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Great Events from History: Renaissance & Early Modern Era, 1454-1600

Table of Contents

Foundation of the Saud Dynasty

Champa Civil Wars

Thai Wars

Lodī Kings Dominate Northern India

China Subdues Burma

Rise of the Ottoman Empire

Peace of Lodi

Wars of the Roses

Publication of Gutenberg’s Mazarin Bible

Spread of Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism

Restoration of Zhengtong

Reign of Stephen the Great

Hungarian Renaissance

Rāo Jodha Founds Jodhpur

Labor Shortages Alter Europe’s Social Structure

Rise of the Akan Kingdoms

Founding of the Platonic Academy

Kazak Empire Is Established

Regiomontanus Completes the Epitome of Ptolemy’s Almagest

Ottoman-Venetian War

Songhai Empire Dominates the Western Sudan

Reign of Xianzong

French-Burgundian and French-Austrian Wars

Second Peace of Thorn

End of King Parākramabāhu VI’s Reign

Ōnin War

Reign of the Ava King Thihathura

Rule of Lorenzo de’ Medici

Ak Koyunlu Dynasty Controls Iraq and Northern Iran

Marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella

Reign of Topa Inca

Battle of Vijaya

Ashikaga Yoshimasa Builds the Silver Pavilion

Jakob II Fugger Becomes a Merchant

Witch-Hunts and Witch Trials

Great Wall of China Is Built

Castilian War of Succession

Mombasa, Malindi, and Kilwa Reach Their Height

Peace of Picquigny

Work Begins on the Sistine Chapel

Japan’s “Age of the Country at War”

Hungarian War with the Holy Roman Empire

Foundation of the Habsburg Dynasty

Muscovite Conquest of Novgorod

Albanian-Turkish Wars End

Leonardo da Vinci Compiles His Notebooks

Pazzi Conspiracy

Establishment of the Spanish Inquisition

Destruction of the Golden Horde

Ivan the Great Organizes the “Third Rome”

Founding of Elmina

Ludovico Sforza Rules Milan

Reign of Bayezid II and Ottoman Civil Wars

Maximilian I Takes Control of the Low Countries

Richard III Rules England

Portuguese Establish a Foothold in Africa

The Tudors Rule England

Mamlūk-Ottoman Wars

Pico della Mirandola Writes Oration on the Dignity of Man

Dias Rounds the Cape of Good Hope

Reign of Xiaozong

Khmer-Thai Wars

Composition of the Renga Masterpiece Minase sangin hyakuin

YĀdil Shah Dynasty Founded

Yorkshire Rebellion

Aldus Manutius Founds the Aldine Press

Decline of the Silk Road

Development of the Camera Obscura

Fragmentation of the Bahmani Sultanate

Martin Behaim Builds the First World Globe

Christianity Is Established in the Kingdom of Kongo

Fall of Granada

Jews Are Expelled from Spain

Columbus Lands in the Americas

Ponce de León’s Voyages

Reign of Huayna Capac

Reign of Mohammed I Askia

Reign of Maximilian I

Sebastian Brant Publishes The Ship of Fools

Treaty of Tordesillas

Charles VIII of France Invades Italy

Poynings’ Law

Reform of the Spanish Church

Leonardo da Vinci Paints The Last Supper

West Indian Uprisings

Cornish Rebellion

Danish-Swedish Wars

Cabot’s Voyages

Portuguese Reach the Swahili Coast

Louis XII of France Seizes Milan

Erasmus Advances Humanism in England

Russo-Polish Wars

Coffee, Cacao, Tobacco, and Sugar Are Sold Worldwide

Netherlandish School of Painting

Revival of Classical Themes in Art

Rise of Sarmatism in Poland

Roman Jubilee

Portugal Begins to Colonize Brazil

Athapaskans Arrive in the Southwest

Devotional Bhakti Traditions Emerge

Fuzuli Writes Poetry in Three Languages

Rise of the Fur Trade

China’s Population Boom

Decline of Moundville

Evolution of the Galleon

Iroquois Confederacy Is Established

Proliferation of Firearms

Rise of the Shenshi

Single-Whip Reform

Trans-Saharan Trade Enriches Akan Kingdoms

Worldwide Inflation

Reign of IsmāYīl I

Beginning of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Reign of Montezuma II

