President

1909: Arthur Faswell, Composer of Native American Music

1909: Edward Pierson, Soft Drink Bottling Company Partner

1909: Peter Gargan, Irish Department Store Manager

1909: Nathan Federov, 15-year-old Car Enthusiast

1909: Anzia Ravage, Romanian Seamstress

1909: Giuseppe Giacometti, Italian Bookmaker

1909: Dwight Heald Perkins, Architect

Section Two: Historical Snapshots

Early 1900s

Mid 1900s

Late 1900s

Section Three: Economy of the Times

Consumer Expeditures

Annual Income

Selected Prices

Value of a Dollar Index 1860-2016

Section Four: All Around Us—What We Saw, Wrote, Read & Listened To

All Around Us—1900s

Section Five: Census Data

State-by-State Comparative Tables: 1900, 1910 and 2010

Thirteenth Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1910

Volume I: Population 1910

Indian Population in the United States and Alaska: 1910

Special Report: Demographic Trends in the 20th Century

Further Reading