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Great Events from History: The Seventeenth Century 1601-1700

Table of Contents

Revenge Tragedies Become Popular in England

Rise of Rwanda

Advances in Medicine

Age of Mercantilism in Southeast Asia

Birth Control in Western Europe

Emergence of Luba Governance

England’s Agricultural Revolution

Europe Endorses Slavery

The Pepper Trade

Rise of Proto-Industrial Economies

Rise of the Gunpowder Empires

Songhai Empire Dissolves

Elizabethan Poor Law

Emergence of Baroque Music

Emergence of the Merina Kingdom

Expansion of the Oyo Kingdom

Appearance of the False Dmitry

Shakespeare Produces His Later Plays

Emergence of Baroque Art

Rise of Scientific Societies

Spanish Golden Age

Essex Rebellion

Siege of Oostende

Dutch Defeat the Portuguese in Bantam Harbor

Japan Admits Western Traders

Ottoman-S?afavid Wars

Dutch East India Company Is Founded

First Modern Libraries in Europe

Tokugawa Shogunate Begins

Reign of Sultan Ahmed I

Okuni Stages the First Kabuki Dance Dramas

Champlain’s Voyages

James I Becomes King of England

Rise of Criollo Identity in Mexico

First European Settlement in North America

Cervantes Publishes Don Quixote de La Mancha

Mughal Court Culture Flourishes

Dutch Dominate Southeast Asian Trade

Egyptians Rebel Against the Ottomans

Gunpowder Plot

Europeans Settle in India

First European Contact with Australia

Great Jel?l? Revolts

Treaty of Zsitvatorok

Neo-Confucianism Becomes Japan’s Official Philosophy

First Performance of Monteverdi’s La Favola d’Orfeo

Jamestown Is Founded

Martin Begins Draining Lake Texcoco

Jesuits Found Paraguay

Invention of the Telescope

Bank of Amsterdam Invents Checks

China Begins Shipping Tea to Europe

Construction of the Blue Mosque

Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion

Galileo Confirms the Heliocentric Model of the Solar System

Reign of Louis XIII

Hudson Explores Hudson Bay

Publication of the King James Bible

Jesuits Begin Missionary Activities in New France

Introduction of Tobacco Farming in North America

Rise of the Arma in Timbuktu

Sanctorius Invents the Clinical Thermometer

Election of Michael Romanov as Czar

Burning of the Globe Theatre

Siege of ?saka Castle

Japanese Ban Christian Missionaries

Coffee Culture Flourishes

Guamán Poma Pleas for Inca Reforms

Promulgation of the Buke Shohatto and Kinch? Narabini Kuge Shohatto

Invention and Development of the Calculus

Rise of the Manchus

Edo’s Floating World District

Harvey Discovers the Circulation of the Blood

European Powers Vie for Control of Gorée

Smallpox Epidemics Kill Native Americans

Thirty Years’ War

Defenestration of Prague

Indentured Servitude Becomes Institutionalized in America

Jones Introduces Classicism to English Architecture

Construction of Samarqand’s Shirdar Madrasa

The Middle Passage to American Slavery

First General Assembly of Virginia

Africans Arrive in Virginia

Bacon Publishes Novum Organum

Struggle for the Valtelline Pass

Battle of White Mountain

Pilgrims Arrive in North America

Reign of Philip IV

The Great Protestation

Powhatan Wars

Janissary Revolt and Osman II’s Assassination

Murad IV Rules the Ottoman Empire

Earliest Calculators Appear

Japan’s Seclusion Policy

Formation of the Kuba Kingdom

Grotius Establishes the Concept of International Law

Revolt of the Huguenots

English Discover and Colonize Barbados

Founding of New Amsterdam

Dutch and Portuguese Struggle for the Guinea Coast

Civil War Ravages Vietnam

Algonquians “Sell” Manhattan Island

Company of New France Is Chartered

Petition of Right

S?afavid Dynasty Flourishes Under YAbb?s the Great

“Personal Rule” of Charles I

Edict of Restitution

Slaves Resist Europeans at Palmares

Destruction of Bavaria

Dutch Wars in Brazil

Great Puritan Migration

The Day of Dupes

Li Zicheng’s Revolt

Women First Appear on the English Stage

Galileo Publishes Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Ptolemaic and Copernican

