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Historical Encyclopedia of American Business

Table of Contents

Accounting industry

Advertising industry

Affirmative action programs


Agency for International Development, U.S.



U.S. Department of Agriculture

Air traffic controllers’ strike

Air transportation industry

Aircraft industry


Alaska Pipeline

Alaska purchase

Alcoholic beverage industry

American Automobile Association

American Bimetallic League national convention

American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers

American Stock Exchange


Annapolis Convention

Antique and art markets

Antitrust legislation


Arab oil embargo of 1973

Arms industry

Army Corps of Engineers, U.S.

Articles of Confederation

Asian financial crisis of 1997

Asian trade with the United States

John Jacob Astor

Automation in factories

Automotive industry

Bank failures

First Bank of the United States

Second Bank of the United States


Bankruptcy law


Baseball strike of 1972

Beef industry

Alexander Graham Bell

Bell Labs

Black Friday

Black Hills gold rush

Black Monday

Bloomberg’s Business News Services

Bond industry

Book publishing

Boston Tea Party

Consumer Boycotts

Bracero program

Bretton Woods Agreement


Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Warren Buffett

Bush tax cuts of 2001

Business crimes

Business cycles

Business schools

Cable News Network

California gold rush

Canadian trade with the United States


Andrew Carnegie

George Washington Carver

Catalog shopping

Cereal crops

César Chávez

Chemical industries

Child labor

Child product safety laws

Chinese trade with the United States

Christmas marketing

Chrysler bailout of 1979

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Civil Rights movement

U.S. Civil War

Clay’s American System

Clayton Antitrust Act


Coal industry

Coal strike of 1902

Coca-Cola Company

Coin’s Financial School

Cola industry

Colonial economic systems

Colorado River water

U.S. Department of Commerce

Commercial zoning

Commodity markets

Computer industry

Confederate currency

U.S. Congress

U.S. Constitution

Construction industry

Contract law

“Coolie” labor

Copyright law

Cotton gin

Cotton industry


Coxey’s Army

Credit card buying

Crédit Mobilier of America scandal

Credit unions

“Cross of Gold” speech

Cumberland Road


Dairy industry

Dams and aqueducts

Daylight saving time

DC-3 aircraft

DDT banning

Eugene V. Debs

W. Edwards Deming

Depression of 1784

Depression of 1808-1809

Deregulation of financial institutions

Derivatives and hedge fund industry

Digital recording technology

Diners Club

Walt Disney


Dot-com bubble

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Drive-through businesses

Drug trafficking

Dust Bowl


The Economist

Thomas Alva Edison


U.S. Department of Education

Electronics industry


Embargo Acts

U.S. Department of Energy

Energy crisis of 1979

Enron bankruptcy

Environmental movement

Environmental Protection Agency

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Erie Canal

European trade with the United States


Export-Import Bank of the United States

Farm Credit Administration

Farm labor

Farm protests

Farm subsidies

Fast-food restaurants

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Reserve

Federal Trade Commission


Fiber-optic industry

Films with business themes

Financial crisis of 2008

Fishing industry

Food and Drug Administration

Food for Peace

Food-processing industries

Food Stamp Plan


Henry Ford

Ford Model T

Ford Motor Company

Forestry industry

Fort Knox


401(k) retirement plans

Benjamin Franklin

French and Indian War

Fuller Brush Company

Funeral industry

Fur trapping and trading

Gadsden Purchase

Gambling industry

John Nance Garner

Marcus Garvey

“Gas wars”

