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Great Events from History: Modern Scandals

Table of Contents

Theodore Roosevelt Is Accused of Accepting Corporate Funds

Senator Joseph R. Burton Is Convicted of Bribery

Boston Alderman Is Reelected While in Jail for Fraud

Emperor William II’s Homosexual “Circle” Scandalizes Germany

Psychoanalyst Ernest Jones Is Accused of Molesting Mentally Disabled Children

Millionaire Heir Murders Architect Stanford White

French Court Declares Alfred Dreyfus Innocent of Treason

Former U.S. Senator Arthur Brown Is Murdered by Lover

Elinor Glyn’s Novel Three Weeks Shocks Readers

San Francisco Mayor Schmitz Is Found Guilty of Extortion

Belgium Confiscates Congo Free State from King Leopold II

Dancer Isadora Duncan Begins Affair with Millionaire Heir

Nobelist Marie Curie Has Affair with Physicist Paul Langevin

Nearly 150 Workers Die in Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

British Prime Minister’s Staff Is Investigated for Insider Trading

Federal Judge Is Impeached for Profiting from His Office

Armory Modern Art Show Scandalizes the Public

Boxer Jack Johnson Is Imprisoned for Abetting Prostitution

Players Fix Liverpool-Manchester United Soccer Match

British Government Falls Because of Munitions Shortages and Military Setbacks

Millionaire Socialite Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

Ponzi Schemes Are Revealed as Investment Frauds

White Sox Players Conspire to Lose World Series in “Black Sox” Scandal

U.S. Senate Rebukes Navy in Homosexuality Investigation

Director Taylor’s Murder Ruins Mabel Normand’s Acting Career

Hindemith’s Opera Sancta Susanna Depicts a Nun’s Sexual Desires

Film Star Fatty Arbuckle Is Acquitted of Manslaughter

British Prime Minister David Lloyd George Is Accused of Selling Honors

Actor Wallace Reid’s Death in Drug Rehab Shakes Film Industry

U.S. Senate Investigates Veterans Bureau Chief for Fraud

U.S. Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty’s Aide Commits Suicide

U.S. Senate Begins Hearings on Teapot Dome Oil Leases

Film Star Mabel Normand’s Chauffeur Shoots Millionaire Courtland S. Dines

Kentucky Congressman John W. Langley Is Convicted of Violating the Volstead Act

Forged Communist Letter Brings Down British Government

Film Producer Thomas H. Ince Dies After Weekend on Hearst’s Yacht

Nosferatu Is Found to Have Violated Dracula Copyright

Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson Claims She Was Kidnapped

Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker Are Accused of Fixing Baseball Games

