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Critical Survey of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Table of Contents

About This Volume

Biography of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare the Poet

Introduction to Shakespeare's Sonnets

The Lasting Allure of Shakespeare's Sonnets

English Poetry in the Sixteenth Century

Does Shakespeare's Life Matter?

The Sins of the Sonnets

Shakespeare (Not?) Our Contemporary: His Sonnets and More Recent Examples

Sonnet 1

Sonnet 18

Sonnet 19

Sonnet 20

Sonnet 29

Sonnet 30

Sonnet 31

Sonnet 53

Sonnet 54

Sonnet 57

Sonnet 73

Sonnet 90

Sonnet 94

Sonnet 97

Sonnet 98

Sonnet 102

Sonnet 104

Sonnet 106

Sonnet 109

Sonnet 116

Sonnet 129

Sonnet 130

Sonnet 141

Sonnet 146

Sonnet 151

The Form of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Vocabulary and Chronology: The Case of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Sound and Meaning in Shakespeare's Sonnets

Ambiguous Speaker and Storytelling in Shakespeare's Sonnets

Secrets of the Dedication to Shakespeare's Sonnets

Four Pivotal Sonnets: Sonnets 20, 62, 104, 129

Shakespeare's Sonnets and the History of Sexuality

Shylock in Love: Economic Metaphors in Shakespeare's Sonnets

Hoarding the Treasure and Squandering the Truth: Giving and Posessing in Shakespeare's Sonnets to the Young Man

Without Remainder: Ruins and Tombs in Shakespeare's Sonnets

Ecosystemic Shakespeare: Vegetable Memorabilia in the Sonnets

The Social Masochism of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Love's Usury, Poet's Debt: Borrowing and Mimesis in Shakespeare's Sonnets

Who Bore the Canopy in Sonnet 125?

Chronology of Shakespeare's Life

Works by William Shakespeare

Editions of the Sonnets

Guide to Free Online Reources on the Sonnets

Guide to Literary Criticism on the Sonnets

General Bibliography

All Sonnets