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Critical Insights: Alfred Hitchcock

Table of Contents

About This Volume, Douglas A. Cunningham

On Hitchcock, Douglas A. Cunningham

Hitchcock’s Biography, Cole Smith

Critical Contexts

Mirroring a Century: Alfred Hitchcock and His Historical Contexts, Douglas A. Cunningham

Hitchcock and His Women, Kerry Linfoot

Hitchcock’s “Female Gothic” Experimentation in Spellbound and Notorious, Sheri Chinen Biesen

Everyone’s a Critic: Hitchcock’s Evolving Prestige, Douglas A. Cunningham

Critical Readings

The Other Hitchcock: No Suspense, but (Re)marriage Instead (Three Early Films), Julie Michot and Dominique Sipière

The Traumatic Cultural Dimensions of Adolescent Girlhood in Champagne, Blackmail, and Young and Innocent, Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns, Mariana Zárate, and Patricia Vazquez

Rebecca: Auteur, Auteur, John Price

Space in Rear Window Revisited: Questions of Spectatorship, Community, and Surveillance, Thomas Lubek

The Uncanny Forests of Woman and Land in Vertigo, Kellianne H. Matthews

Norman Can’t Leave the Nest: Freudian Theory and the Uncanny Use of Taxidermied Birds in Psycho, Erika Rothberg

Foucault Takes Wing: Bodega Bay as Panopticon in The Birds, Douglas A. Cunningham

The Murderer in the Garden: Something Rotten in Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy, K. Brenna Wardell

Performance and Textual Disjuncture: Alfred Hitchcock’s Family Plot, Justin Wyatt

Between Cinema and Life: Biopics on Alfred Hitchcock, Ana Daniela Coelho

American Modern Architecture as Frame and Character in Hitchcock’s Cinematic Spaces, Christine Madrid French

Hitch Puts a Bird on It: Paul Klee’s Influence on the Master of Suspense, Joel Gunz


Chronology of Alfred Hitchcock’s Life



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