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The Reference Shelf: U.S. National Debate Topic: 2020-2021 Criminal Justice Reform

Table of Contents


1 Race, Human Rights, and Justice

Human Rights and the Law

The Growing Racial Disparity in Prison Time

Why Support for the Death Penalty Is Much Higher among White Americans

LAPD Searches Blacks and Latinos More Often

Study That Claims White Police No More Likely to Shoot Minorities Draws Fire

The Bad-Apple Myth of Policing

2 Prison and Its Alternatives

Rehabilitation and Punishment

The Case for Abolishing Prisons

How Lessons in Scandinavian Design Could Help Prisons with Rehabilitation

White House Touts Prison Reforms but Throws Cold Water on Sentencing Bill

3 Months into New Criminal Justice Law, Success for Some and Snafus for Others

The Case Against Solitary Confinement

3 Privatization and Mass Incarceration

The Incarceration Problem

What Democrats Get Wrong about Prison Reform

Who Profits from Our Prison System?

Here’s Why Abolishing Private Prisons Isn’t a Silver Bullet

Everything You Don’t Know about Mass Incarceration

Michelle Alexander Is Wrong about Mass Incarceration

4 The Scientific and Technological Dimensions

The Technological Edge

How Robots, IoT and Artificial Intelligence Are Transforming the Police

How the Police Use Facial Recognition, and Where It Falls Short

How a Hacker Proved Cops Used a Secret Government Phone Tracker to Find Him

Ten Years Later: The Lasting Impact of the 2009 NAS Report

Bad Evidence

Recent Developments in the Forensic Sciences

Forensic Science Isn’t “Reliable” or “Unreliable”—It Depends on the Questions You’re Trying to Answer

Rep. Takano Introduces the Justice in Forensic Algorithms Act to Protect Defendants’ Due Process Rights in the Criminal Justice System

5 What the States Are Doing

The State of Criminal Justice

From Marijuana to the Death Penalty, States Led the Way in 2019

Voting Rights Restoration Gives Felons a Voice in More States

California Set to End Private Prisons and Immigrant Detention Camps

NYPD Overhauls Rules for DNA Evidence in Criminal Cases

Chicago Judge Says His Bail Reforms Were a Success. But Independent Reviews Show Flaws and More Crimes.

Big Risks in Discovery Reform: N.Y.’s New Law Tips the Balance Way Too Far in Favor of Defendants

New York Police Try To Pin Gang Witness’s Death on Criminal Justice Reforms

How a Criminal Justice Reform Became an Enrichment Scheme

In California, Criminal Justice Reform Offers a Lesson for the Nation