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Critical Insights: Othello

Table of Contents

About This Volume, Robert C. Evans

“What Would the Neighbors Think”: Othello and London’s Africans, Peter C. Herman

Biography of William Shakespeare, Robert C. Evans

Critical Contexts

Othello’s Iago as Male Witch: The Relevance of Scottish Witchcraft Trials, Robert C. Evans

A Survey of Recent Editions of Othello, Joyce Ahn

Robert Burton, Jealousy, and Shakespeare’s Othello, Robert C. Evans

Faces of Chance in Shakespeare’s Tragedies: Othello’s Handkerchief and Macbeth’s Moving Grove, Edwin Wong

Critical Readings

A Prince and a Scholar Watch Othello in 1610, Matthew Steggle

Othello and the Late Renaissance Dramatic Convention of Self-Addressed Speech: An Empirical Analysis, James Hirsh

“All that is spoke is marred”: Speech and Narrative in Othello, Sara van den Berg

Beauty in Shakespeare’s Othello, Brandon Schneeberger

From Belligerence to Self-Reproach: Othello’s Collapse, Frederick Kiefer

Othello in Early America, Kevin J. Hayes

Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Illustrations of the “Death Scene” in Shakespeare’s Othello, Jordan Bailey

R. D. Laing and the (K)nots of Othello, Christopher Baker

The BBC Hopkins–Hoskins Othello: A Survey of Responses, Robert C. Evans

Nature versus Nurture: Iago’s Villainy in Two Productions of Othello, Sarah Fredericks

Recent Productions of Shakespeare’s Othello: A Survey of Reviews, Kelsie Kato

Teaching Othello, Fran Teague


Chronology of William Shakespeare’s Life

Works by William Shakespeare


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