Decline of the Ḥafṣid Dynasty

Treaty of Blois

Joan the Mad Becomes Queen of Castile

Portuguese Viceroys Establish Overseas Trade Empire

Reign of Zhengde and Liu Jin

End of the Timurid Dynasty

Formation of the League of Cambrai

Raphael Paints His Frescoes

Michelangelo Paints the Sistine Chapel

Vijayanagar Wars

Invention of the Watch

SaYdī Sharifs Come to Power in Morocco

Battle of Merv Establishes the Shaybānīd Dynasty

Melaka Falls to the Portuguese

Reign of Selim I

Battle of Ravenna

Kanō School Flourishes

Machiavelli Writes The Prince

Anglo-Scottish Wars

Balboa Reaches the Pacific Ocean

Hungarian Peasants’ Revolt

Portuguese Reach China

Wolsey Serves as Lord Chancellor and Cardinal

Battle of Marignano

Sir Thomas More Publishes Utopia

Charles I Ascends the Throne of Spain

Concordat of Bologna

Fracastoro Develops His Theory of Fossils

Luther Posts His Ninety-five Theses

Smallpox Kills Thousands of Indigenous Americans

Magellan Expedition Circumnavigates the Globe

Cortés Conquers Aztecs in Mexico

Charles V Is Elected Holy Roman Emperor

Comunero Revolt

Reign of Süleyman

Field of Cloth of Gold

Valois-Habsburg Wars

Reign of Jiajing

Luther Appears Before the Diet of Worms

Siege and Fall of Rhodes

Correggio Paints the Assumption of the Virgin

Gustav I Vasa Becomes King of Sweden

Ōuchi Family Monopolizes Trade with China

Franciscan Missionaries Arrive in Mexico

German Peasants’ War

Huáscar and Atahualpa Share Inca Rule

Ottoman-Ruled Egypt Sends Expeditions South and East

Battle of Pavia

Hungarian Civil Wars

First Battle of Panipat

Battle of Mohács

Ethiopia’s Early Solomonic Period Ends

Maya Resist Spanish Incursions in Yucatán

Burmese Civil Wars

Battle of Khānua

Sack of Rome

Castiglione’s Book of the Courtier Is Published

Narváez’s and Cabeza de Vaca’s Expeditions

North Africa Recognizes Ottoman Suzerainty

Battle of Shimbra-Kure

Siege of Vienna

Paracelsus Presents His Theory of Disease

Humāyūn Inherits the Throne in India

Cromwell Reforms British Government

Antwerp Becomes the Commercial Capital of Europe

Formation of the Schmalkaldic League

Holbein Settles in London

Temmon Hokke Rebellion

Pizarro Conquers the Incas in Peru

Ottomans Claim Sovereignty over Mesopotamia

Cartier and Roberval Search for a Northwest Passage

Founding of the Jesuit Order

Act of Supremacy

Parmigianino Paints Madonna with the Long Neck

Henry VIII Dissolves the Monasteries

Turkish Capitulations Begin

Acts of Union Between England and Wales

Calvin Publishes Institutes of the Christian Religion

Pilgrimage of Grace

Pope Paul III Declares Rights of New World Peoples

Battle of Préveza

Jiajing Threatens Vietnam

Six Articles of Henry VIII

De Soto’s North American Expedition

Shēr Shāh Sūr Becomes Emperor of Delhi

Coronado’s Southwest Expedition

Holy Roman Empire Attacks Ottomans in Algiers

The New Laws of Spain

Spain Explores Alta California

Paul III Establishes the Index of Prohibited Books

Copernicus Publishes De Revolutionibus

Vesalius Publishes On the Fabric of the Human Body

Europeans Begin Trade with Japan

Anglo-French Wars

Silver Is Discovered in Spanish America

Council of Trent

Battle of Ancrum Moor

Fracastoro Discovers That Contagion Spreads Disease

Coronation of Ivan the Terrible

Reign of Edward VI

Siamese-Burmese Wars

Kett’s Rebellion

Father Xavier Introduces Christianity to Japan