Mae West’s Play About Gays Is Banned on Broadway

President Warren G. Harding’s Lover Publishes Tell-All Memoir

Joseph P. Kennedy Begins an Affair with Gloria Swanson

Actor Is Suspected of Falsely Claiming to Be an American Indian

Alberta Government Sterilizes Thousands Deemed Genetically and Mentally Unfit

Luis Buñuel’s Un Chien Andalou Shocks Parisian Audience

Banque Oustric et Cie Failure Prompts French Inquiry

Liberia Is Accused of Selling Its Own Citizens into Slavery

Postmaster’s Division of Airmail Routes Creates a Scandal

Surrealist Film L’Âge D’or Provokes French Rioting

“Scottsboro Boys” Are Railroaded Through Rape Trials

Insull Utilities Trusts Collapse Prompts New Federal Regulation

U.S. Troops Drive World War I Veterans from Washington

Film Star Jean Harlow’s Husband Is an Apparent Suicide

Hedy Lamarr Appears Nude in the Czech Film Exstase

New York Times Reporter Denies Reports of a Soviet Famine

Stavisky’s Fraudulent Schemes Rock French Government

General Douglas MacArthur Sues Newspaper Columnist for Libel

Sex Scandal Forces Resignation of Alberta Premier Brownlee

Film Star Thelma Todd’s Death Cannot Be Explained

British Cabinet Member Resigns After Budget Information Leak

Film Star Mary Astor’s Diary Becomes a Public Sensation

King Edward VIII Abdicates to Marry an American Divorcée

Atherton Report Exposes San Francisco Police Corruption

Prescription Elixir Causes More than One Hundred Deaths

Duke and Duchess of Windsor Visit Nazi Germany

Kansas City’s Boss Pendergast Pleads Guilty to Income Tax Evasion

Film Star Errol Flynn Is Acquitted of Rape

President Roosevelt Orders Internment of Japanese Americans

French Prime Minister Pierre Laval Wants Germany to Win World War II

Industrialist Charles Bedaux Is Arrested for Nazi Collaboration

Film Star Frances Farmer Is Jailed and Institutionalized

Irish Orphan School Fire Kills Thirty-five Girls

Actor Charles Chaplin Is Sued for Paternity

Australian Poets Claim Responsibility for a Literary Hoax

Norwegian Politician Quisling Is Arrested for Nazi Collaboration

Norwegian Writer Knut Hamsun Is Arrested for Treason

French War Hero Pétain Is Convicted of Nazi Collaboration

Poet Ezra Pound Is Charged with Treason and Institutionalized

Tennis Star Bill Tilden Is Arrested for Lewd Behavior with a Minor

Baseball Manager Leo Durocher Is Suspended for Gambling Ties

Actor Carole Landis Commits Suicide During Affair with Rex Harrison

Columnist Drew Pearson Exposes Congressman’s Corruption

Film Star Robert Mitchum Is Arrested for Drug Possession

Actor Rita Hayworth Marries Aly Khan After Adulterous Affair

Viet Minh Broadcasts French General’s Damaging Report

Alger Hiss Is Convicted of Perjury

Swedish Film Star Ingrid Bergman Has a Child Out of Wedlock

U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy Launches Communist Witch Hunt

U.S. Senate Committee Begins Investigating Organized Crime

College Basketball Players Begin Shaving Points for Money

Belgium’s Disgraced King Leopold III Abdicates

Federal Tax Official Resigns After Accepting Bribes

Actor Charles Chaplin Cannot Reenter the United States

Richard Nixon Denies Taking Illegal Campaign Contributions

George Jorgensen Becomes Christine Jorgensen

Piltdown Man Is Revealed to Be a Hoax

Scandal Magazine Reveals Actor Rory Calhoun’s Criminal Past

British Atrocities in Kenya’s Mau Mau Rebellion Are Revealed

Prescription Thalidomide Causes Widespread Birth Disorders

British Conductor-Composer Is Arrested for Possessing Pornography

George F. Kennan Proves Russian Sisson Documents Are Fakes

President Truman’s Appointments Secretary Is Convicted of Tax Conspiracy

Rock Star Jerry Lee Lewis Marries Thirteen-Year-Old Cousin

Actor Lana Turner’s Daughter Kills Turner’s Gangster Lover

President Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff Resigns for Influence Selling

Teamsters Leader Dave Beck Is Convicted of Tax Fraud

Charles Van Doren Admits to Being Fed Answers on Television Quiz Show

President Kennedy’s Romantic Affair Links Him to Organized Crime

U.S. Congress Investigates Payola in Pop Music Industry

FCC Chairman John C. Doerfer Resigns for Accepting Gifts from Networks

Psychologist Stanley Milgram Begins Obedience-to-Authority Experiments

Billie Sol Estes Is Arrested for Corporate Fraud

Marilyn Monroe Sings “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”

British Civil Servant Is Arrested for Spying

West German Police Raid Der Spiegel Magazine Offices

Play Accuses Pope Pius XII of Complicity in the Holocaust

John Profumo Affair Rocks British Government

Muslim Leader Elijah Muhammad Is Sued for Paternity

Madame Nhu Derides Self-Immolation of Vietnamese Buddhists

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson Aide Resigns over Crime Connections

