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The 1940s in America

Table of Contents

Abbott and Costello

Academy Awards

Acheson, Dean

Advertising in Canada

Advertising in the United States

Aerosol cans

African Americans

Agriculture in Canada

Agriculture in the United States

Air Force, U.S.

Air pollution

Aircraft carriers

Aircraft design and development

Alaska Highway

Aleutian Island occupation

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

All the King’s Men

America First Committee

An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and American Democracy

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

American Federation of Labor

American Negro Exposition

Amos ’n’ Andy

Andrews Sisters

Andy Hardy films

Animated films



Appalachian Spring

Arcadia Conference

Arcaro, Eddie



Armistice Day blizzard

Army, U.S.

Army Rangers

Arnold, Henry “Hap”

“Arsenal of Democracy” speech

Art movements

Art of This Century

Asian Americans


Atlantic, Battle of the

Atlantic Charter

Atomic bomb

Atomic clock

Atomic Energy Commission

Auden, W. H.

Auto racing

Automobiles and auto manufacturing

Baby boom

Ballard v. United States

Ballet Society

Balloon bombs, Japanese

Ballpoint pens

Barkley, Alben William



Bataan Death March

Baugh, Sammy

Benét, Stephen Vincent

Benny, Jack

Bentley, Elizabeth

Berle, Milton

Berlin blockade and airlift

Bernstein, Leonard

The Best Years of Our Lives

Biddle, Francis

Big bang theory

Bikini bathing suits

Binary automatic computer

Birth control

Black Dahlia murder

Black market


Bogart, Humphrey


Book publishing

Bourke-White, Margaret


Bracero program

Bradley, Omar N.

Braun, Wernher von

Brenda Starr

Bretton Woods Conference

Broadway musicals

Bulge, Battle of the

Bunche, Ralph

Bureau of Land Management

Business and the economy in Canada

Business and the economy in the United States

Byrd, Richard E.

Byrnes, James

Cabrini canonization

Cairo Conference

Canada and Great Britain

Canadian Citizenship Act of 1946

Canadian minority communities

Canadian nationalism

Canadian participation in World War II

Canadian regionalism


Cantwell v. Connecticut

Capra, Frank

Carbon dating



Casablanca Conference

Casualties of World War II

Censorship in Canada

Censorship in the United States

Central Intelligence Agency

Chandler, Raymond

Chaplains in World War II

Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire

China and North America

China-Burma-India theater

Chips the War Dog

Chuck and Chuckles

Churchill, Winston

Cisco Kid

Citizen Kane

Civil defense programs

Civil rights and liberties

Clifford, Clark

Cloud seeding

Coast Guard, U.S.

Cochran, Jacqueline

Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire

Code breaking

Code talkers


Cold War

Coles, Honi

Comic books

Comic strips

The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care

Communist Party USA


Congress, U.S.

Congress of Industrial Organizations

Congress of Racial Equality

Conscientious objectors

Conservatism in U.S. politics

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Cowboy films

Credit and debt

Crimes and scandals

Crosby, Bing

Curious George books

D Day


Davis, Benjamin O., Jr.

Davis, Bette

Davis, Glenn

Davis, Miles

Daylight saving time

Death of a Salesman

Decolonization of European empires

De Kooning, Willem

Demographics of Canada

Demographics of the United States

Department of Defense, U.S.

Desegregation of the U.S. military

Destroyers-for-bases deal

Dewey, Thomas E.

Dieppe raid

DiMaggio, Joe

Dim-out of 1945

Diners Club

Disney films

DNA discovery

Doolittle bombing raid

Dorsey, Tommy

Double Indemnity

Duncan v. Kahanamoku

Duplessis, Maurice Le Noblet

Economic wartime regulations

Education in Canada

Education in the United States

Einstein, Albert

Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Elections in Canada

Elections in the United States: 1940

Elections in the United States: 1942 and 1946

Elections in the United States: 1944

Elections in the United States: 1948

Eliot, T. S.

Ellington, Duke

Emergency Price Control Act of 1942


Enola Gay

Everson v. Board of Education of Ewing Township

Executive Order 8802

Executive orders


Fair Deal

Fair Employment Practices Commission


Farmer, Frances

Fashions and clothing

Faulkner, William

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Tort Claims Act

Fender, Leo

Fermi, Enrico

Fields, W. C.

Film in Canada

Film in the United States

Film noir

Film serials

Films about World War II

Fiscus rescue attempt

Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S.


