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Critical Insights: Inequality

Table of Contents

About This Volume, Kimberly Drake

Introduction: “Deprived of the Same Privilege”: On Inequality, Kimberly Drake

Caste: The Engine That Runs (ruins) India, Lucky Issar

Essay Discusses: Arundhati Roy’s novels The God of Small Things and The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

Punishment, Spirituality, and Materialism in the Anti-Utopia, Roger Chapman

Essay Discusses: Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novels Poor Folk, Notes from the Dead House, Winter Notes on Summer Impressions, Notes from the Underground, and Crime and Punishment

Leveling the Playing Field: Cultural Relativism and Inequality, Adam T. Bogar

Essay Discusses: Kurt Vonnegut’s novel The Sirens of Titan and short story “Harrison Bergeron”

Structural Inequality, Labor Exploitation, and the Foundation of America, Jericho Williams

Essay Discusses: Solomon Northup’s slave narrative Twelve Years a Slave and Frederick Douglass’ slave narrative My Bondage and My Freedom

Racial Classifications and Crossing the Color Line, Almas Khan

Essay Discusses: Nella Larsen’s novel Passing

Ideological Control and Human Nature in the Dystopian Society, Boyarkina Iren

Essay Discusses: George Orwell’s novel 1984

The “Closet” and Marginalized Identities, Sonia Mae Brown

Essay Discusses: James Baldwin’s story “The Outing” and novel Giovanni’s Room

White Femininity and the Black Female Gaze: Internalized Oppression, Julie Prebel

Essay Discusses: Toni Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye

Not Just Any Ol’ Injun: The (Re)Appropriation and Alteration of Native American Stereotypes, Robyn Johnson

Essay Discusses: Louise Erdrich’s novel Tracks

Tracking Wolves: A Metaphor for Cross-border Inequality, Peter Arnds

Essay Discusses: Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Crossing

Historical Trauma and the Haunting of “Comfort Women,” Ji Nang Kim

Essay Discusses: Nora Okja Keller’s novel Comfort Woman and Yong Soon Min’s Art Works

Dwelling in Time: The Representation of Poverty on Film, Andrew Bingham

Essay Discusses: Pedro Costa’s film series Letters from Fontainhas

Immigrants, Nationalism, and Xenophobia in London, Önder Çakırtaş

Essay Discusses: Anders Lustgarten’s play A Day at the Racists

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