Kitty Genovese Dies as Her Cries for Help Are Ignored

President Lyndon Johnson’s Aide Is Arrested in Gay-Sex Sting

Moroccan Politician Mehdi Ben Barka Disappears in Paris

Munsinger Sex and Spy Scandal Rocks Canada

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Is Excluded from Congress

Senator Thomas J. Dodd Is Censured for Misappropriating Funds

Socialite Nancy Wakeman Shoots Her Politician-Husband

Investor Louis Wolfson Is Convicted of Selling Stock Illegally

Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas Is Accused of Bribery

Senator Edward Kennedy’s Driving Accident Kills Mary Jo Kopechne

Japanese Baseball Players Are Implicated in Game Fixing

American Massacre of Vietnamese Civilians at My Lai Is Revealed

United Mine Workers Leader Joseph Yablonski Is Murdered

Study of Anonymous Gay Sex Leads to Ethics Scandal

National Guardsmen Kill Protesting Kent State Students

Irish Politicians Are Tried for Conspiring to Import Weapons

New York Times Publishes the Pentagon Papers

Abusive Role-Playing Ends Stanford Prison Experiment

Clifford Irving Admits Faking Howard Hughes Memoirs

Watergate Break-in Leads to President Nixon’s Resignation

Police Arrest Architect John Poulson for Bribery and Fraud

Jane Fonda’s Visit to North Vietnam Outrages Many Americans

Newspaper Breaks Story of Abuses in Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Thomas F. Eagleton Withdraws from Vice Presidential Race

Cheating Scandal Shocks Soap Box Derby

Spiro T. Agnew Resigns Vice Presidency in Disgrace

Kidnapped Heir Patty Hearst Helps Rob a Bank

Washington Post Reveals That the Nixons Received Jewelry Gifts

French Cardinal Daniélou Dies in a Prostitute’s House

Dalkon Shield Contraceptive Is Removed from the Market

Congressman Wilbur D. Mills’s Stripper Affair Leads to His Downfall

Evangelist Billy James Hargis Resigns College Presidency During Gay-Sex Scandal

British Politician John Stonehouse Fakes His Suicide

Honduras’s “Bananagate” Bribery Scandal Leads to Executive’s Suicide

Buddhist Teacher Orders His Students to Remove Their Clothes

Peace Corps Conceals Murder of Volunteer in Tonga

U.S. Congress Members Are Implicated in Koreagate Scandal

Lockheed Is Implicated in Bribing Foreign Officials

Actor Claudine Longet Kills Ski Champion Vladimir Sabich

West Point Cadets Are Caught Cheating on Exams

Washington Post Exposes Congressman Wayne L. Hays’s Affair

Former Beatle George Harrison Loses Plagiarism Lawsuit

Jimmy Carter Admits Committing Adultery in His Heart

Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz Resigns After Making Obscene Joke

German Generals Must Retire for Supporting a Neo-Nazi Pilot

Singer Anita Bryant Campaigns Against Lesbian and Gay Rights

Film Producer David Begelman Is Found to Have Forged Checks

Carter Cabinet Member Resigns over Ethics Violations

Horse-Swapping Fraud Upsets Belmont Park Raceway

Actor Joan Crawford’s Daughter Publishes Damning Memoir, Mommie Dearest

Roots Author Alex Haley Is Sued for Plagiarism

Roman Polanski Flees the United States to Avoid Rape Trial

Evangelist Herbert W. Armstrong Excommunicates His Own Son

Utah Millionaire Is Murdered by His Grandson

British Politician Jeremy Thorpe Is Charged with Attempted Murder

Firestone Recalls Millions of Defective Car Tires

Former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller Dies Mysteriously

Actor Lee Marvin Is Ordered to Pay Palimony to Former Lover

South African President B. J. Vorster Resigns in Muldergate Scandal

Love Canal Residents Sue Chemical Company

French President Giscard d’Estaing Is Accused of Taking a Bribe

Senate Denounces Herman E. Talmadge for Money Laundering

Baseball Commissioner Suspends Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays for Casino Ties