Flying saucers

Flying Tigers

Flynn, Errol

Food processing


For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ford, John

Ford Motor Company

Foreign policy of Canada

Foreign policy of the United States

Forrestal, James

“Four Freedoms” speech

France and the United States


Freezing of Japanese assets

Fulbright fellowship program

Fuller, R. Buckminster

G.I. Bill


Gamow, George

Garland, Judy

Garner, Erroll Louis

Garson, Greer

Gehrig, Lou

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

General Motors

Geneva Conventions

Gentleman’s Agreement

German American Bund

Germany, occupation of

Godfrey, Arthur


The Good War: An Oral History of World War II

Goodman, Benny

Grable, Betty

Graham, Billy

The Grapes of Wrath

Gray, Pete

Great Blizzard of 1949

Great Books Foundation

The Great Dictator

“Great Escape” from Stalag Luft III

Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

“Greatest Generation”

Greer incident

Gross national product of Canada

Gross national product of the United States

Groves, Leslie Richard

Guadalcanal, Battle of

Guthrie, Woody


Hale telescope

Hallaren, Mary A.

Halsey, William F. “Bull”

Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Harlem Globetrotters

Hayworth, Rita

Health care


Hillman, Sidney


Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings

Hiss, Alger


History of the United States Naval Operations in World War II

Hitchcock, Alfred

Hitler, Adolf


Hobbs Act

Hogan, Ben

Holiday, Billie

Hollywood blacklisting

Home appliances

Home furnishings

Homosexuality and gay rights

Hoover, J. Edgar

Hoover Commission

Hope, Bob

Hopper, Edward

Horne, Lena

Horney, Karen

Horse racing

House Committee on Un-American Activities

Housing in Canada

Housing in the United States

Howdy Doody Show

Hughes, Howard

Hull, Cordell

The Human Comedy

Ice hockey

Ickes, Harold

Illinois ex rel. McCollum v. Board of Education

Immigration Act of 1943

Immigration to Canada

Immigration to the United States

Income and wages

Indian Claims Commission


Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance

International Business Machines Corporation

International Court of Justice

International League for the Rights of Man

International trade



“Iron Curtain” speech


Israel, creation of

Italian campaign

It’s a Wonderful Life

Iwo Jima, Battle of

Jackson, Mahalia

Jackson, Shirley

Jackson Hole National Monument

Japan, occupation of

Japanese American internment

Japanese Canadian internment

Jefferson Memorial

Jet engines

Jews in Canada

Jews in the United States

Jim Crow laws


Journey of Reconciliation

Kaiser, Henry J.

Kamikaze attacks

Kelly, Gene

Kennan, George F.

Kennedy, John F.

Keynesian economics

Kidney dialysis

King, William Lyon Mackenzie

Knute Rockne: All American


Korematsu v. United States

Kukla, Fran, and Ollie

Labor strikes

La Guardia, Fiorello H.

LaMotta, Jake

Landing craft, amphibious

Latin America





Lewis, John L.

Liberty ships


Literature in Canada

Literature in the United States


Lombard, Carole


Los Angeles, Battle of

Louis, Joe

Louisiana ex rel. Francis v. Resweber

Loyalty Program, Truman’s

Lynching and hate crime

M&M candies

MacArthur, Douglas

McCormick, Robert R.



“Maisie” films

The Maltese Falcon

Manhattan Project

Marines, U.S.

Marshall, George C.

Marshall Plan

Mathias, Bob

Mauldin, Bill


Meet Me in St. Louis

Merrill’s Marauders


Microwave ovens

Midway, Battle of

Military conscription in Canada

Military conscription in the United States

Miller, Glenn

Miracle on 34th Street

Miranda, Carmen

Miss America pageants

Morgan v. Virginia

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Murdock v. Pennsylvania

Murphy, Audie

Murrow, Edward R.

Music: Classical

Music: Jazz

Music: Popular

The Naked and the Dead

Nation of Islam

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

National Basketball Association

National debt

National parks

National Security Act of 1947

National Velvet

National War Labor Board

Native Americans

Native Son

Natural disasters

Natural resources

Navy, U.S.

Negro Leagues

New Deal programs



Nimitz, Chester W.

Nobel Prizes

North African campaign

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Norton County meteorite

Nuclear reactors

Nuremberg Trials

Nylon stockings

Office of Price Administration

Office of Strategic Services

Office of War Mobilization

Ogdensburg Agreement of 1940

Okinawa, Battle of


Olympic Games of 1948

Oppenheimer, J. Robert

Oregon bombing

Organization of American States

Organized crime

Our Plundered Planet

Paige, Satchel

Paris Peace Conference of 1946

Parker, Charlie

Patton, George S.

