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Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore: World Mythology

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note



Maps and Mythological Figures

The Azteca

The Aztec Creation Myth

The Birth of the War God

Cihuacóatl as Warrior

The Creation of Music

Hunahpú and Xbalanqué

Legend of the Fifth Sun

The Lords of Xibalba

The Maya Creation Myth

The Fight with the Water Monster

George Washington: I Cannot Tell a Lie

The Girl Who Married a Gnome

How Jack O’Lanterns Came to Be

Iroquois Creation Story

John Henry: The Steel Driving Man

La Llorona, Omen of Death

The Legend of Joaquín Murrieta

Legend of the Buffalo Dance

Ottawa Creation Story

Paíyatuma and the Maidens of the Corn

Raven Steals Daylight from the Sky

Sedna, Goddess of the Sea

Shaman Isaac Tens

Sioux Creation Story

Talk Concerning the First Beginning



The Boy Who Rose to the Sky

How Evils Befell Mankind

How the Jaguar Lost His Fire

The Men from the Sea

The Monkey’s Exploit

Origin of Living Creatures

The Rod of Gold

Uitoto Creation Story


A Young Man and the Star

Birth of Sea and Land Life

Borah of Byamee


The Children of Heaven and Earth

Dream of Haumaka

Kahalaopuna, Princess of Manoa

Mataora’s Visit to Hawaiki

The Polynesian Creation Myth

The Samoan Story of Creation

Seven Sisters

The Two Sorcerers

What Makes the Waves

The Daughter of Sun and Moon

The Gods Descend from Heaven

How Beasts and Serpents First Came into the World

The Sacrifice of Mórimi

The Slave Called the World

Thunder and Anansi

The Thunder Bride

Amen-Ra, the God of Empire

The Battle of Horus and Set

The Bentresh Stela

The Boat of Ra

The Book of Thoth

The Egyptian Creation Myth

The Gods of Egypt

Horus and the City of Pe

Instruction of Amenemhet

Isis and the Seven Scorpions

The Island of Enchantment

The Name of Ra

The Rise of Amen

The Tale of Sinuhe

The Two Brothers

The Victory of Sinuhe

Ahura Mazda and the Battle between Good and Evil

The Baal Myth from Ugarit

The Burning Bush

The Creation and Fall

The Nursemaid of Rostam

Pharaoh’s Dreams

Samson the Judge

The Story of Job

The Tower of Babel

Before All Befores

The Birth of the Great Gods and Goddesses

The Creation of Enkidu

The Death of Enkidu

The Death of Gilgameš

Enki and Ninhursaĝa

Enuma elish, the Babylonian Creation Myth

Etana, King of Kish

Inana and Šu-kale-tuda

Inana’s Descent

The Journey of Nanna to Nippur

Marduk the Dragon Slayer

Nanna and Ningal

Ninurta and the Turtle

The Sin of the God Zu

The Sumerian Creation of Humankind

The Theft of Destiny

Uta-Napishtim and the Deluge

The Adventures of Kintarō, the Golden Boy

The Casting of the Great Bell


The Dragons

The Fairy Princess of Mount Ophir

The First People


How a Man Got the Better of Two Foxes

In the Palace of the Sea God

The Island of Women

The Korean Cinderella

The Magic White Swan

The Magnanimous Girl

Origin of the Tiger

Pangu Creates the World

Prince Mountain and Princess Mountain

The Spirit of the Lotus Lily

Urashima Tarō

Water War

The Weaver Maiden and the Herdsman

Yinglong, the Winged Dragon

Yu Rebuilds the Earth

Brahmā the Creator

The Creation of the Ganges

Damayantī’s Choice



Gotama’s Attainment

The Heavenly Nymph and Her Mortal Husband

The Incarnations of Visnu

Matsya and the Great Flood

Beowulf and the Battle with Grendel

The Birth of Bran

Childe Rowland

The Combat of Fer Díad and Cúchulainn

Culhwch and Olwen: Hunting the Twrch Trwyth

The Death of King Arthur

The Fisher King

Havelok and Godard

King Arthur and Guinevere

King Arthur’s Round Table

The Legend of Tuan mac Carell

The Marriage of Sir Gawain

The Mermaid

The Morrígu

Oisín’s Mother

The Order of Scáthach

Sir Galahad and the Holy Grail

Sir Gammer Vans

The Story of Saint Kenelm

The Story of the Young Cuckoo

Achilles and the Stern Waters of Styx

Apollo Establishes His Temple at Delphi

Athena and the Birth of Erichthonius

Bellerophon and the Battle with Chimera

The Birth of Zeus

Cadmus Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth

Cronus and the Birth of the Cosmos

The Death of Ajax

The Divine Loves of Zeus

Gaia and the Castration of Uranus

Helen of Troy

Hera and the Seduction of Zeus

Jove’s Great Deluge

King Oedipus Is Revealed

The Line and the Cave

The Love of Aphrodite and Anchises

The Myth of Atlantis

The Myth of Er

Pandora and the Great Jar

Prometheus and the Theft of Fire

The Prophecy of Paris

The Sack of Troy

The Statue of Pygmalion

The Twelfth Labor: Hercules and Cerberus

The Vengeance of Medea

Zeus and the Titan War

The Aesir-Vanir War

Brynhildr, the Norse Valkyrie

Freya’s Necklace

How Thor Fought the Giant Hrungnir

Loki and the Dwarfs

Loki Bound

The Nine Worlds of the Norse

The Norse Creation of the Cosmos

Odin’s Discovery of the Runes

The Otter’s Ransom


The Theft of Mjölnir

The Death of Roland

Diamonds and Toads

El Cid

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Enchanted Maiden

The Gingerbread Man

Hop o’ My Thumb

Little Red Cap


Princess Belle-Étoile

Princess Rosette

Snow-White and Rose-Red


Baba Yaga

The Boys with the Golden Stars


The Dragon and the Prince

Father Frost

The Feather of Finist the Falcon

The Firebird, the Horse of Power, and the Princess Vasilissa

Ilya Muromets and the Dragon

King Kojata

The Lime Tree

Prince Bayaya

Princess Miranda and Prince Hero

Mythology in the Classroom

Lesson Plan: Creation Stories: A Comparative Analysis


Guide to Online Resources


Country and Culture Index

Chronological Index