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Critical Insights: Postcolonial Literature

Table of Contents

About This Volume, Jeremiah Garsha

On Postcolonial Literature: Ideological and Generational Shifts South of the Sahara, Egodi Uchendu and Chinonye Ekwueme-Ugwu

Postcolonial Comics: Representing the Subaltern, Dominic Davies

Postcolonial Tempest: A Survey of Postcolonial Reception and Adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Dhrubajyoti Sarkar

Emergent and Divergent Voices: African and African American Women Writers, Joanne Davis

Suffering and “Sacrificiality” in Postcolonial African Literature, Kieran Dodds

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight from a Postcolonial Perspective, Robert C. Evans

Disabled Bodies Matter: Rohinton Mistry and the Politics of Embodiment,” Shubhangi Garg Mehrotra

Vyankatesh Madgulkar: A Thematic Signature of Postcolonial India Through the Changing Construction of the Rural Structure, Anuradha Malshe

Obliteration or Assimilation? Culture Clash in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things, Stuart Bolus

The Rhetorization of the Abject’s Grammatical Positionality, Michael A. Parra

Michel Foucault and Postcolonial Studies: Countering Foreign Domination Through the Care of the Self in George Lamming’s In the Castle of My Skin, Liam Wilby

Constantine Cavafy as a Postcolonial Poet: “A Photograph”, Robert C. Evans

“An Eviction of Sorts”: Language, Race, and Colonial Liminality in Ireland, Peter Robert Gardner

The Hawaiian Television “Cop Show”, Aaron Iokepa Ki‘ilau

Raced Subjectivity and Anxiety in Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric, Alejandro Veiga Expósito

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