Shah Jahan Builds the Taj Mahal

Polish-Russian Wars for the Ukraine

Zuñi Rebellion

Settlement of Connecticut

Great Fire of Constantinople and Murad’s Reforms

Peace of Prague

Rhode Island Is Founded

Pequot War

Descartes Publishes His Discourse on Method

Shimabara Revolt

First Printing Press in North America

Waning of the Devshirme System

Urga Becomes the Seat of the Living Buddha

Spread of Jansenism

British East India Company Establishes Fort Saint George

First Bishops’ War

Russians Reach the Pacific Ocean

Foundation of the Darfur Sultanate

Reign of Frederick William, the Great Elector

Revolt of the Catalans

Bandeirantes Expel the Jesuits

Beginning of England’s Long Parliament

Capture of Malacca

Conquest of Luanda

Ulster Insurrection

Massachusetts Recognizes Slavery

Tasman Proves Australia Is a Separate Continent

English Civil Wars

Reign of Shah YAbb?s II

Beaver Wars

Westward Migration of Native Americans

Founding of Montreal

Closing of the Theaters

Torricelli Measures Atmospheric Pressure

Peace of Westphalia

Solemn League and Covenant

Confederation of the United Colonies of New England

Ndongo Wars

End of the Ming Dynasty

Manchus Take Beijing

Battle of Marston Moor

Zheng Pirates Raid the Chinese Coast

Puritan New Model Army

Turks Conquer Crete

Levellers Launch an Egalitarian Movement

Cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Wars of the Fronde Begin

Establishment of the English Commonwealth

Codification of Russian Serfdom

Maryland Act of Toleration

Dutch School of Painting Flourishes

Emergence of the Guinea Coast States

Wars for the Red Sea Trade

Earthquake Destroys Cuzco

First College in North America

Hobbes Publishes Leviathan

Edo Rebellions

Ietsuna Shogunate

Navigation Act Leads to Anglo-Dutch Wars

Patriarch Nikon’s Reforms

Fox Organizes the Quakers

Dutch Begin to Colonize Southern Africa

Cromwell Rules England as Lord Protector

Pascal and Fermat Devise the Theory of Probability

Portugal Retakes Control of Brazil

First Jewish Settlers in North America

Grimaldi Discovers Diffraction

Penruddock’s Uprising

English Capture of Jamaica

First Northern War

Popularization of Chocolate

Persecution of Iranian Jews

Construction of the Piazza San Pietro

Ottoman Empire’s Brief Recovery

Huygens Identifies Saturn’s Rings

Work Begins on Japan’s National History

Meireki Fire Ravages Edo

First Newspaper Ads Appear

Reign of Aurangzeb

Explorations of Radisson and Chouart des Groseilliers

Expansion of the Alawis

Restoration of Charles II

Treaty of the Pyrenees

First Microscopic Observations

A Jihad Is Called in Senegambia

Boyle’s Law and the Birth of Modern Chemistry

British Navigation Acts

Absolute Monarchy Emerges in France

Clarendon Code

Colbert Develops Mercantilism

Height of Qing Dynasty

Virginia Slave Codes

Portugal Cedes Bombay to the English

Half-Way Covenant

England’s Licensing Acts

Public Transportation Begins

England’s Act of Uniformity

Settlement of the Carolinas

Molière Writes Tartuffe

Willis Identifies the Basal Ganglia

British Conquest of New Netherland

Trappist Order Is Founded

Cassini Discovers Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Construction of the Languedoc Canal

Shabbetai Tzevi’s Messianic Movement Begins

Second Anglo-Dutch War

Great Plague in London

Battle of Mbwila

Stradivari Makes His First Violin

Founding of the Mar?th? Kingdom

Great Fire of London

Consecration of the First Cathedral in Mexico

Milton Publishes Paradise Lost

Pufendorf Advocates a Unified Germany

Razin Leads Peasant Uprising in Russia

War of Devolution

Impeachment of Clarendon

Triple Alliance Forms

Spain Recognizes Portugal’s Independence

Steno Presents His Theories of Fossils and Dynamic Geology

John of Austria’s Revolts

First Widespread Smallpox Inoculations

Popularization of the Grand Tour

Promulgation of the Sacred Edict

Rise of the Asante Empire

Charles Town Is Founded

Hudson’s Bay Company Is Chartered

American Indian Slave Trade

Newton Builds His Reflecting Telescope

Leeuwenhoek Discovers Microscopic Life

Self-Immolation of the Old Believers

French-Dutch War

Ottoman-Polish Wars

Buxtehude Begins His Abendmusiken Concerts

French Explore the Mississippi Valley

Huygens Explains the Pendulum

Renovation of the Louvre

Test Acts

Rebellion of the Three Feudatories

Decline of Benin

Rise of Buganda

Sulawesi Traders Make Contact with Australian Aborigines

Wren Supervises the Rebuilding of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Metacom’s War Begins

Sydenham Advocates Clinical Observation

Bacon’s Rebellion

Rømer Calculates the Speed of Light

Ottoman-Muscovite Wars

Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress Appears

Treaties of Nijmegen

The Popish Plot

La Salle’s Expeditions

Habeas Corpus Act

R?jput Rebellion

Guerra dos Bárbaros

Reign of Tsunayoshi as Shogun

Spanish Inquisition Holds a Grandiose Auto-da-Fé

Pueblo Revolt

“Holy Experiment” Establishes Pennsylvania

Decline of the Solomonid Dynasty

French Court Moves to Versailles

Rye House Plot

Defeat of the Ottomans at Vienna

Holy League Ends Ottoman Rule of the Danubian Basin

Louis XIV Revokes the Edict of Nantes

Halley Develops the First Weather Map

Dominion of New England Forms

Decline of the Ottoman Empire

Declaration of Liberty of Conscience

Newton Formulates the Theory of Universal Gravitation

Reign of William and Mary

Genroku Era

The Glorious Revolution

Reforms of Peter the Great

Famine and Inflation in France

Wars of the League of Augsburg

Declaration of Rights

Siege of Londonderry

Toleration Act

Treaty of Nerchinsk Draws Russian-Chinese Border

Brazilian Gold Rush

Movement to Reform Manners

Extinction of the Dodo Bird

Locke Publishes Two Treatises of Government

Salem Witchcraft Trials

Corn Riots in Mexico City

Ray Argues for Animal Consciousness

Bank of England Is Chartered

End of Press Censorship in England

Köprülü Reforms of Hüseyin Pa?a

Peter the Great Tours Western Europe

Treaty of Ryswick

Savery Patents the First Successful Steam Engine

First and Second Treaties of Partition

British Establish Trading Post in Canton

Treaty of Karlowitz

Singh Founds the Khalsa Brotherhood

French Found the Louisiana Colony

Battle of Narva