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Defining Documents in World History: Pandemics, Plagues & Public Health

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note

Editor’s Introduction


Sickness Unto Death in Early Times

Thucydides on the Athenian Plague

Requirements for a Physician

Galen, Method of Medicine

Plague of Cyprian: De Mortalitate

On Fate and Providence, from The Consolation of Philosophy

Procopius on Plague

“On Experimental Science”

The Black Death: Two Readings


Statute of Laborers

Florentine Chronicle

Nostradamus on a Remedy for the Plague

The Charitable Pestmaster, or, The Cure of the Plague

From A Journal of the Plague Year

An Historical Account of the Small-Pox Inoculated in New England

Letters by James Oglethorpe on an Epidemic of Influenza in Savannah, Georgia, 1733

An Account of the Bilious Remitting Yellow Fever

Disease in the Industrial Era

Report on the Typhus Epidemic in Upper Silesia (1947–48)

On the Mode of Communication of Cholera

An Emigrant’s Narrative; or, A Voice from the Steerage

National Quarantine Act

From How the Other Half Lives

Epidemic Diseases Act (British India, 1897)

Pure Food and Drug Act

Child Labor in the New York City Tenements

Australian Quarantine Document

Documents Relating to the Trudeau Sanitarium

Notice to Alaskan Natives Regarding Flu Containment

Plans for a Liberty Bond Parade during the 1918 Flu Pandemic

1924 Pneumonic Plague in Los Angeles

Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938

Streptomycin Experiment Notebook

On the Polio Vaccine Situation

Disease in the Modern Era

“1,112 and Counting”

ACT UP Founding Document and Speech

Retraction of Lancet Paper on MMR Vaccine and Autism

Reports Concerning the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic

On the Spread of the Zika virus to the Americas

California’s Vaccination Law

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Interview Regarding the Coronavirus

Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence on the Formation of the Coronavirus Task Force

COVID-19 Brings Health Disparities Research to the Forefront

Scourges of War

The First Gas Attack

The Effects of Shell Shock

An Army Physician on the 1918 Flu Pandemic

The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki:The Nature of An Atomic Explosion

Biological Weapons Convention

Substance Abuse and Public Health

The Nature and Occasions of Intemperance

Address before the Second Biennial Convention of the World Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Harrison Narcotic Act

Volstead Act

Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book”

Report of the Joint Committee of the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association on Narcotic Drugs

Special Report: Smoking and Health

Controlled Substances Act—Section 202

Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” Message to the Nation

George Bush’s Address to the Nation on National Drug Control Strategy

Testimony from the 1994 Tobacco Hearings

Statement and News Release regarding Purdue OxyContin Case


Chronological List

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