La Pléiade Promotes French Poetry

Development of the Caracole Maneuver

Tartaglia Publishes The New Science

Japanese Pirates Pillage the Chinese Coast

Educational Reforms in Europe

Mongols Raid Beijing

Japanese Wars of Unification

The Stoglav Convenes

Las Casas Publishes The Tears of the Indians

Struggle for the Strait of Hormuz

Servetus Describes the Circulatory System

Coronation of Mary Tudor

First Battle of Kawanakajima

Wyatt’s Rebellion

Charles V Abdicates

Peace of Augsburg

Reign of Akbar

Earthquake in China Kills Thousands

Ivan the Terrible Annexes Astrakhan

Livonian War

Burmese-Laotian Wars

Reign of Elizabeth I

France Regains Calais from England

Süleyman’s Sons Wage Civil War

Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis

Scottish Reformation

Invention of the “Lead” Pencil

Publication of the Geneva Bible

Battle of Okehazama

French Wars of Religion

Construction of the Escorial

Thirty-nine Articles of the Church of England

Peace of Troyes

Tintoretto Paints for the Scuola di San Rocco

Spain Seizes the Philippines

Siege of Malta

St. Augustine Is Founded

Reign of Selim II

Pius V Expels the Prostitutes from Rome

Palestrina Publishes the Pope Marcellus Mass

Reign of Longqing

James VI Becomes King of Scotland

Oda Nobunaga Seizes Kyōto

Ottoman-Russian War

Dutch Wars of Independence

Fall of Chitor

Mercator Publishes His World Map

Rebellion of the Northern Earls

Pius V Excommunicates Elizabeth I

Siege of Famagusta and Fall of Cyprus

Battle of Lepanto

Tycho Brahe Observes a Supernova

St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

Reign of Wanli

Reign of Murad III

Powhatan Confederacy Is Founded

Tallis and Byrd Publish Cantiones Sacrae

Mughal Conquest of Bengal

Stephen Báthory Becomes King of Poland

James Burbage Builds The Theatre

Reign of Rudolf II

Frobisher’s Voyages

Ram Dās Founds Amritsar

First Dalai Lama Becomes Buddhist Spiritual Leader

The Battle for Tabrīz

Battle of Ksar el-Kebir

Drake Lands in Northern California

Galileo Conducts His Early Experiments

Spain Annexes Portugal

Rebellions in Bihar and Bengal

Montaigne Publishes His Essays

Siamese-Cambodian Wars

Cossacks Seize Sibir

The United Provinces Declare Independence from Spain

Gregory XIII Reforms the Calendar

Battle of the Tobol River

Bruno’s Theory of the Infinite Universe

Matteo Ricci Travels to Beijing

Russia’s Time of Troubles

Lost Colony of Roanoke

War of the Three Henrys

Drake’s Expedition to the West Indies

Annexation of Kashmir

Toyotomi Hideyoshi Hosts a Ten-Day Tea Ceremony

Reign of YAbbās the Great

Anglo-Spanish War

Rise of the English Madrigal

Defeat of the Spanish Armada

Russian Patriarchate Is Established

Second Janissary Revolt in Constantinople

Shakespeare Writes His Dramas

Henry IV Ascends the Throne of France

Birth of Opera

Odawara Campaign

Fall of the Songhai Empire

Publication of Wu Chengen’s The Journey to the West

Japan Invades Korea

Ottoman-Austrian War

Taikō Kenchi Survey

King Michael’s Uprising

Ralegh Arrives in Guiana

San Felipe Incident

Tyrone Rebellion

John Dowland Publishes Ayres

Astrakhanid Dynasty Is Established

Oñate’s New Mexico Expedition

Edict of Nantes

Treaty of Vervins

The Globe Theatre Is Built

Castrati Sing in the Sistine Chapel Choir

William Gilbert Publishes De Magnete

Battle of Sekigahara

Elizabeth I Charters the East India Company