Pearl Harbor attack

Pentagon building

The Philadelphia Story

Philippine independence


Philosophy and philosophers


Pinup girls

Plutonium discovery

Point Four Program

Polaroid instant cameras

Pollock, Jackson


Port Chicago naval magazine explosion

Post, Emily

Postage stamps

Potsdam Conference

Pound, Ezra

President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War

Presidential powers

Presidential Succession Act of 1947

Prisoners of war, North American

Prisoners of war in North America

Prudential Insurance Co. v. Benjamin

Psychiatry and psychology

Pulp magazines

Pyle, Ernie

Quebec Conferences

Quebec nationalism

Race riots

Racial discrimination


Radio in Canada

Radio in the United States

Railroad seizure

Rand, Ayn

Randolph, A. Philip

Rayburn, Sam

Reader’s Digest

Recording industry


Red Cross

Refugees in North America

Religion in Canada

Religion in the United States

Renaldo, Duncan

Rhythm nightclub fire

Richard, Maurice

Robbins, Jerome

Robinson, Jackie

Robinson, Sugar Ray


Rockwell, Norman


Rodgers, Richard, and Oscar Hammerstein II

Rogers, Ginger

Roland, Gilbert

Romero, César

Rooney, Mickey

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

“Rosie the Riveter”

Sad Sack

St. Laurent, Louis

A Sand County Almanac

Sarnoff, David

Saturday Evening Post

Science and technology

Seeger, Pete

Seldes, George

Sex and sex education

Sexually transmitted diseases

Shelley v. Kraemer

Siegel, Bugsy

Sinatra, Frank

Skinner v. Oklahoma

Slang, wartime

Slovik execution

Smith, Margaret Chase

Smith Act

Smith Act trials

Smith-Connally Act

Smith v. Allwright

Smoking and tobacco


Social sciences

Socialist Workers Party

South Pacific

Spellman, Francis Joseph

Sports in Canada

Sports in the United States

Stars and Stripes

Stein, Gertrude

Stewart, James

Stilwell, Joseph Warren

Stimson, Henry L.

Stone, Harlan Fiske

Stormy Weather

Strategic bombing

A Streetcar Named Desire

Studies in Social Psychology in World War II

Submarine warfare

Sullivan brothers

Sullivan’s Travels


Supreme Court, U.S.


Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse

Taft, Robert A.

Taft-Hartley Act

Tehran Conference

Telephone technology and service



Texaco Star Theater

Texas City disaster

Theater in Canada

Theater in the United States

Theology and theologians

They Were Expendable

Thornhill v. Alabama

Three Mesquiteers

Thurmond, Strom

Tokyo Rose

Trans World Airlines


Travel in the United States

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Truman, Harry S.

Truman Doctrine

Truman proclamations

Tucker Torpedo


Tuskegee Airmen

Tuskegee syphilis study

Unconditional surrender policy

Unemployment in Canada

Unemployment in the United States



United Fruit Company

United Nations

United Public Workers of America v. Mitchell

United Service Organizations

United States v. Aluminum Company of America

United States v. Darby Lumber Co.

United States v. Paramount Pictures, et al.

United States v. United Mine Workers

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Urbanization in Canada

Urbanization in the United States

V-E Day and V-J Day

Vandenberg, Arthur Hendrick

Vinson, Fred M.

Voice of America

Voting rights

Walden Two

Wallace, Henry A.

War bonds

War brides

War crimes and atrocities

War debt

War heroes

War Production Board

War surplus

Warmerdam, Cornelius

Wartime espionage

Wartime industries

Wartime propaganda in Canada

Wartime propaganda in the United States

Wartime rationing

Wartime sabotage

Wartime salvage drives

Wartime seizures of businesses

Wartime technological advances

Water pollution

Water Pollution Control Act

Welles, Orson

West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette

Where’s Charley?

White, Harry Dexter

White, Walter F.

White House renovations

Wickard v. Filburn

Williams, Hank

Williams, Ted

Williams, Tennessee

Willkie, Wendell

Wolf v. Colorado

Women in the U.S. military

Women’s roles and rights in Canada

Women’s roles and rights in the United States

Wonder Woman

World Health Organization

World War II

World War II mobilization

Wright, Frank Lloyd

Wright, Richard


Yakus v. United States

Yalta Conference

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yeager, Chuck

Zaharias, Babe Didrikson

Zoot-suit riots

Zoot suits

Entertainment: Major Broadway Plays and Awards of the 1940’s

Entertainment: Academy Awards for Films of the 1940’s

Entertainment: Major Films of the 1940’s

Entertainment: Major Radio Programs of the 1940’s

Legislation: Major U.S. Legislation of the 1940’s

Legislation: Major U.S. Supreme Court Decisions of the 1940’s

Literature: Best-Selling Books in the United States in the 1940’s

Literature: Major Literary Awards in the 1940’s

Music: Popular Musicians of the 1940’s

Music: Top-Selling U.S. Recordings of the 1940’s

Sports: Winners of Major Events in the 1940’s

World War II: Wartime Agencies of the U.S. Government in the 1940’s

World War II Battles

World War II: Military Leaders

Time Line of the 1940’s in America


Glossary of Popular Terminology of the 1940’s

List of Entries by Category for The Forties in America

Publisher’s Note