Bill Gates


General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

General Electric

General Motors

Genetic engineering

J. Paul Getty

G.I. Bill

Gilded Age

Gold standard

Samuel Gompers


Jay Gould

Government spending

Granger movement

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

Great Depression

Great Migration

Alan Greenspan

Greeting card industry

Alexander Hamilton

Hawaii annexation

Haymarket Riot

Health care industry

HealthSouth scandal


Jimmy Hoffa

Home Shopping Network

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Homestead Act of 1862

Homestead strike


Hotel and motel industry

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

How-to-succeed books

Howard Hughes

Hurricane Katrina

Lee Iacocca

Identity theft


Corporate income tax

Personal income tax

Incorporation laws

Indentured labor

Indian removal

Industrial research

American Industrial Revolution

Industrial Workers of the World


Insider trading

Insurance industry

Interest rates

U.S. Department of the Interior

Internal migration

Internal Revenue Code

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

International Business Machines

International economics and trade

International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union

International Longshoremen’s Association



Iraq wars

Irrigated farming

Japanese trade with the United States

Jewelry industry

The Jungle

Junior Achievement

Junk bonds

U.S. Department of Justice

Henry J. Kaiser

Klondike gold rush

Knights of Labor

Korean War

U.S. Department of Labor

Labor history

Labor strikes

Land laws

Latin American trade with the United States

Legal services

Lend-Lease Act

John L. Lewis

Lewis and Clark expedition

Literary works with business themes

State-run lotteries

Louisiana Purchase

McDonald’s restaurants

Magazine industry

Management theory

Marshall Plan

Meatpacking industry

Medicare and Medicaid

Merger and corporate reorganization industry

Metric system

Mexican trade with the United States

Mexican War

Military-industrial complex

Mineral resources

Minimum wage laws

U.S. Mint

Mississippi and Missouri Rivers

Federal monetary policy

Montgomery Ward

J. P. Morgan

Morris Plan banks

Mortgage industry

Motion-picture industry

Muckraking journalism

Multinational corporations

Music industry

Mutual fund industry


National Broadcasting Company

National Labor Relations Board

National Labor Union

National Science Foundation

Native American trade

Navigation Acts

Neutrality Act of 1794

New Deal programs

New York Stock Exchange

Newspaper industry

Nixon’s China visit

Indra K. Nooyi

North American Free Trade Agreement

Northern Securities Company

Northwest Ordinances

Nuclear power industry

Occupational Safety and Health Act

Online marketing

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Organized crime

Overseas outsourcing

Panama Canal

Panic of 1819

Panic of 1837

Panic of 1857

Panic of 1873

Panic of 1893

Panic of 1907

Papermaking industry

Parliamentary Charter of 1763

Patent law

William Penn

Pension and retirement plans

Petroleum industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Photographic equipment industry

Pike’s western explorations

Maritime piracy

Plantation agriculture

Pony Express

Ponzi schemes

Poor People’s Campaign of 1968

Pork industry

Postal savings banks

U.S. Postal Service

Poultry industry

U.S. Presidency

Price fixing

Printing industry

Private security industry



Promotional holidays

Local public transportation

Public utilities

Pullman Strike

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Radio broadcasting industry

Railroad strike of 1877


A. Philip Randolph

Reader’s Digest

Commercial real estate industry

Residential real estate industry

Recession of 1937-1938

Rental industry

Restaurant industry

Retail trade industry

Revolutionary War

Rice industry

Robber barons

John D. Rockefeller

Royal Charters of North American colonies

Rubber industry

Sales taxes

Savings and loan associations

Sears, Roebuck and Company

U.S. Secret Service

Securities and Exchange Commission

Seneca Falls Convention

September 11 terrorist attacks

Service industries

Sewing machines


Shays’s Rebellion

Sherman Antitrust Act

Shipping industry

Sit-down strike of 1936-1937

Slave era

Slave trading

Small Business Administration

Social Security system

Space race

Spanish-American War

Intercollegiate sports

Sports franchises

First stagecoach line

Stamp Act of 1765

Standard & Poor’s

Standard Oil Company

Leland Stanford


Steel industry

Steel mill seizure of 1952

Martha Stewart

Stock market crash of 1929

Stock markets

Sugar industry

Supersonic jetliners

Supply-side economics

Supreme Court and banking law

Supreme Court and commerce

Supreme Court and contract law

Supreme Court and labor law

Supreme Court and land law

Taft-Hartley Act

Taiwanese trade with the United States

Tariff of Abominations



Tea Act of 1773

Teapot Dome scandal

Telecommunications industry

Television broadcasting industry

Television programming with business themes

Tennessee Valley Authority

Texas annexation

Three Mile Island accident

Thrift stores

Time zones

Tobacco industry

Tourism industry

Townshend Act

Trading stamps

Transatlantic cable

Transatlantic steamer service

Transcontinental railroad

U.S. Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire

Trickle-down theory

Trucking industry

Donald Trump

Truth-in-advertising codes

Truth-in-lending laws



Tyco International scandal

Underwood Tariff Act

United Farm Workers of America

United Food and Commercial Workers

United Mine Workers of America

United States Steel Corporation

USA Today

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Vending machines

Video rental industry

Vietnam War


Madam C. J. Walker

Wall Street

The Wall Street Journal


War of 1812

War surplus

Warehouse and discount stores


Booker T. Washington

George Washington

Water resources

Western Union

Whaling industry

Whiskey tax of 1791

Whiskey Trust

Wilderness Road

Women in business

Woodworking industry

World Trade Organization

World War I

World War II

WorldCom bankruptcy