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Critical Insights: Historical Fiction

Table of Contents

About This Volume, Virginia Brackett

On Historical Fiction, Virginia Brackett

More Than Sixty Years Hence: Historicizing the Historical Novel, Danielle Barkley

Historical Fiction and Its Critics: From Sir Walter Scott to Contemporary Young Adult Literature, Steven T. Bickmore

Imagining the Other: Female Protagonists of Young Adult Historical Fiction Voicing Alternative Perspectives, Mary Warner

Identity Formation in Young Adult Holocaust Historical Fiction: Comparative Analysis of Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars and Jerry Spinelli’s Milkweed, Jeffrey S. Kaplan

Historical Fiction: A Comparative Analysis of Medieval Romance and Scott’s Ivanhoe, Christine E. Kozikowski

Tales of Other Times: The Gothic Novel as Historical Fiction, Natalie Neill

Made of Legend and History: The Robin Hood Tradition in Young Adult Literature, Amanda L. Anderson

Through a Glass, Lightly: Translating History for Young Readers, Chris Crowe

James Fenimore Cooper, Catharine Maria Sedgwick, and Scholastic: Reading Mary Pope Osborne’s Standing in the Light as Reimagining the Power of Cross-Cultural Friendship in the American Historical Contact Narrative, LuElla D’Amico

“We Must Have Some Sport”: The Afflicted Girls of Salem in Fiction for Young Adults, Marta María Gutiérrez Rodríguez

Historical Crossover in Chinese and Chinese-American Fiction: The Outlaws, Plus One Cross-dresser, Sheng-mei Ma

Representation of the American Civil War in Contemporary Historical Fiction for Young Adults: Why We Read about the Civil War, Amy Cummins

“Sixty Million and More”: Family and Sacrifice in the African-American Historical Novel, Jericho Williams

New Voices of History: The Depression Era and Historical Fiction in America, Sara Rutkowski

Meeting the Mirabals in In the Time of the Butterflies: Real Figures in Historical Biographical Fiction, Christine De Vinne

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