Biographer Claims Actor Errol Flynn Was a Nazi Spy

Media Uncover FBI Sting Implicating Dozens of Lawmakers

Scarsdale Diet Doctor Is Killed by His Lover

Mobster’s Arrest Reveals Point Shaving by Boston College Basketball Players

President’s Brother, Billy Carter, Registers as a Paid Agent for Libya

Magazine Reveals Baseball Star Steve Garvey’s Marital Problems

Congressman Bauman Is Arrested for Liaison with Teenage Boy

Bendix Executive Resigns Amid Rumors of an Affair

Rita Jenrette’s “Diary of a Mad Congresswife” Scandalizes Washington

Janet Cooke Admits Fabricating Her Pulitzer Prize-Winning Feature

Tennis Star Billie Jean King Is Sued for Palimony

Italian Justice Minister Resigns Because of Crime Connection

Court Finds That Ford Ignored Pinto’s Safety Problems

Chicago Sun-Times Reports That Cardinal Cody Diverted Church Funds

Philippine President Marcos Forces the Entire Supreme Court to Resign

Conservative Politician John G. Schmitz Is Found to Have Children Out of Wedlock

Banco Ambrosiano Collapses Amid Criminal Accusations

Car Manufacturer John De Lorean Is Arrested in a Drug Sting

Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards Deny Being Gay

Congress Cites Environmental Protection Agency Chief for Contempt

German Magazine Publishes Faked Hitler Diaries

Congress Members Censured in House-Page Sex Scandal

McMartin Preschool Is Embroiled in Child-Abuse Case

Filipino Opposition Leader Aquino Is Assassinated on Return Home

British Cabinet Secretary Parkinson Resigns After His Secretary Becomes Pregnant

Jesse Jackson Calls New York City “Hymietown”

E. F. Hutton Executives Plead Guilty to Fraud

Vanessa Williams Is the First Miss America to Resign

Subway Vigilante Bernhard Goetz Shoots Four Black Youths

Westland Affair Shakes Prime Minister Thatcher’s Government

Banker Jake Butcher Pleads Guilty to Fraud

French Secret Service Sinks the Greenpeace Ship Rainbow Warrior

Mayflower Madam Pleads Guilty to Promoting Prostitution

West German Counterintelligence Chief Defects to East Germany

Media Allege Canadian Officials Allowed Sale of Rancid Tuna

Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Is Indicted for Immigration Fraud

Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth Suspends Players for Cocaine Use

Former U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim’s Nazi Past Is Revealed

Faith Healer Peter Popoff Is Exposed as a Fraud

Iran-Contra Weapons Scandal Taints Reagan’s Administration

Media Reports Spark Investigation of Australian Police Corruption

Pennsylvania Politician Kills Himself at Televised Press Conference

NCAA Imposes “Death Penalty” on Southern Methodist University Football

Jim Bakker Resigns as Head of PTL Television Network

Bess Myerson Resigns as New York Commissioner of Cultural Affairs

Novelist-Politician Jeffrey Archer Wins Libel Trial Against the Daily Star

Plagiarism Charges End Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign

Black Teenager Claims to Have Been Gang-Raped by Police Officers

Yale Scholar’s Wartime Anti-Semitic Writings Are Revealed

ZZZZ Best Founder Is Indicted on Federal Fraud Charges

Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart Tearfully Confesses His Adultery

Insider-Trading Scandal Rocks Japanese Government

Actor Rob Lowe Videotapes His Sexual Encounter with a Minor

Stephen Breuning Pleads Guilty to Medical Research Fraud

Scientists’ “Cold Fusion” Claims Cannot Be Verified

Financier Michael Milken Is Indicted for Racketeering and Fraud

Speaker of the House Jim Wright Resigns in Ethics Scandal

Japanese Prime Minister Sosuke Resigns After Affair with a Geisha

Pete Rose Is Banned from Baseball for Betting on Games

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, Doctoral-Thesis Plagiarism Is Revealed

Harassment of a Christian Minister Sparks the Romanian Revolution

Prince Charles’s Intimate Phone Conversation with Camilla Parker Bowles Is Taped

Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry Is Arrested for Drug Use

Menendez Brothers Are Arrested for Murdering Their Parents

Guinness Four Are Found Guilty of Share-Trading Fraud

Lip-Synching Duo Milli Vanilli Lose Grammy Award

William Kennedy Smith Is Accused of Rape

George W. Bush Is Investigated for Insider Trading

Comedian Pee-wee Herman Is Arrested for Public Indecency

Justice Clarence Thomas’s Confirmation Hearings Create a Scandal

Woody Allen Has Affair with Lover Mia Farrow’s Adopted Daughter

Hotel Tycoon Leona Helmsley Enters Prison for Tax Evasion

Irish Bishop Eamonn Casey’s Romantic Affair Leads to His Resignation

Amy Fisher Shoots Mary Jo Buttafuoco

U.S. Navy Secretary Resigns in the Wake of Tailhook Sexual Assault Scandal

Princess Diana’s Phone Conversation with Her Lover Is Made Public

British Cabinet Member David Mellor Resigns over Romantic Affair

Lorena Bobbitt Severs Her Husband’s Penis

British Cabinet Member Resigns After Fathering a Child Out of Wedlock

U.S. Naval Academy Expels Midshipmen for Cheating

Congressman Dan Rostenkowski Is Indicted in House Post Office Scandal

Double Murder Leads to Sensational O. J. Simpson Trial

Time Magazine Cover Uses Altered O. J. Simpson Photo

Tonya Harding Is Banned from Skating After Attack on Rival

Soccer Star Diego Maradona Is Expelled from World Cup

Kenneth Starr Is Appointed to the Whitewater Investigation

Sex Scandal Forces Dismissal of NAACP Chief Benjamin Chavis

Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas’s Brother Is Arrested for Murder

