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Weapons and Warfare

Table of Contents

Clubs, Maces, and Slings

Picks, Axes, and War Hammers

Bows and Arrows


Knives, Swords, and Daggers

Spears and Pole Arms


Firearms and Cannon

Ancient Fortifications

Medieval Fortifications

Sieges and Siegecraft: Ancient and Medieval

Armies and Infantry: Ancient and Medieval

Cavalry: Ancient and Medieval

Warships and Naval Warfare

Violence in the Precivilized World

City-States and Empires Through Old Babylon

The Hittites

The Assyrians

The Chaldeans

The Hebrews

The Egyptians

The Persians

Greek Warfare to Alexander

Greek and Hellenistic Warfare from Alexander to Rome

Carthaginian Warfare

Roman Warfare During the Republic

Roman Warfare During the Empire

Celtic Warfare

Berber Warfare

Tribal Warfare in Central and Eastern Europe

China: Ancient

Nomadic Warriors of the Steppe

India and South Asia: Ancient


The Franks and the Holy Roman Empire

The Anglo-Saxons

The Lombards

The Magyars

The Vikings

Armies of Christendom and the Age of Chivalry

Crusading Armies of the West

Armies of Muh?ammad and the Caliphate

Armies of the Seljuk Turks

The Ottoman Armies

West African Empires


China: Medieval

Japan: Medieval

The Mongols

India and South Asia: Medieval

Southeast Asia

The Maya and Aztecs

The Incas

North American Indigenous Nations

Handarms to Firearms

Knights to Cavalry

Galleys to Galleons

Swords, Daggers, and Bayonets

Pole Arms

Gunpowder and Explosives

Small Arms and Machine Guns


Tanks and Armored Vehicles

Aircraft, Bombs, and Guidance Systems

Rockets, Missiles, and Nuclear Weapons

Chemical and Biological Weapons

Modern Fortifications

Sieges and Siege Techniques: Modern

Armies and Infantry: Modern

Cavalry: Modern

Naval Development: The Age of Sail

Naval Development: The Age of Propulsion

European Wars of Religion

The Era of Gustavus Adolphus

The Era of Frederick the Great

The Era of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Crimean War

The American Civil War

Colonial Warfare

The Ottoman Empire

The Mughal Empire

African Warfare


Japan: Modern

China: The Qing Empire

Imperial Warfare

The Age of Bismarck

The “Great” War: World War I

The Spanish Civil War

World War II: United States, Britain, and France

World War II: The Soviet Union

World War II: Germany and Italy

World War II: Japan

China: Modern Warfare

The Cold War: The United States, NATO, and the Right

The Cold War: The Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact, and the Left

Israeli Warfare

The Cold War: The Nonaligned States

Colonial Wars of Independence

Warfare in Vietnam

Warfare in Afghanistan: The Soviet-Afghan Conflict

Warfare in Iraq

Warfare in Afghanistan: The United States

The War on Terror

Warfare and the United Nations

Global Military Capabilities

Geography, Weather, and Warfare

Art and Warfare

Commemoration of War

Film and Warfare

Ideology and War

Literature and Warfare

Music and Warfare

Religion and Warfare

Television and Warfare

Civilian Labor and Warfare


Education, Textbooks, and War

Paramilitary Organizations

The Press and War


Revolt, Rebellion, and Insurgency

War’s Impact on Economies

Women, Children, and War

Biology, Chemistry, and War

Medicine on the Battlefield

Psychological Effects of War

Collaboration in War



Peace Movements and Conscientious Objection to War

Prisoners and War

War Crimes and Military Justice



Financing War

Intelligence and Counterintelligence

International Arms Trade

Military Organization



War Films

War Literature


Military Theorists

Time Line


Web Sites