Film Star Hugh Grant Is Arrested for Lewd Conduct

Former Canadian Premier Brian Mulroney Is Exposed in Airbus Scandal

Whistle-Blower Reveals Tobacco Industry Corruption

Physicist Publishes a Deliberately Fraudulent Article

Belgian Media Reveal How Police Bungled Serial Murder Case

Car Crash Reveals Depth of Government Corruption in Turkey

Pyramid Investment Schemes Cause Albanian Government to Fall

Teacher Mary Kay Letourneau Is Arrested for Statutory Rape

Prize-Winning Aborigine Novelist Revealed as a Fraud

Air Force Prosecution of Female Officer for Adultery Reveals Double Standard

Swiss Banks Admit to Holding Accounts of Holocaust Victims

Princess Diana Dies in a Car Crash

Sportscaster Marv Albert Is Tried for Sexual Assault

Canadian Health Commissioner Releases Report on Tainted Blood

HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros Is Indicted for Lying to Federal Agents

President Bill Clinton Denies Sexual Affair with a White House Intern

Scottish Historian Is Charged with Plagiarism

Pop Singer George Michael Is Arrested for Lewd Conduct

Police Corruption Is Revealed in Los Angeles’s Rampart Division

Journalist Stephen Glass Is Exposed as a Fraud

Prominent Belgians Are Sentenced in Agusta-Dassault Corruption Scandal

Quebec Offers Support for Abused Duplessis Orphans

Civil Rights Leader Jesse Jackson Fathers a Child Out of Wedlock

Ethics Counselor Exonerates Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

John Spano Is Sentenced for Fraudulent Purchase of Ice Hockey Team

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Extramarital Affair Is Revealed

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards Is Convicted on Corruption Charges

American Scientists Are Accused of Starting a Measles Epidemic in the Amazon

Ex-gay Leader John Paulk Is Photographed Leaving a Gay Bar

Gymnast Andreea Ra{gbreve}ducan Loses Her Olympic Gold Medal Because of Drugs

Japanese Amateur Archaeologist’s “Discoveries” Are Proven Fakes

Sexual Abuse of Children in France Leads to the Outreau Affair

Clearstream Financial Clearinghouse Is Accused of Fraud and Money Laundering

Liverpool Children’s Hospital Collects Body Parts Without Authorization

CIA Agent Robert Hanssen Is Arrested for Spying for the Russians

Washington Intern Chandra Levy Disappears

Award-Winning Historian Joseph J. Ellis Is Accused of Lying

Korean Religious Teacher Jung Myung Seok Is Charged with Rape

Little League Baseball Star Danny Almonte Is Found to Be Overage

Enron Bankruptcy Reveals Massive Financial Fraud

Notre Dame Football Coach Resigns for Falsifying His Résumé

Historian Stephen E. Ambrose Is Accused of Plagiarism

Boston Globe Reports on Child Sexual Abuse by Roman Catholic Priests

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Is Accused of Plagiarism

French Judge Admits Favoring Russian Figure Skaters in Winter Olympics

Rotting Human Bodies Are Found at Georgia Crematory

Georgia Basketball Coach Jim Harrick, Sr., Resigns over Fraud Allegations

Internal Corruption Forces Adelphia Communications to Declare Bankruptcy

Journalist Alleges Release of Genetically Modified Corn Seeds in New Zealand

Immunologist Resigns After Being Accused of Falsifying Research

Inquiry Reveals That Physicist Jan Hendrik Schön Faked His Research

British Politician Reveals Her Affair with Prime Minister John Major

Historian Michael A. Bellesiles Resigns After Academic Fraud Accusations

Senator Trent Lott Praises Strom Thurmond’s 1948 Presidential Campaign

E-mail Message Prompts Inquiry into Air Force Academy Sexual Assaults

U.S. National Security Agency Is Found to Have Spied on U.N. Officials

New York Times Reporter Jayson Blair Is Exposed as a Fraud

University of Alabama Fires New Football Coach in Sex Scandal

Sexually Provocative Film The Brown Bunny Premieres at Cannes Film Festival

Basketball Star Kobe Bryant Is Accused of Rape

Columnist Robert Novak Leaks the Name of CIA Operative Valerie Plame

Mutual Fund Companies Are Implicated in Shady Trading Practices

Newspaper Claims That Arnold Schwarzenegger Groped Women

Paris Hilton Sex-Tape Appears on the Web

Senator Strom Thurmond’s Biracial Daughter Is Revealed

Pop Star Michael Jackson Is Charged with Child Molestation

Former United Way Charity Chief Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

Martha Stewart Is Convicted in Insider-Trading Scandal

CBS Broadcasts Photos of Abused and Tortured Prisoners at Abu Ghraib

U.N. Report Reveals That Secretary-General Kofi Annan Dismissed Sexual Harassment Charges

Blog “Outs” Antigay Congressman Edward Schrock

60 Minutes II Reports on George W. Bush’s Evasion of Wartime Duty

Television Producer Files Sex Harassment Suit Against Bill O’Reilly

Insurance Brokerage Marsh & McLennan Is Charged with Fraud

Iqbal Riza Resigns from the United Nations in Oil-for-Food Scandal

German Soccer Referee Admits to Fixing Games for Money

Former Baseball Star Mark McGwire Evades Congressional Questions on Steroid Use

U.S. Air Force Investigates Religious Intolerance at Its Academy

Federal Agents Raid Congressman Randall Cunningham’s Home

Government Incompetence Mars Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

Westar Energy Executives Are Found Guilty of Looting Their Company

Danish Newspaper’s Prophet Muhammad Cartoons Stir Violent Protests

Liberian Workers Sue Bridgestone Firestone over Slave Labor

Spokane, Washington, Mayor Recalled in Gay-Sex Scandal

British Politician Resigns After Gay-Sex Orgy

Duke Lacrosse Players Are Accused of Gang Rape

Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Admits Affair with Secretary

Media Uncover Match-Fixing in Italian Soccer

Scientist Is Indicted for Faking His Research on Creating Stem Cells

Manufacturer Recalls Pet Food That Killed Thousands of American Pets

New York Times Exposes Grading Scandal at Auburn University

Tour de France Is Hit with a Doping Scandal

Actor Mel Gibson Is Caught Making Anti-Semitic Remarks

Novelist Günter Grass Admits to Youthful Nazi Ties

New Zealand Prime Minister’s Husband Is “Outed” as Gay

Newsweek Reveals That Hewlett-Packard Spied on Its Own Board

Congressman Mark Foley Resigns in Sex Scandal Involving a Teenage Page

Chilean Politicians Use Community Funds for Personal Campaigns

Evangelist Kent Hovind Is Convicted of Federal Tax Violations

Male Escort Reveals Sexual Liaisons with Evangelist Ted Haggard

News Corp Abandons Plan to Publish O. J. Simpson’s Book

Former Russian Security Service Officer Dies from Radiation Poisoning

Subprime Mortgage Industry Begins to Collapse

Washington Post Exposes Decline of Walter Reed Army Hospital

Shock Jock Don Imus Loses His Radio Show over Sexist and Racist Remarks

Japanese Politician Charged with Corruption Hangs Himself

Congressman William J. Jefferson Is Indicted for Corruption

Senator David Vitter’s Name Is Found in D.C. Madam’s Address Book

Florida Politician Is Arrested for Soliciting an Undercover Male Police Officer

University of Colorado Fires Professor for Plagiarism and Research Falsification

Football Star Michael Vick Pleads Guilty to Financing a Dogfighting Ring

New England Patriots Football Team Is Fined for Spying on Other Teams

Olympic Champion Marion Jones Admits Steroid Use

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Resigns in Prostitution Scandal

Singer R. Kelly Is Acquitted on Child Pornography Charges

NBA Referee Tim Donaghy Is Sentenced to Prison for Betting on Games

Financial Institutions and Markets Begin to Collapse